How To Find Business Email Addresses On AngelList

More often than not marketers face this dilemma when they know whom to contact but worry over finding their email address. And this is where the problems arise. After all, who wants to skim down countless pages on Google. And it’s not even the hard part. The peskiest task is to verify them.  The whole perennial Read More →


How To Find Company Information Using Steps

  Pitching a company without having any information about it is like writing an exam without any preparation. In both the scenarios, there are high chances you will fail or settle at quite less. Before you collaborate with any company, you must know about the details of the company like the business model, number of Read More →


Top 5 Lead Sources Your Company Needs to Know.

How lead sources can help to grow your business? Lead generation is the process of procuring contact information of customers interested in your business for further engagement. In this technologically advanced era, lead generation processes are carried out online. This can be done by various methods. There are some of the best lead generation tools Read More →


How to Find Emails of Company Employees and Connect with Them Directly

Have you ever tried to contact someone in a company via email but unable to get his official email id? Yes, it is difficult to find emails of company employees with a random Google search because company email-ids are private ones and not usually shared on public platforms as they don’t want to invite spams. Read More →


How to Reverse Lookup an Email Address

Have you received an email from an unknown person and finding ways to know more about that person? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Every day more than 300 billion emails are sent and received daily. Similar to a phone number people have their respective email addresses and use them for sign-ups, Read More →


How to Promote Business on LinkedIn and Generate Leads

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional online platform having 303 million active users every month, 40% of which visit LinkedIn daily.  LinkedIn has been popular among many people from various professional backgrounds including freshers because of its flexibility to find new clients, jobs, latest news, and marketing one’s business.  With the introduction of the latest Read More →


How To Use LinkedIn Premium To Generate Leads

linkedin premium

Okay, let’s face it: when you see the pricey LinkedIn Premium plan, you often wonder, “How to use LinkedIn Premium to generate leads?” Because you are not going to spend your dollars every month on something that doesn’t serve your purpose. Right? Let me make it very clear: LinkedIn Premium may seem pricey in the Read More →


What is Lead Enrichment? And Its Benefits

lead enrichment

What is Lead Enrichment? Lead enrichment is the process of collecting, establishing and verifying the data for lead generation. The basic thought process behind lead enrichment is to increase data quality. Data quality is the refining, filling and updating of data using several techniques. To increase the effectiveness of sales strategies as well as lead Read More →


How to Collect Emails for Email Marketing

ways to collect emails

There are good news and bad news for you.  The good news is that worldwide email marketing industry worth is expected to be a $306 billion industry in 2020. Sounds exciting?  Now, let’s face the bad news. The bad news is that every year your email marketing database degrades by 22.5%. This means you are Read More →


Top 10 Recruiting Tools to Use in 2020

rexruiting tools

Planning to recruit the right candidates for your company to grow faster?  Recruitment is one of the important responsibilities of the HR department in any company to achieve its best organizational performance. Many companies follow a formal process to recruit employees through which they can select the right person for the designated job. To make Read More →


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