Instagram Email Finder – How to Find Emails from Instagram?

In the world of social media, Instagram is becoming a popular day-by-day. And, why not? Instagram offers you a platform where you can easily share your happy, sad, funny, emotional, and enjoying moments of your life via images and Insta stories.  From celebrities to top industry brands, everyone is a fan of Instagram. Rather, 33% Read More →


Email Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing: Which Path To Choose?

social media vs email marketing header image

Which marketing medium is the best? Social media marketing or Email marketing? A lot of thoughts have been shared on this particular topic with different opinions. Not to mention, there are more other marketing ways available such as affiliate marketing or SEO. Which one to choose for your business? Social media has become the centre Read More →


8 Ways to Collect Your Prospects’ Email Addresses

When it comes to increasing sales and customer retention, nothing can beat email marketing. Rather, 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content.  And, to earn long-lasting clients via email marketing, you should know how to collect the email address. Why that’s important? Because a verified email list is your biggest asset. If you Read More →