What is LinkedIn Database and How Can It Benefit Your Business

LinkedIn Database

For B2B marketing professionals, the LinkedIn database is a goldmine of B2B opportunities. And, why not? LinkedIn is the only online platform where nearly 61 million users are Senior Level influencers and 40 million hold decision making profiles.  Many businesses have benefited by using the LinkedIn database to extract their prospects’ details. This article focuses Read More →


LinkedIn Lead Extractor: Scrapping Tool for LinkedIn


Are you ending up losing more time and money while copying LinkedIn leads to an Excel spreadsheet? If yes, there is a great solution for you.  LinkedIn Lead Extractor aka LinkedIn scrapping tool is the right software that saves your time, money, and efforts and creates a list of potential LinkedIn leads that you are Read More →


Top Lusha Competitors To Follow in 2020

When it comes to extracting the B2B contact details from various platforms, Lusha is the best software. With Lush Chrome extension, you can establish a speedy and trustable connection with your prospects, contacts, and candidates. The software has more than 1,00,000 users worldwide and 4.9 ratings on Google. Which are the Lusha Competitors in 2020? Wondering Read More →


Top Skrapp Competitors To Watch For in 2020

skrapp competitors

If you want to build a reliable email directory for your business promotion, Skrapp is the best choice. Skrapp.io is a B2B email finder that helps you find verified B2B emails of your prospects that will contribute to your business growth.  With Skrapp’s in-app features, you will get a list of verified emails from LinkedIn, Read More →


Top Hunter Competitors To Watch For in 2020

hunter competitors

When it comes to searching for your prospects’ emails in a matter of seconds, Hunter is the best choice for your business. Hunter is used by more than 2 million professionals worldwide.  Hunter implements a domain search feature through which you gain access to the list of your prospects with their names, emails, company, job Read More →


Top 8 Snov.io Competitors in 2020

When it comes to the best email finder tools, Snov.io tops the list. It comes with a Chrome extension and email verification service. Snov.io is suitable for those who are cost-conscious as it charges only for verified email addresses. The tool contains an inbuilt robust search algorithm, however, its accuracy depends on updated accounts on Read More →


Top 8 Zoominfo Competitors in 2020

Zoominfo is one of the best B2B sales prospecting tool that offers you a comprehensive database of contacts to boost your sales and BD team performance. With Zoominfo, you gain access to your prospect’s all types of business information (email address, phone numbers, company names, etc.). What are the Top Zoominfo Competitors? There are many best Read More →


COVID-19 Chaos: 5 Actionable Ways to Strengthen Your Business

With the quick spread of Coronavirus everywhere in the world and considering its negative impacts, Australian experts have estimated a global GDP loss of $2.4 trillion. Let’s face a brutal truth. Businesses from almost all sectors have been affected severely because of Novel COVID-19 disease. Credits: neilpatel.com With the impact of coronavirus on business sectors, Read More →


7 Essential Email Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs

email marketing hacks header

Email marketing has a median Return on Investment of 122% i.e. it’s 4 times higher than any other marketing approach in 2020. Email marketing is essential for your business in 2020 and it should be your priority during any marketing campaigns. Nearly 89% of entrepreneur state that email is their primary channel for generating leads. Read More →


How to Send Mass Emails in Salesforce?

Are you struggling to keep in touch with your clients regularly? If yes, you have landed on the right article. Despite efforts, sometimes, companies are unable to stay in touch with their customers regularly. In such times, Salesforce has come up with a wonderful feature called sending mass emails. Those new to the Salesforce concept, Read More →


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