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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an e-mail verifier?

An email verifier, also known as an email checker, is designed to ensure the accuracy and validity of email addresses. Its main purpose is to avoid sending emails to incorrect or invalid email addresses, resulting in a high bounce rate.
  1. Detects possible issues: An email verifier service such as AeroLeads is designed to identify potential issues, such as spam traps, before ISPs or ESPs detect them.
  2. Checks email format and DNS records: The email verifier tool checks the format of emails and verifies DNS records to ensure that the domain (such as is correct.
  3. Uses SMTP protocol: The email verification tool uses SMTP protocol to check the existence of a mailbox and test the deliverability of a particular email.
  4. Verifies without emailing: AeroLeads' email verifier tool verifies an individual email address without emailing the prospect or lead, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of their email address.
Yes, it's possible if the email was verified a long time ago. Unused emails often get deactivated by the domain owner. Some domains such as Yahoo also have Spam Traps which show false positives in order to detect spam mailers and block them, hence such emails can be valid but still bounce.
To verify emails, you can either try it out by sending a sample email campaign or by using an email verification tool like AeroLeads. The first method will take your time and energy; if the email becomes invalid, the chances of getting your email bounced are higher.
Email validation is verifying and detecting the problems associated with a particular email, such as spam traps, analyzing whether the email is active, etc. On the other hand, email verification only checks whether an email address is actual or not.
You can have the accessible version of the AeroLeads email verifier tool, whereby you’ll receive 100 credits upon signing up. However, once the credits are exhausted, you need to purchase. The link for buying credits can be found here.
Yes, we do have an email verifier Chrome extension. Please find the link to download the email finder extension here. With our email verifier Chrome plugin, you can verify personal and business emails from any web page or profile.
By using the Bulk Email Verifier, you can check the authenticity of multiple email addresses