How To Use Aeroleads Email Verifier?

What is an Email Verifier?

Email Verifier is an online service that can help you avoid email spam. The service uses a technology-backed approach to identify spam messages for what they are, so you can get rid of them without even opening them up. 

Email Verifier is an easy-to-use online service that helps you promote an email to other services that can help determine if it’s actually legitimate or not — before you open the message or click on links inside it. 

There are many reasons why you would want to use the Email Verifier service: It helps prevent virus and malware infections, ensures that you get access to important messages from known senders faster than with filters alone, and helps identify spam before you experience it in your inbox. 

By using Email Verifier, you can also ensure that all known senders get into your inbox along with any potential attackers.

What are the benefits of an Email Verifier?

By using email verifiers you’re able to prevent threats like phishing and fraud by catching suspicious-looking emails that may be scams and putting all of your data and information into safe hands.

1. It helps to create proper protection

Email Verifier can also help protect your computer from viruses by preventing malicious files from infecting it. Aeroleads has the best free email verifier for users who want to avoid phishing or malware attacks while still maintaining an inbox healthy with legitimate content.

2. It can help to prevent scams and fraud

Email Verifier can also protect against phishing and fraud by catching suspicious-looking emails that may be scams and putting all of your data and information into safe hands.

3. It helps to keep your inbox clean

Email Verifier works as a toolbar extension that helps you monitor emails for suspicious content such as malware or spam that could put your private information at risk. 

4. It helps to ensure stronger security

Email Verifier can ensure stronger security by preventing identity theft. It is important to remember that the majority of cybercriminals are only attempting to send out thousands of emails per hour, with the hopes that someone will click on the link or open the attachment. 

5. It helps you stay safe online

Email Verifier protects your inbox from any potential threats by catching suspicious-looking emails that may be scams and putting all of your data and information into safe hands.

6. It helps you to gain more benefits

Email Verifier can help you to gain more benefits. Like knowing when a legitimate company has sent you spam content. Thus, preventing the loss of time and money on potential phishing schemes. 

Why do companies use an Email Verifier?

Email verifier is a password-less verification system for email addresses. It will confirm the authenticity of an email address against a public, ordered list of valid emails. 

The emails listed in the database are typically confirmed to be valid by email verifier’s users and other organizations such as internet service providers, web hosting companies, and domain registrars.

1. It helps companies to protect their brand

With email verifier, you can protect your brand and reputation by verifying address validity without requiring users to change or update their passwords. You’ll be able to communicate confidently about verified email addresses with the public.

2. Helps to keep their data hidden

Email verifier is based on a centralized, public list of email addresses that are ordered according to their ability to be forged (the strength of each email address). Users cannot forge the list’s order, making it impossible for fake emails to pretend they’re valid. 

3. It helps to generate leads

Lead generation is the act of acquiring customers, or leads, for jobs that haven’t been filled yet. The goal of lead generation is to identify which person in your desired target audience will buy your product or use your service when you deliver it. 

4. It helps in lead nurturing and sales

With an email verifier, you can communicate with interested customers without having access to their passwords. Email verifiers can also be used to nurture and close sales. It helps to reach people who are hard to reach. 

You can use email verifier to drive website visits, generate leads, and close sales at scale, without having access to or storing customer passwords. Email verifiers can reach people who are hard to reach through public records, real estate listings, social media platforms, and mobile phone databases.

5. It is easy and targets well

Email verifier is used as a regular email, except that it only sends the message to the list of verified addresses rather than your entire list. It’s easy, fast, and allows customization for each company’s needs; you’ll be able to confirm millions of email addresses with a few clicks of your mouse. 

Many companies use it as a marketing tool: they send targeted emails only to verified address lists and then track their results in real-time.

6. Helps them to get better ROI

The email verifier database includes information on invalid emails that are often used by spammers to get access to your personal information or to spread malware. 

7. Creates proper management of passwords

Email verifier helps the general public more effectively verify their email address without having to change their password or create a new account. 

How To Use Aeroleads Email Verifier?

If you are running a company, we understand how cautious you have to be. To take every single step you need to calculate properly. This is why verifying an email is the first step towards everything. 

Here is a short video on how to use Aeroleads Email verifier-

Here is the process to verify your email accordingly. 

-Go to Aeroleads site and then choose the Email verifier option from the site. 

-Once chosen, you will be presented with an URL box. Type your email there and then click onto the ‘Verify’ option.

For example-

  • If the email ID is ‘valid’ then there will be a green tick displayed beside the Aeroleads email verifier URL box. 

Some of the time it can happen that email IDs do not respond rightly. It can respond or not and according to the response time, your email ID will be validated. 

There are other statuses such as undeliverable and catch-all options where your email cannot be verified at a real-time source. This is when it can choose to not display the valid symbol. 

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