LinkedIn Lead Extractor: Scrapping Tool for LinkedIn


Are you ending up losing more time and money while copying LinkedIn leads to an Excel spreadsheet?

If yes, there is a great solution for you. 

LinkedIn Lead Extractor aka LinkedIn scrapping tool is the right software that saves your time, money, and efforts and creates a list of potential LinkedIn leads that you are looking for. 

What Exactly is LinkedIn Lead Extractor?

In simple words, LinkedIn lead extractor is a software that speedily extracts data from LinkedIn. The list presents before you consist of your prospects’ business names, email addresses, contact numbers, Skype or Yahoo messenger IDs, company names, profession, etc. 

Since LinkedIn is the hub for all kinds of professionals worldwide, LinkedIn lead extractor helps you reach your target prospects within minutes. E.g. if you are selling automobile-related equipment, get in contact with thousands of relevant industry professionals present on LinkedIn via LinkedIn lead extractor. 

You can export all the data in .csv, .xlsx, and .txt formats. 

However, note that this lead extractor can extract only the data available on LinkedIn and cannot produce any data from itself. 

What are the Features of LinkedIn Lead Extractor?

1. Extract Leads

With LinkedIn lead extractor, you can easily extract your prospects’ LinkedIn contact details, emails, and other information. 

2. Keyword Based Searching

LinkedIn scrapping tool searches your target prospects based on your search keywords. 

3. Specific LinkedIn Page Extractor

If you want to collect information from specific LinkedIn pages, open those LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn lead extractor will extract data from those pages. 

4. Advanced Search

The advanced search feature of the LinkedIn scrapping tool helps you to search your prospects by industry, company, experience level, profession, etc. 

5. Auto-save and Recovery

You need not panic if your computer/laptop suddenly shuts down or fails while working with LinkedIn lead extractor. You can recover all your results in just a single click. 

6. Delay Option

You can set a delay between requests for simulation. 

7. Save Viewed Profiles History

LinkedIn lead extractor saves all your viewed profile history so that you won’t get confused while searching for your prospects.

8. Unicode Support

LinkedIn scrapping tool supports Unicode character-set that allows you to save your searched results in Unicode format. 

9. Internet Failure Detector

If there is a problem with the internet during scrapping, the LinkedIn lead detector immediately identifies it and pauses the process. It resumes automatically once the internet connection is re-established.  

10. Export Data in Various File Formats

LinkedIn lead extractor offers options to save imported data files into .csv,. xslx, and .txt format. 

Which are the Top LinkedIn Lead Extractors in 2020?


linkedin lead extractor


AeroLeads is the powerful LinkedIn scrapping tool and used by many top marketing professionals. AeroLeads automates the process of email searching and boosts your lead generation efforts by creating a list of unique emails in less time. 

AeroLeads software helps you to find business emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn and Xing in a single click. 

Just head towards AeroLeads search bar or install its free chrome plugin and enter the name of your prospect or company and hit search. You will receive all the required information starting from name, profession, email address, company, and up to 15 data points. 

Their free trial offers 10 credits and the pricing starts from $49 per month with 1,000 credits. 


Find that lead is one of the best LinkedIn scrapping tools. The software has its chrome extension where you will get you’re the desired emails of your prospects from their respective LinkedIn profiles. Besides, their tool comes with a special feature of displaying accuracy percentage beside each email id so that you can sort out fake and genuine emails easily. With FindThatLead, you can build a targeted campaign and let your leads know about it. Their free plan offers 50 monthly credits while the paid plan starts from $490 per year with 5000 monthly credits. 

Ahmad Software

Ahmad software is another great LinkedIn scrapping tool that captures all your prospects’ data from LinkedIn including name, emails, business name, phone numbers, country, websites, address, etc. Additionally, it also provides Xing lead extractor, LinkedIn missing data extractor, Bulk SMS sender, Google Map extractor, LinkedIn recruiter extractor, etc. Their pricing starts from $29.99 per month. 

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is a powerful professional network where millions of professionals across the world are registered. With these LinkedIn lead extractors, you can easily connect with your desired audience and boost your B2B lead generation process. As mentioned above, these tools not only save your time and money but also guarantee you a list of verified emails. We hope these tools will help you achieve your business goals. 

Have you used any of these lead extractors? Share your valuable experience with us via comments now. 

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