Best Ways To Find Someone’s Email Address For Free


It is now quite easy to find people online and stay connected with them. Be it via social media or professional channels of communication like emails. The idea is to get in touch with the prospect instantaneously at a platform of their choice. It can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email or whatnot.

We have all done a little sleuthing while chasing a hot lead and trying to get an email across instantly. Sometimes it involves guesswork, and other times you find yourself scrolling through their socials looking for the coveted company email address.

Suppose you have been into lead generation, business development and email marketing for a while. In that case, you might know some nifty tricks like how companies use a particular method of giving usernames to their employees.

Something like {name} or {surname’s first initial}/{first name}

If you have a couple of email addresses from the same company and the full name of the intended recipient, then you are quite good to go. But every once in a while, you come across tricky company email addresses that aren’t as easy to track or crack. And this is where web tools and extensions come in handy. Today, we will explore some extensions and tools that will aid you in your search for the right email address without much hassle.

Top 10 Battle Tested Ways To Find Someone’s Email Address For Free

1. Aeroleads Email Finder On Chrome

Aeroleads Email Finder On Chrome

Aeroleads is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that helps you find email addresses in a jiffy. The chrome extension also allows you to sync multiple email addresses and their inbox in one place. It’s an absolute saviour if you use multiple email IDs and have a tough time keeping track of them in real-time. Go chase that lead, champ!

2. Use Email Permutator + To Find The Prospect

Use the first and last name of your prospect and add it to Email Permutator, and this will give you a list of all the possible combinations of names. Next, copy-paste these email addresses into your clipboard and then move on to Gmail. Paste them and then manually check which email address is valid. Only one of the combinations would have been functional and have more information like a picture, and voila, you now have your lead.

Ensure that you do not spam email all the addresses because Gmail will identify you as a spammer and make it difficult for your email to reach the primary inbox as you will be directly thrown into the spam box.

3. Use Google To Search For The Email Address

Use Google To Search For The Email Address

Search using “quotation” marks. It gives you super-specific results and helps you identify the required information from the data that the search result gathers. For instance, searching for “[email protected]” will give you better results than searching for “Brenda’s email address online”.

You can also do a site search. It looks something like – site: blue waters Jenna Fisher email address. All the search results will be limited to the particular domain you mentioned. A nice way to clear the clutter.

Another way to do a specific search online is to look for [Jim Parsons] + email and then find relevant email addresses. It is a cool hack to look for relevant data results without having to go to the 3rd and 5th page of the search results.

4. Check Out The Prospect’s Website

If your prospect has a personal website, there are high chances of finding a contact email address in the About Us section. That being said, another way of finding their email address is by making a quick subscription to their newsletter/blog. It will lead to an automated welcome email in your inbox, and then you can take it from there. Their blog/website is also a good conversation topic, start with that.

Once you have details of where the lead works as well as the website of their company, they are ripe for nurturing. Make an entry for them in your CRM system — you can then engage them at multiple touchpoints and target them with appropriate emails as they move to different stages of your sales funnel.

5. Networking Via LinkedIn

It is a professional platform where you can connect with people from your company, industry and line of business at your convenience. Consider it as Instagram for working professionals without the usual hullabaloo. It’s great for networking and connecting with new people. If you are from a sales, business development, and growth manager or lead generation background, having an active LinkedIn profile is a must.

People voluntarily share contact details like their number and personal or work email addresses to make it easier to get in touch with them. You can also connect with them and send them a Direct Message (DM) about their contact details. Networking made simple.

6. Leverage Social Media

Leverage Social Media

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great options to look for someone’s email address. People usually share their contact information or tend to respond to DMs received on their profiles. Just make sure that they are active on the platform and drop them a message. Try not to look like a spam message. Mention who you are, which company you are associated with and why you think it would be a great idea for you both to connect. And you have their attention.

7. Use Find That Email

You get about 50 free searches per month with this look-up tool. It is quite efficient and focuses on using a combination of names and domain addresses to give you the details you are looking for. It does all of this for free!

8. Try Skrapp For 150 Free Monthly Searches

If you have exhausted the monthly free limit for all your go-to website and extension tools, then Skrapp is your buddy. The 150 free searches are generous in number, and you can easily find an email address using their website, LinkedIn or other bits of available information.

9. Check Out A Larger Database

Be it WHO.IS, GoDaddy, Domain Tools or any other website that allows you to book a domain. It works like a directory to find all the email addresses associated with a company in one place unless they have chosen to hide this information from the public. There’s no go-around this, unfortunately.

10. Send A Cold Email With A Hot Message!

Maybe you tried all these techniques but still couldn’t find a relevant email address or are short on time and need to get things through ASAP. You can make use of the contact, hello, info and other generic email IDs too.

Introduce yourself in the mail, state your purpose of contacting the company and ask them to guide/assist you in finding the right person to take the conversation forward. Depending on your email and how frequently the company checks the account, you will receive a response. Cold emails are always tricky. They either work or they don’t.

As a marketer, you must reach out to the relevant people at the right time with an interesting proposition that gets the conversation started. The best benefits of using extensions like Aeroleads, Voila Norbert, and Find That Lead to find email addresses online are:

They are time-saving. You don’t have to start the process with guesswork. You can utilize the prospect’s name and his company name to find a match quicker. These websites are tried and tested, and the bounce rate is quite low.

It certainly helps you when you are chasing multiple leads at the same time. You can drop multiple emails to different people via relevant email IDs and keep track of them in the same inbox – a salient feature of using Aeroleads.

The extensions are tech-savvy tools. You don’t need to spend a lot of time explaining to them what you need. Feed-in the data and wait for speedy results.

You are ahead of your competition. Lead generation is a tricky business. You need to make sure that you are the first to reach your client to gain their interest. Aero leads help you stay ahead.

You can not only find email addresses but also verify them before shooting across the email. Hunter is an extension that provides you with this option. Send the right email to the correct address.

Chase your prospects the right way. Ensure that you send them a cold email on their relevant company profile and not personal profiles (like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook accounts). Make the most of these game-changing tools. Some additional extensions and tools that you can check out are:





-WHO.IS lookup



-Find a Pattern, etc


chasing that hot lead is always worth it. Creating your email marketing list by carefully selecting your target audience is another way of getting good results. The idea is to find the right contact details using the most convenient tool in the least time. Ensure that you are following all the basic protocols of sending bulk emails so that your email address does not get flagged as a spam ID, and you are good to go. Go make that money!


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