20 Best Email Finder Tools to Find Emails Addresses And Phone Number

Every marketer out there is searching for ‘Email finder‘.

And why not? After all, the bigger is your email list, the more revenue you are likely to generate for your business.

Everyone, at some point of time in their lives, would have tried to email an investor, founder, long lost friend from high school, hiring-manager, hard-to-reach CEO, etc. It’s very common trouble faced by almost every sales and marketing professional.

Maybe that’s why an email address is referred to as a digital pot of gold.

Breakdown of all the tools

Free email finder software tools

Okay so you know who you want to contact, but – if only you could find an email address to enlarge your connection! Ughh! The dreaded ’email address search’, we meet again.

But don’t worry, today in this post we will help you discover some of the best free email finder tools present on the internet.

Here are a few Free Email Finder Software tools that could help you in the process of growing your business.

1. AeroLeads

Aeroleads is a prospect generation software for businesses of any size in a variety of B2B industries. And if its online reviews are anything to go by, AeroLeads is touted to be one of the best tools to find emails on the internet. However, don’t let these reviews dictate your decisions. Try it out initially for free of cost. 

Here are some of the most prominent features of AeroLeads:

  • Extracts user-data in real-time which accounts for its relevance.
  • Completely automated.
  • Helps you to find emails in bulk
  • Offers pre-existing email templates.
  • Integrates with multiple CRM platforms.
  • Apart from basic information like email address, AeroLeads also unearths personal details of the prospects such as their company name, title, location, website URL, business phone number and many more data points.

Through the Chrome plug-in, AeroLeads pulls data for relevant targeted sales leads from social networking websites such as LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList, Inbound.org, and CrunchBase.

The system provides the phone numbers, email addresses and social media profiles of individuals and businesses. It can also identify the title, company, location, business and website of prospects.

Once the data is identified, users can export it as a .csv file or transfer it to their CRM software. AeroLeads offers strategic integrations with platforms including MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, and SalesForce.

AeroLeads Pricing:

AeroLeads Pricing

The best part about AeroLeads is that offers a free trial which can come in handy if you want to determine whether it is a right fit for you. Their paid packages start at $49 per month which allows you to add up to 500 records and ranges up to $499 per month for up to 5000 Records. Apart from this, they offer a customizable package where you can quote your needs accordingly and they will set a budget for you as per your specifications. 

2. Google

Google is likely to be the most popular name on this list. But not many people know the real potential of Google when it comes to finding email addresses online. 

Yes, you read it right! Given that you use it correctly, Google can be used as a wonderful free tool that can help you find emails.

It doesn’t mean that you have to acquire some special skills or watch a couple of tutorials. No! Nada! 

You can start by searching out basic queries on Google. 

For instance, give these queries a go and see whether you can find the email address you were vying for. 

  • Site:companywebsite.com + [name] + contact 
  • Site:companywebsite.com + [name] + other contact info. 
  • “@domain.com” + [name]

If this doesn’t work out, you can modify them a bit and add other information known to you, for example, you can try adding your prospects’ hometown, company’s name, designation, and so forth. 

Now, all these queries are not very dependable. Most importantly, if you are looking to search for email addresses in bulk, then this method is pretty much useless. 

That’s where automated tools like AeroLeads, Clearbit and more come into use. The best part is that most of these tools are available as Google Chrome Extensions, which makes it even easier and more convenient to use. 

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3. LinkedIn

There was a time when LinkedIn was overlooked by people and was being passed off as irrelevant. However, things have changed! Today, LinkedIn is poised to become one of the largest B2B database platforms in the entire world. 

Given its large database, it can also be used as a software tool that can be used to unearth emails for free. 

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is heavily used by people involved in B2B domains all over the world. For instance, HR professionals use LinkedIn to hunt down a suitable candidate for their company as it almost every professional information about the people applying for the job. 

Similarly, LinkedIn is used by various other professionals including salespersons, marketers, CEOs, and so on. 

For starters, you can initiate your search by simply visiting your prospect’s LinkedIn profile. There, you will see a “contact info” option as shown below: 


You will be privy to the prospect’s contact information including their phone number, email address, other social media links and more. 

email finder

Having said that, this has a few drawbacks: 

  • This method won’t work if the person has not added their email address in their profile. 
  • It is pretty much useless if you want to find bulk emails. 

Therefore, like Google, it’s best to use LinkedIn in confluence with other automated tools

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4. Clearbit

clearbit for customer interaction

Clearbit is the one-stop solution for all your sales prospecting concerns. For starters, it helps you acquire the email addresses of your prospects along with other important contact details. It integrates with your Gmail account to find your prospects’ email addresses with easy and quick steps. 

All you have to do is to type in the first name of your prospect along with their company name. Once you enter this information, you will immediately find the email address. 

That said, it is more than that.

It further analyzes the needs of your customers, identifies more suitable prospects, and helps you nurture them by engaging them and interacting with them. 

Some of its other key features are: 

  • Integrates with tools such as Salesforce, Marketo, Slack, Segment, Zapier, and Connect.
  • They have a package for everyone, whether you are an individual or a full-fledged sales team. 
  • It helps you target your niche audience so that you can save your time from chasing unproductive leads. 

Clearbit Pricing:

Their free package allows you to search up to 50 credits. After that, their paid package starts at $199 per month and ranges up to $999. 

5. Hiretual

hiretual find engage

Hiretual helps you with every step in your prospecting process. First, it works as a regular tool that helps you extract email addresses. However, its features are not confined to email finding only. 

Hiretual further helps you to nurture your acquired leads by engaging them and then segmenting them using robust Artificial Intelligence process. 

Some of its key features include:

Allows you to quickly find your prospects – It gives you an edge over your competitors by making sure that you quickly find the most productive leads on the web. 

Hassle-free lead nurturing – You can readily reach out to your acquired prospects through cold-calling or cold-emailing. Moreover, it allows integrations with Gmail and Outlook for streamlined lead engagement. 

Track your progress – Allows you to keep track of your sourcing progress. For instance, you can identify things like how far along the prospect is in your sales funnel. 

Aligns with marketing intelligence – Wonderful things happen when your marketing aligns with your other sales processes. Hiretual helps you achieve that using their real-time marketing intelligence. 

Hiretual Pricing:

You can use their free plan to access 5 search credits and up to 30 profile analysis. After that, their paid plans start at $89 with a maximum of 200 Search Credits and 600 Profile Analysis. Like AeroLeads, they also offer a customizable plan which can be used as per your requirement. 

6. ContactOut

Struggling with people’s personal email address and phone number with quick and easy steps? ContactOut has your covered!


ContactOut integrates with platforms like LinkedIn and Github to help you find your prospects’ emails and phone numbers. You can easily connect with people according to your specifications using this free email finder tool. 

Once you access this email finder software tool, you will be directed to the dashboard, which is crisp and easy to navigate. Here you have access to all your saved leads and organize, segment and categorize them into particular folders and further share them with your team. 

ContactOut made it to this list, thanks to the features such as: 

  • You can directly use their portal to perform unlimited searches and discover email addresses outside LinkedIn and Github as well.
  • This email finder tool is completely automated.
  • Offers reusable templates to run a hassle-free email marketing campaign. 

ContactOut Pricing: 

Although they offer a free plan, however, it is not nearly sufficient as you are only allowed 100 search credits. Their paid plans start at $19 per month. 

Email Finder Tools

1. Toofr

find emails

You just need to enter the first and the last name of your prospect, and the company name or website, and Toofr will unearth their email address right away. It uses corporate email patterns to align your search and matches it with the email you require. It also ranks the unearthed email addresses by confidence levels, ranging from High, Medium and Low.

Pricing Plans: Initially, you will get 30 search credits. After that, paid plans start from $19 and range up to $249. Maximum limit is 40,000 Search credits.

2. LeadFuze

leadfuze lookout new leads

If you don’t want to wait for hours on end just to find emails address of your prospects, then LeadFuze is perfect for you. According to their official website, LeadFuze has found over 3 million leads in the last month alone. 

Pricing Plans: You get 25 leads for free at the beginning, which will help you test out the product before making the final purchase. No credit card required. Paid packages range from $97 per month to $297 per month. 

3. SignalHire

SignalHire find work emails

Used by over 250 million worldwide, SignalHire is a perfect tool used to extract email addresses of your leads and prospects. It allows you to find emails and other important contact details in real-time. So, if you are a recruiter, a sales professional, or a marketer, then this tool can come in handy every time you are looking to find email addresses and generate new leads. 

Pricing Plans: To check whether this is a perfect tool for you or not, you can start with their free package that offers 5 email credits per month. Paid packages start from $79 per month. 

4. Datanyze


Datanyze purely runs on technology to help you find email addresses and other important details of your prospects. This email finder tool provides one-click access to the company, social and technology insights. On top of that, you can import all the extracted details into your CRM, Google Sheets or sales email tool right away, with one single click. 

Pricing Plans: Free plan includes 100 domain lookups. Paid plans range from $10 to $50. You can also avail their Data Enrichment and Prospecting plans, priced from $250 and up to $1000.

Email Finder Chrome Extensions

5. Hunter.io

Hunter email finer

Hunter allows you to find email addresses of prospects within a couple of minutes or even seconds. You just need to enter the domain name to launch the search and find the email addresses of the decision-makers in that particular company. No wonder, it is used by over 1,500,000 in the world. Plus, this finder tool is used by one of the biggest companies in the world, including Google, IBM, Adobe, etc. Also helps you to find emails in bulk

Pricing Plans: freemium plan includes 50 search credit per month. Paid packages start from $49 per month and range up to $399 per month.

6. Voilanorbert

Voilanorbert verify email lists

With Voilanorbert, finding email address has become easier than ever. It is touted to be one of the quickest and most accurate email finder tools online. Plus, it is decidedly simple to use — you just have to enter the name, last name, and domain to get the email address in return.  

Pricing Plans: You get 50 leads for free. After all, the paid plans start from $49 and range up to $449. Maximum search credit is 50,000.

7. Prospect.io

prospect.io email finder

This popular email finder tool leverages robust technology to help you extract email addresses of your prospects. Plus, it also helps you verify the details extracted, including their email address, job title, company, etc. If you want to make the most out of your sales efforts and get the conversation started, then Prospect.io is perfect for you.

Pricing Plans: You get a 30-day money-back guarantee initially. The packages start from $39 per month and range up to $299 per month.

8. Anymail Finder


This email finder chrome extension is trusted by thousands of marketers, as claimed by the company itself. One of the best things about Anymail Finder is that if the email extracted doesn’t turn out to be correct, you will get your full money back.

Pricing Plans: Initially, you get 20 free credits. Paid plans range from $18 – $149 with a maximum of 10,000 Search credits.

9. Vocus.io


Vocus.io is another great email finder chrome extension in this list that helps you make the most out of your sales efforts. From tracking your emails to devising your follow-up strategy, it is one of the best tools to increase your Gmail productivity.

Pricing Plans: 30 days free trial, no credit card required. The paid plans start from $5 per month and go up to $20 per month.

10. FindThatLead 


FindThatLead is perfectly suited for your lead or email list management needs. And the best part is that it is exceedingly simple to use. You just enter the domain name and bam, you will get all the email addresses related to that domain name right away.

Pricing Plans: The freemium plan offers 50 monthly credits. The paid package is priced at $49 per month if billed annually.

11. Adapt.io

This email finder chrome extension is suited for lead building, prospecting, and engaging with your leads. Simply put, it assists you with your sales process from the beginning until the very end. Adapt.io gives you access to over 80 million contacts, from where you can extract the email addresses and contact details you want.

Pricing Plans: The basic package that offers 1,200 credits per year is priced at $39 per month. The growth package that offers 6,000 credits per year is priced at $129 per month.

12. LeadGibbon

LeadGibbon email finder

LeadGibbon allows you to find over 20 million verified emails and phone numbers of your prospects. Considering that it is used by prominent companies such as Google, PayPal, Airbnb, etc, it seems to be a great chrome extension. This tool owes its success to its use of intelligent technology that allows its users to access contact data updated in real-time. 

Pricing Plans: Initially, you get 100 free leads, which is great as it allows you to test out the tool. The packages start from $120 per month and go up to $800 per month. If you want to export more than 10,000 contacts per month, you would have to get in touch them personally. 

13. Leadfeeder


See who visits your website, from where they are visiting, and what they are interested in. Such important insights will help you generate more leads and start your prospecting process in the right direction. Leadfeeder allows you to find qualified sales leads right away without any hassle. 

Pricing Plans: They offer a free basic ‘Lite’ version with limited features that shows the last 7 days worth of leads only. No credit is required to access the freemium package. The paid packages start from $52 per month and range up to $539 per month. 

14. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup generate new business email finder

Dux-Soup is a great chrome extension to generate leads. With this chrome extension, it is decidedly easier to to find, attract and engage with your prospects on LinkedIn. It helps you focus on engaging with your prospects while covering the leg work of lead generation automatically.

Pricing Plans: Starting package is free. Paid packages start from $11.25 and range up to $41.25.

Email Finder Tool That Works With LinkedIn

15. FindThatEmail

yellow pages of email

Known as the Yellow Pages of Email, FindThatEmail helps you find the email addresses of your prospects right of the bat. Simply type in the name and domain name, you will not only get the email address but also information about the location they were extracted from. It also integrates with almost every popular CRM software, including Zoho CRM, PipeDrive and many more

Pricing Plans: Free plan includes 50 Search Credits and 100 Verify Credits. Paid packages start from $29 and range up to $999.

16. Skrapp – find emails in bulk

Skrapp email finder

Skrapp allows you to build a list of qualified B2B leads along with their email addresses and other important contact details. Used by companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, etc, this tool extracts email addresses from every platform online, be it LinkedIn or a company’s website. Use this tool to connect with decision-makers to scale up your business as it provides you the advantage to find emails in bulk

Pricing Plans: You will get 150 monthly credits right away, as soon as you register with Skrapp. Get starter package that offers 1000 email credits per month for $49/month. The paid packages range up to $299 per month for 50,000 emails in a month.

17. Snov

Snov email finder

Snov is a great and one of the most efficient tools for extracting emails available on the internet. It allows you to take full control of your prospecting process, from the very beginning until the end. Key features include domain email search, email drip campaigns, email verifying tool, email tracking, and so forth.

Pricing Plans: Start using it for free for 100 search credits to test the product out, without any credit card details. Paid packages start from $19 and range up to $139.

18. SalesQL

SalesQL find email

Find email on LinkedIn right away with SalesQL, in a few simple steps, and without any hassle. Moreover, this tool allows you to extract laser targeted leads for you to boost your sales speed or recruitment process. You can find both personal and professional emails of your leads with SalesQL. It not only finds email addresses but also allows you to verify them automatically, which reduces the email bounce rate tremendously.

Pricing Plans: Free package includes 100 monthly credits. If you require more emails than that, you can avail paid packages that start from $29 per month for 1500 monthly email credits and range up to $59 per month for 4000 monthly email credits.

19. Nymeria

Nymeria find emails in bulk

Find email addresses via LinkedIn within seconds and that too using a single click. Nymeria’s browser extension allows you to extract personal as well as professional email addresses of your prospects with the click of a button. The best part about this tool is that it only offers verified emails, which helps you reach more people and helps in mitigating your email bounce rate.

Pricing Plans: All users can try the service without a credit card. Choose a plan only when you’re ready! Paid packages that start from $19 per month for 1000 monthly email credits and range up to $159 per month for 25000 monthly email credits.

20. Lusha

Lusha b2b data

If you want to find email addresses of individual decision-makers in a company, then Lusha has you covered. This tool allows you to extract just about any contact number and email address in no time, using simple steps. Lusha Plugin currently supports LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce.

Pricing Plans: You can use the free package at the beginning, which offers 5 monthly credits. Paid packages that start from $75 per month for 1440 annual email credits and range up to $149 per month for 3660 annual email credits.

21. GetProspect.io

GetProspect email finder

GetProspect is perfect to find emails where you just need to enter your search criteria and the email extractor will provide a list of names with corporate emails, position, LinkedIn profile URL, company name, industry, website, and much more. It allows you to import or export your prospects to your favourite apps like Linkedin, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Gmail.

Pricing Plans: You can use the free package at the beginning, which offers 50 monthly credits. Paid packages that start from $29 per month for 1000 monthly email credits and range up to $299 per month for 50,000 monthly email credits.

22. RocketReach


Use RocketReach to connect with the right decision-makers in the company by finding out their email addresses and other important details. It extracts data in real-time using advanced technology and helps you scale up your marketing, recruiting, and sales efforts.

Pricing Plans: You can use the free package at the beginning to test out the product. Paid packages that start from $588 per annum for 170 contact lookups in a month and range up to $2988 per annum for 1150 contact lookups in a month.

23. LeadIQ

LeadIQ email finder

With LeadIQ, make your prospecting faster, easier, and more optimized. The LeadIQ Chrome Extension assists you in researching your prospects, their email addresses, and other important contact details and imports the data into your sales CRM automatically.

Pricing Plans: They offer a 7-day free trial and during the trial period you will also be given 100 credits to use for free. The paid package is priced at $60 per month.

Summing it all up…

These tools are a great way to find emails easily and initiate conversations with valuable contacts to expand your network, promote your brand or increase sales.

Many businesses fail along the way, however, with these tools at your beck and call, you can achieve unsurmountable heights. The best part is that they don’t require much work on your part and are fully completed.

So, which one of the aforementioned free email finder tools did you think is best suited for you? Do you have any other email finder tools in mind? 

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