8 Tips To Increase Email Click-Through Rate

Have you been wondering how to increase the click-through rate of your emails?

This question has been a persistent worry for a lot of people. In this post, I’m going to reveal ways you can use to improve the CTR.

If anyone opens and clicks on an email link it probably has to do with how relevant the email is to the person in question. So the natural step is to increase the relevance of the email.

Relevant content doesn’t annoy users because they derive value from it. As a result, the higher the content relevance, the more the number of clicks.

Smart Ways to Improve Email Click Through Rate

1. Work on the email subject line

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The subject line is the first thing people notice in an email and as such the most important factor that determines if the email gets opened or not.

The subject line in that order also affects the CTR, the conversions and also the number of unsubscribed.

  • Create subject lines that drive curiosity. So that people open the emails
  • Use the fear of missing out
  • Ask questions in the subject line
  • Use emojis or symbols
  • Most emails are opened on mobile so keeping the subject line short helps people see the whole thing.

Keeping the above points in mind, never go overboard with subject lines. If the subject line oversells the content inside, people will be disappointed and start to unsubscribe.

That’s not something you want.

2. Segment your list

Segmenting your list has several benefits. First, you can send emails at the right time and second, you can send more targeted emails.

Send emails at the right time

Timing is a crucial aspect of getting emails opened and clicked. If the email appears at a time when people can’t take an action, they are probably never going to get to it.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s common sense to send emails at their waking hours. This is only possible when you segment subscribers by their geography.

Send more targeted emails

Segmenting the list might seem like an obvious step to a lot of marketers. However, there are many who still won’t segment their list. Segmenting your list ensures that the email is sent out to people who are more interested in something than the other. For instance, a segment of your audience will be more interested in trials and offers. The other segment may not be that price-sensitive.

With a segmented list you can generate 5 to 10 times the number of clicks than with a generic email. In addition, the revenues too are higher. That’s the power of relevance.

Whenever you send emails to segmented lists you can repeat similar results.
If you haven’t already done so, start segmenting your list.

3. Personalize your emails

To improve click-through rate another thing you can do is personalize your email campaigns. This is possible by including their first names and other details.

Marketers who personalize their emails tend to increase click-through rates by over 139%.

It’s simple to add the recipient’s name in the subject line of the email. When you do this you can create content tailored to their needs and makes the email feel personal and extremely relevant

4. Send fewer emails

This is another easy to do step. As with everything else, quality trumps over quantity. You can increase click-through rates by sending fewer numbers of emails.

If you send fewer campaigns that means people are more tuned to listen to what you want to say. As you use the approach you get higher click through rates.

If you’re sending way too few emails you can increase click-through rates by increasing email frequency

5. Allow people to share your emails through social media

I have direct experience with this technique. A year ago I was subscribed to a newsletter called Scott’s cheap flights.
They send out great flight deals. And if anyone wanted to save money, they subscribed to them.

It’s an altogether different story now with Covid-19, but that’s for another day. What matters is, all their emails had social sharing buttons and why wouldn’t they?

The deals were always a steal and something that tugged on the natural instinct of sharing the good news with others.

So they generated tons of social media shares and click-throughs as a result.
You should think of doing something similar. Only a few email marketers send emails that have social sharing options built into them.

So start by adding social sharing buttons because adding social share buttons to an email is an easy job and you should definitely consider doing this. Another idea is to include QR codes.

6. Add calls to action to your email

A CTA, or call to action, is usually a button or text link that points to a landing page.

Have you ever thought of the right number of CTA’s to include in emails?

The right answer? As few as possible.

The reason is—if there are too many choices people may end up choosing no single option.

When there are multiple options, people are confused trying all of the different choices and may end up not even wanting one. If you reduce the choices available, people can ride over the fear of missing out and end up choosing one.

Make the call to action button large, well-designed and easy to see.
The call to action button should be large enough to be seen easily. However not too big.

Be sure to attract attention to the size of the call to action. Only big enough buttons draw attention. In addition to keeping the button large, use a color that draws attention to the CTA button. Say something that provides contrast. Like Orange or Red.

Keep the text short

Large text is a wonderful way to attract attention. However, the cta needs to be kept short. If you have large and actionable text making it shorter only helps you drive more clicks.

Use the first person

Unbounce’s case study shows that changing the button text from second to the first person increased clicks by over 90%. That’s a big improvement.

To put things in perspective they changed “start your free trial” to “start my free trial”.

7. Use images in your emails

Do images help improve your email CTR?

Let’s find out.

Vero analyzed 5000 email campaigns to find that campaigns that had images in them got a 42% higher CTR than campaigns without any images.

It seems that images positively impact click-through rates and can help better perform than text-based campaigns alone.

However, it needs to be seen whether images are going to work for you. Run a campaign with images and split-test the same email with and without images. You can test them and see what it does for your click-through rates.

This can be used to propel your own email marketing campaigns and can be used to boost their performance.

8. Clean Your List

Email lists have a churn rate. This means people who openly unsubscribe or start complaining about your emails. It also includes members who don’t see the emails because they go straight to spam. Or simply because they have lost any interest in seeing more emails from you but have no will to click on sunbisner.

To solve this you can send a reactivation email link to these people. And start sending them emails again.


These are a few of the steps you can use to get higher click through rates for your emails. With these steps and more it’s going to be super easy to get those clicks.

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