Top 10 Tips To Increase Email Click-Through Rate in 2024

Are you seeking ways to boost the click-through rate of your emails? Many marketers are troubled by this issue. In this blog, we will share some tips to enhance your email CTR.

What is an Email CTR?

Email CTR stands for Click-Through Rate, which is a metric used to measure the effectiveness of an email campaign. It refers to the percentage of recipients who clicked on a link in an email, which could be a call-to-action (CTA) button or a hyperlink to a website or landing page.

The CTR indicates how engaged your subscribers are with your content and how successful your email campaign is in driving traffic to your website or achieving your desired outcome.

A higher CTR indicates that your emails are resonating with your audience and motivating them to take action, while a lower CTR may suggest that your emails need to be optimized to better appeal to your subscribers.

When a person opens and clicks on a link in an email, it’s likely due to the relevance of the email’s content to them. Therefore, it’s logical to increase the email’s relevance to the recipient.

For example, if your email campaign goal is to generate real estate marketing leads then adding real estate brochures, images, and diagrams will be a plus

The Formula for Calculating Email CTR

CTR = (Total number of clicks / Total number of emails delivered) x 100

This formula calculates the percentage of recipients who clicked on a link within your email after it was delivered to their inbox. By tracking and analyzing your email CTR, you can gauge the effectiveness of your email campaigns and make adjustments to improve engagement and drive more conversions.

10 Smart Ways to Improve Email Click-Through Rate

Following are the top 10 ways to improve the Email CTR and increase the number of email subscribers:

Use A Reliable Email Marketing Tool

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The first and foremost thing to do is to choose a reliable email marketing tool. Make sure that the emails sent, land right in the recipient’s inbox rather than the spam folder. Most of them come with other features such as the facility to add drip campaigns, check the email open rates, save the email template for future use, etc. Choose wisely after considering the features and benefits to you and your audience.

Work on the email subject line

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The subject line is the first thing people notice in an email and as such the most important factor that determines if the email gets opened or not.

The subject line in that order also affects the CTR, the conversions, and also the number of unsubscribed.

  • Create subject lines that drive curiosity. So that people open the emails
  • Use the fear of missing out
  • Ask questions in the subject line
  • Use emojis or symbols
  • Most emails are opened on mobile so keeping the subject line short helps people see the whole thing.

Keeping the above points in mind, never go overboard with subject lines. If the subject line oversells the content inside, people will be disappointed and start to unsubscribe.

That’s not something you want.

Segment your list

Segmenting your list has several benefits. First, you can send emails at the right time and second, you can send more targeted emails.

  • Send emails at the right time

Timing is a crucial aspect of getting emails opened and clicked. If the email appears at a time when people can’t take an action, they are probably never going to get to it.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s common sense to send emails during their waking hours. This is only possible when you segment subscribers by their geography.

  • Send more targeted emails

Segmenting the list might seem like an obvious step to a lot of marketers. However, there are many who still won’t segment their list. Segmenting your list ensures that the email is sent out to people who are more interested in something than the other. For instance, a segment of your audience will be more interested in trials and offers. The other segment may not be that price-sensitive.

With a segmented list, you can generate 5 to 10 times the number of clicks than with a generic email. In addition, the revenues to are higher. That’s the power of relevance.

Whenever you send emails to segmented lists you can repeat similar results.
If you haven’t already done so, start segmenting your list.

Personalize your emails

To improve your click-through rate another thing you can do is personalize your email campaigns. This is possible by including their first names and other details.

Marketers who personalize their emails tend to increase click-through rates by over 139%.

It’s simple to add the recipient’s name in the subject line of the email. When you do this you can create content tailored to their needs and makes the email feel personal and extremely relevant

Email Frequency

When you send fewer emails, your subscribers are more likely to pay attention to the messages you do send. This can lead to higher CTRs and better overall engagement with your brand. Focus on improving quality over quantity. Send fewer emails that are carefully crafted and targeted to your audience.

Again, if you’re not sending enough, you may be missing out on opportunities to connect with your subscribers and keep them engaged. In this case, you can increase your email frequency to ensure you’re staying top of mind and providing value to your subscribers. But make sure you only send relevant and valuable stuff in your emails.

Allow people to share your emails through social media

By giving your subscribers the option to share your emails with their friends and followers, you can expand your email reach and potentially attract new subscribers to your list. Here are some tips to make the most of this strategy:

  • Include social sharing buttons in your emails: Make sure to add prominent social sharing buttons to your emails that are easily visible to your subscribers. This can encourage them to share your emails on their preferred social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • Craft shareable content: To increase the chances of your emails being shared, ensure that your content is relevant, informative, and engaging. Include visuals like images or videos to make your content more appealing and easier to share, and utilize tools such as a background changer to enhance the overall visual impact.
  • Offer incentives for sharing: Encourage your subscribers to share your emails by offering them incentives, such as exclusive discounts or early access to your products or services. This can motivate them to share your emails with their social network and potentially increase your email CTR.

Add calls to action to your email

A call-to-action (CTA) is a critical component of an email that directs the recipient to take a specific action, usually through a button or text link to a landing page. However, it’s essential to consider the number of CTAs to include in an email as too many options can lead to decision paralysis, causing subscribers to not take any action at all. To avoid this, limit the number of CTAs in your emails and make them clear and easy to understand.

When designing your CTA, ensure it’s visually appealing and easy to see without being overly large. The size of the CTA button should be sufficient to attract attention, but not so large that it dominates the email or overwhelms the subscriber. Additionally, using contrasting colors such as orange or red can make the CTA button stand out and encourage more clicks.

  • Keep the text short: Large text is a wonderful way to attract attention. However, the CTA needs to be kept short. If you have large and actionable text making it shorter only helps you drive more clicks.
  • Use the first person: Unbounce’s case study shows that changing the button text from second to first-person increased clicks by over 90%. That’s a big improvement. To put things in perspective they changed “start your free trial” to “start my free trial”.

Add Visual Contents

Using visuals in your emails can help explain complex concepts or ideas more effectively. This can help improve the comprehension of your subscribers, leading to a better understanding of your message and potentially increasing the chances of them taking action.

Also, Images and videos can help break up the monotony of text-heavy emails and make your content more visually appealing to your subscribers. This can lead to better engagement and higher CTRs.

Re-engage with the Subscribers

Every email list has a churn rate. It means the number of subscribers who either unsubscribe from your list. This could be because they no longer find the content relevant or interesting, or because you might be sending too much promotional content

To combat this churn rate and re-engage with these subscribers, it’s essential to send a reactivation email. A reactivation email is a targeted message that aims to bring these disengaged subscribers back into the fold. It could be a simple reminder of what they’re missing, an offer of exclusive content or deals, or an invitation to update their email preferences.

This approach can help improve your email list’s health, boost engagement, and ultimately increase your email click-through rates.

Find the Best Day to Send Emails

According to a recent study conducted by GetResponse, the optimal days to send emails and achieve the highest click-through rates are Monday and Tuesday. In contrast, the research also indicates that the worst day to send emails is Saturdays, as it results in the lowest click-through rates.


By implementing the tips and strategies we’ve discussed, such as crafting compelling subject lines, using visuals and personalization, and sending quality, targeted emails, you can increase engagement and ultimately drive more conversions.

Remember that building a strong email list and providing value to your subscribers is key to maintaining high click-through rates over time. By regularly analyzing your metrics and making adjustments as needed, you can continue to improve your email marketing performance and drive better results for your business.

So go ahead and put these tips into practice, and start seeing better results.

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