How can an email signature improve your personal brand

How can an email signature improve your personal brand

Personal branding has gained huge popularity over the last few years. Even if not looking for a new job, people strive to achieve the most recognition they can online. LinkedIn has become the best business platform mainly because it allows showing one’s skills and accomplishments, as well as sharing knowledge.

In this regard, email marketing lacks the opportunity to build brand awareness. Especially if it is related to one person. How can you make it better? A professional email signature is the answer.

The Importance Of Personal Brand

So, why do you need to maintain your brand in the first place?

There are answers to this question, and you never know which one will suit you tomorrow. These include:

  • Connecting with future business partners is much easier if they know who you are and what you look like.
  • Growing some sort of popularity/awareness online makes finding a new job easier.
  • Nowadays, customers trust real people more than numerous company names and logos.
  • You can use your social media accounts to promote something or share some knowledge if people follow you.

No matter why you want to improve your brand, it’s always a great idea. Moreover, it’s not that hard.

Personal brand in email

As email is the most popular marketing channel, how can you build your personal brand there? After all, it’s only a bunch of text. Well, not quite.

Companies use sophisticated email templates to make every message look according to brand book. Using corporate colours and including a logo everywhere helps get noticed and memorized. But what about a personal brand? You don’t have your ‘brand colours’ or logo, do you?

That’s why the best way to create a personal brand image in emails is by using an email signature.

How to use an email signature for personal brand promotion

An email signature is a footer part of your email. By default, it is set to something like “Best regards” or “Sincerely yours.” But you can use it for much better. The thing is if you want your emails to look personal and human, you can’t use all that corporate stuff like email templates.

But an email signature is a thing you set up ones to be added to every email. So, it isn’t that impersonal, yet it serves as a nice content field.

Thus, let’s talk about what and why should you add to your email signature to promote a personal brand.

Your name and basic info

Your name is a thing that goes into your email signature no matter how it looks like. The main purpose of adding one is confirming you mean the words you’ve just written. And if you want to add even more value to them, include your job title.

For example, if you are writing about marketing trends, stating that you are a marketing manager yourself makes all the email content much more reliable. Also, your customers will be pleased to know someone important is reaching out to them.

As for the personal brand, maybe you are a freelance writer or designer. Adding your job title is also preferable in this case. And you can be more creative with it.

Contact information

The first contact detail to think about when writing an email is an email address, of course. Some claim that adding it to your signature is excessive. Sure enough, it is already mentioned in the sender details.

However, if your message is somewhat long, it’s beneficial to mention your email address in the footer.

Also, why not make it easier for your recipient to find a way of contacting you. Especially considering that there are other contact fields.

In addition to the email address, include your phone numbers so that it is easier for people to contact you ASAP. And don’t forget about the website of yours. Use the opportunity to promote it.

email signature

Personal photo

The best way to personalize any email you send is by adding a personal photo to it. And there’s no better place to add it than an email signature, turning one into a digital business card.

In fact, a lively face can highly increase the reply rate of your emails. Don’t use a too serious photo but also make sure it is not excessively careless.

We’re talking about improving a personal brand, after all. So, use a recognizable portrait of yours.

email signature


Things I’ve mentioned above are pretty much common and understandable. Now, let’s talk about what makes your personal brand truly shine.

Call-to-action (CTA) is the best way to make people check out some links. With email signatures, possibilities are endless. You can use CTAs to:

  • Ask recipients to book a meeting with you
  • Schedule a call
  • Promote your recent blog posts
  • Ask to follow your social media pages
  • Invite recipients to some event
  • Show your portfolio
  • and so on…

The rule here is using the most engaging words to make sure people click the link. For example, “Book a demo” or “Visit my blog.”

email signature

As for the implementation, even an anchor link is enough to drive clicks. However, you can make your CTA much more eye-catching if you make it a button or a whole banner. But how can you do this?

Creating an email signature with a professional online generator

There are 3 ways to make your email signature:

  • As a plain text
  • As a picture
  • As an HTML code

The first two are really basic. Plain text limits you in creativity, and an image can’t be modified easily. Also, some email clients may treat it as spam.

How do you make an email signature in HTML then? If you don’t know how to code, you can use an online email signature generator, for example, Newoldstamp and Mysignature

These generators have a convenient online editor where you can edit and organize everything we have talked about before. Moreover, your signatures will be stored in a dashboard where you can add several ones, organize them, and use them in various email clients.

It’s a good idea to have a general full email signature to send with initial emails. But as your email conversation starts, you don’t want to distract the interlocutor with the signature under every message. So, you can have a more simple version of your email footer that will go under these emails.

Both mentioned editors have ready-to-use templates, and Newoldstamp even has a banner gallery that allows you to choose from beautifully designed banners and link them to any content you want. Thus, you get the best CTA possible neatly placed in the footer of every email sent.

Email signature banners usually take up to half of the space, so you’ve got to make sure they are linked to the most important stuff.

Bottom line

A personal brand is something any businessperson should care about. You never know when and how it will be beneficial for you. Just as for big companies, if people recognize you by name or photo, your opinion is treated as an expert one.

Using an email signature is probably the best and easiest way to promote your personal brand. It is always there at the bottom of every email you send. Even if you only write 10 emails per day, with an email signature, they turn into 300 personal brand promotions.

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