4 Best Cold Emails for Job Inquiry Templates to Get a Job in 2023

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  • Expertise to write a job inquiry email
  • Writing attractive cold emails for jobs
  • Top job inquiry email examples or samples for a better understanding

So, let’s take a deep dive into it.

There is no doubt that in today’s highly competitive market, finding a job is no less than a mammoth task. Standing out from the sea of competition, placing your expertise in the minds of employers, and getting their attention is the first and perhaps the toughest step. 

So the question is – how to get the attention of an employer without less frustration?

One of the best and outcome-driven methods is – to simply go for it by sending a cold email for job inquiries!

And in this blog, we are going to share tips to write job inquiry emails along with real-world examples or templates.

What are Cold Emails?

What are Cold Emails?

A cold email is a way to connect with a person you usually do not know. 

In comparison to waiting to build a relationship and utilising those connections, cold emailing can save a lot of time and help you get an employer’s attention without any hassle.

Cold emails are not just limited to job inquiries emails, they can be used in many forms.

For instance, if you have a business or idea that is beneficial for you as well as the person you want to send mail to – at that time, cold email is the perfect approach to define your objectives in the first impression.

For instance, gain sales, favours, to gain publicity, acquire leads, and yes, for jobs too!

Importance of Cold Emails for Jobs Inquiry

Now you know that cold emails are an essential part of the business and sales world. 

However, there is a common misconception among people that a job inquiry email or cold email for jobs is one type of Spam.

But eventually, they are wrong!

Because, when it comes to outreach strategies, there is no replacement for them.

Cold emails for jobs allow you to skip the middleman and get your message across directly to the employer. 

In other words, job inquiry emails allow you to present your offer and expertise in your own words.

6 Top Benefits of Cold Emails for Job Inquiry

  1. Cold emails for job inquiries reach the inboxes. This is where most employers/executives spend most of their time. And as compared to calls, messages or other similar methods of communication, emails are more likely to get attention.
  2. Job inquiry emails offer a good blend of being personal yet non-intrusive. They are personal in the sense that they fall under the category of one on one reaching out, and are non-intrusive as compared to cold calls which are much more of an obtrusion.
  3. They are scalable. Meaning, you can send an email to multiple people at the same time. This is one of the convenient solutions when you’re trying to get the word out to multiple employers.
  4. Moreover, you can easily automate emails and track progress. This allows you to definitively know whom your email has reached successfully.
  5. Additionally, cold emails for job inquiries are convenient for both sender and the receiver.
  6. Job inquiry emails are informative so you can make them brief as per your needs.

How to Write a Cold Email Job Inquiry for a Job

How to Write a Cold Email Job Inquiry for a Job

When writing a cold email for job inquiries, there are a few points that one should be mindful of. But before that, first and foremost, it is imperative that you recognise the right person to send the cold email for the job to. 

The main aim of a cold email is to get rid of a few middle steps.

Thus, your email should reach directly to the person in a position of power to take decisions like inviting you for an interview. 

For that, you need to do prior research using the company’s websites, or social media networking sites like LinkedIn in order to identify who the best person would be to help you.

Once you are confident that your cold email for the job will reach the right inbox, you can begin constructing the email.

  • Start off by introducing yourself in your cold email for job inquiries. Be concise and tell the reader exactly who you are, where you got their information from, why you are contacting them and what you expect from them. Since you are writing the cold email for a job inquiry, be sure to include your qualifications, previous work experiences and your current work interests.
  • You can go a step ahead and add a personal touch to the email by garnering information on the reader’s achievements or the company’s background. It doesn’t hurt to show that you’ve done your homework by adding how you are a fan of some of the work that the reader has done and why you would like to work with/for them. Help yourself stand out by including what exactly about the company piqued your interest and how you would be an asset.
  • Another point to keep in mind is that your cold email should always include a CTA (call to action). The request that you make by asking the reader to engage with the CTA should be courtesy of first-time contact. For that, write a small request. This could be an interview offer or simply a response to your mail.

Overall, the main points to keep in mind are –

  1. Be concise, straightforward and to the point in your cold email for job inquiries. Since you are initiating contact for the first time with someone who hasn’t had any prior meetings with you, chances are higher that they will have less patience to go over more significant pieces of information from you, so be sure to get to the point quickly.
  2. The tone of the cold email for the job should be kept professional and formal. Even though a cold email by definition might be an unsolicited email, there is a formal touch-laden template that should be followed when pursuing this method.
  3. You can always opt for sending a follow-up email in case you do not get a response the first time.

For help with the same, this article consolidates the best cold email for job enquiry samples or job inquiry email examples that one can easily recreate for a successful experience with cold email.

Top Cold Email for Job Inquiry Sample OR Templates

Not all job inquiry emails look the same. There can be many variations of the same. For example –

1. Cold Emails for Job Openings

This job inquiry email template acts as a basic introduction of oneself to a company. You can follow this template when you wish to send a cold email to an executive of a company where you wish to acquire a job opening.

Template 1

Dear/Respected [NAME]

I am [YOUR NAME]. I got your information from [SOURCE]. I’m interested in finding out more about [ROLE] at your company [COMPANY’S NAME].

I feel that I could be a particular asset because I have [SKILL], [SKILL] in [AREA] and an experience of [NUMBER] of years practicing and refining said skills. I’m currently working at [COMPANY NAME] as [POSITION].

However, I am seeking a new opportunity to broaden my horizons. I believe that I would be a good fit at your company since I’m currently focussed on [GOAL], [GOAL] and your company [EVIDENCE OF ALIGNMENT OF YOUR GOALS WITH THE COMPANY’S

I’m excited about the opportunity to work with you since [PROOF OF PRIOR RESEARCH]

I’d love to be able to schedule a time to discuss this opportunity with you. I am available at [PHONE, EMAIL]. I’d be happy to work out a meeting that suits your schedule. Please do let me know

Thank you for your consideration.




Sample 2

Dear John Smith,

I am Jane Doe. I got your information from LinkedIn. I’m interested in finding out more about the role of Senior Marketing Executive at your esteemed company.

I’m positive that I could be an asset to the company because I have great communication, teamwork, organisational, and creative skills that appear to be the foundation of your establishment.

I also have an in-depth knowledge of the industry from my 7 years of experience practicing said skills as a Junior Marketing Executive at ABC and then a Senior Marketing Executive at XYZ. However, I’m currently focused on working more in the digital marketing arena that your company specialises in, which is why I believe that I’d be a good fit.

I noticed that your company has been named the year’s Best Marketing Agency and I’d be delighted to get an opportunity to work there. I have also been really excited at the opportunity to possibly work with you since reading your feature in the Times Magazine where you emphasize the importance of digital marketing in today’s day and age.

I’d love to be able to schedule a time to meet up with you and discuss my suitability for the role, if and when it aligns with your schedule. Please feel free to reach me at +914762812938 or email me at janedoe@gmail.com.

Thank you for your consideration


Jane Do

LinkedIn – Jane@linkedin

2. Cold Email requesting for an Informational Interview

Not every job inquiry email needs a specific request to add in order to get an information interview. Some are just there to help you set up meetings with people who could advance your career objectives.

The following template is an example of the same.

Template 2

Dear [NAME],

My name is [YOUR NAME]. You might remember me from [COLLEGE NAME OR OTHER PLACE OF MEETING]. I was a few years junior to you. Congratulations on having firmly established yourself at [COMPANY/ INDUSTRY].

I’m currently working at [COMPANY] as [POSITION]. However, I too am interested in shifting into [INDUSTRY]. Since you are in a good position in the said industry, I’d really appreciate it if you could please guide me.

I was hoping I could meet you to discuss post-graduation years, your career path and how you secured your current job. Please let me know if that is something you would be open to. I, of course, would be happy to adjust according to your schedule.




Sample 2

Dear John Smith,

My name is Jane Doe. You might remember me from Cornell University where you graduated a few years before me. I recently connected with you on socials and found out how you are doing well for yourself in Social Media Marketing. I just wanted to take the time to congratulate you on all you have achieved in a short span.

I’m currently working at ABC Company as an Intern in Marketing. I would love to establish myself as a Social Media Marketing Head one day.

I was hoping I could pick your brains on how you steered through the post-graduation years and how you ended up at your current job.

Is that something you would be open to? I will, of course, adjust the meeting around your work schedule.


Jane Doe

LinkedIn – Jane@linkedin

3. Cold Email for Job Inquiries – Professional Networking

This type of job inquiry emails applications helps you build strong networking with somebody with that you wish to work with them.

Template 3

Hi [NAME],

Hope you are well. You might remember that I am currently working at [COMPANY] as [POSITION]. However, after [NUMBER] years at this company, I’m looking to expand my horizons and am currently on the lookout for the next opportunity to further my skills and experience in [SKILL], [SKILL] and [SKILL].

I saw that there was an opening for [POSITION] at [COMPANY]. I am keen on applying for the same. I understand that you know [NAME], who is in charge of the hiring process.

I would really appreciate it if you could please introduce me by email or phone to [NAME OF PERSON] for [THIS REASON]. I think I could be of great value to them since [REASONING].

If you do take me up on the offer, feel free to refer them to my LinkedIn profile – [LINKEDIN]

Thank you so much in advance.


Sample 3

Hi John Smith,

Hope this email finds you in the best of health. You might recall that I am currently working as a Research Assistant at the Gold Hospital. However, after 3 years here, I’m looking to get a newer opportunity to further enhance my research skills, and garner some managerial skills.

I saw that there was an opening for the Research Head position at Silver Pharmaceuticals. I am keen on applying for the same. I understand that you know Mr Chang, who is in charge of the hiring process. I would really appreciate it if you could please introduce me to him by email or phone.

I believe that I could be of great value to them since I have experience in the said fields. Moreover, I have good organisational, teamwork and communication skills which I believe could help me be an asset to the company.

If you do take me up on the offer, feel free to refer them to my LinkedIn profile – Jane@Linkedin

Thank you so much in advance.


4. Job Inquiry Email – Letting them know you applied/Follow-Up

This type of cold email for job inquiries can have multifold uses.

It will help you get attention from an executive to about that you have applied to their job openings.

Not only these but it also helps in sending follow-up emails in case you haven’t received word regarding the first cold email.

Template 4

Dear [NAME],

I am [YOUR NAME]. I applied for the opening for the position of [POSITION] at [COMPANY]. I believe that I can be of value because of my [SKILL], [SKILL], [SKILL].

I would love to work for you because [EVIDENCE OF RESEARCH].

I’d really appreciate it if we could please schedule an interview to discuss the same.





Sample 4

Dear John Smith,

I am Jane Doe. applied for an open position at XYZ company for the position of Software Engineer on your online portal recruitment. I believe that I can do justice to the position with my 10 years of experience in the field and my skillset involving database management, problem-solving skills, creativity and managerial prowess.

I noticed that we have common interests as you mentioned in your interview that was published in the Times.

I’d love to schedule a call and talk with you further about the position and my experience.


Jane Doe

LinkedIn – Jane@linkedin

Email – janedoe@gmail

Phone – +916287272666


These are some of the top examples of cold emails for job inquiries that you should configure as per your needs.

And remember, the main objective is to get attention from the person who is going to read your job inquiry email.

In case you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section!

Last but not least, “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them!”


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