Top 3 Google Hacks to Find Anyone’s Email in 2024

As a business professional, searching for emails of your potential prospects can be a challenging task. You may find some from LinkedIn. But, it is only possible if the users choose to make their emails visible to others who visit their profile. There are many people who are hesitant to share their email addresses publicly.

However, in this blog, we are going to share a few strategies that you can use instantly. One approach is by using various Google hacks to find the emails of your potential leads. By using advanced Google search operators, you can get emails from your prospects.

Let’s get started!

Search using random Google Queries 

Making your best guess to find anyone’s email address using Google is nothing new. People have been doing it for years. 

However, I am not asking you just to type in your prospects’ names and you will find their email address. 

We will base our guesswork on certain patterns. After all, most email addresses follow similar patterns. 

So, let’s try searching using some unique modifiers. 

Try out searching these patterns: 

• [Prospect’s name] + contact number (or) other contact details.

If this doesn’t work out, try out these patterns: 

• + [name] + contact 

• + [name] + other contact info. 

As you can see, these queries are pretty generic. What you need is a more granular approach. 

For that, you have to first acquire important details regarding the prospect including their hometown, the company they work for, their designation, and so forth.

Try searching using personal modifiers, such as: 

• [name] + “hometown”

• [name] + “company they work for”

If nothing works out, try the mix-and-match methods and then see the results. If this works out, good for you. 

But it is worth noting that the aforementioned patterns are unlikely to take you far. 

It has several downsides, such as: 

• If you are searching for someone with a pretty popular name such as Jack or David, then this method is unlikely to ever work.

• As you can discern this method is pretty much useless if you want to find more than even 10 email addresses at once. 

But don’t worry, we have some more tricks up our sleeves. 

Let’s talk about a method that can at least solve the former problem if not the latter one.

Google + Professional Platforms (Crunchbase and LinkedIn)

Now, we have tried out our Google queries entailing personal information as well as more gradual details. 

Let’s collaborate with professional platforms now. The chances of your prospects having an online presence on business platforms such as Crunchbase, LinkedIn and more are extremely high. 

So, let’s probe using these networks one by one. 

We will start with LinkedIn…

LinkedIn + Google 

The combination of LinkedIn and Google makes for fertile ground when it comes to extracting someone’s email address. 

For starters, visit your prospect’s LinkedIn profile. Check out their contact info.


If you are lucky enough, you will find out their email address then and there. 


However, if you fail to do so, then try out patterns using the other relevant piece of information that you acquired from LinkedIn. 

Use patterns such as: 

• firstname.lastname [@][domain]

• The firstname [@][domain]

• lastname [@][domain]

• firstname_lastname [@][domain]

• Etc. through all the variations

Found the person you were looking for? Good for you!

If not, then let’s proceed with ZoomInfo and its combination with Google.

Crunchbase + Google 

If the above platforms didn’t work out, you can try your luck with Crunchbase. 

Crunchbase is undoubtedly one of the best directories for startups. Most legit business prospects are present on this platform. 

So, first, open the Crunchbase webpage in your browser. 

Once you open the website, click on “Companies” on the far left-hand side. 


Once you click on the “Companies” options, you will be redirected to the page that allows you to narrow down your search as per your specifications. 


Your search will now take you to your desired prospect. 

Say, for example, my prospect is Ken Suzuki of “SmartNews.”

I can see all his details here including his company’s domain name, which in my case is “”


Now, I will start by searching the pattern “”.

After digging down a bit, I finally found this email address:


It’s pretty easy to discern that their business email addresses have a pattern like ““. 

So, my prospect is most likely to have an email address along with the same lines. 

To make sure that we aren’t wrong in our assumption, we can verify it using the free email verifier. 

Just type in your email address in the given open space and click on “Verify” 


As you can see, the email address is legitimate.

Use Automated Email Marketing/Lead Generation Tools 

While Google hacks can be a useful tool for finding email addresses, it’s important to keep in mind that accuracy is not always guaranteed.

Many factors can impact the accuracy of email search results, including the quality of the data sources used by the search engine, the validity of the email addresses being searched for, and any filters or security measures in place to protect email privacy.

Therefore, it’s essential to search for an alternative. Let’s check out other possible ways to find emails.

To ensure quantity as well as quality or in this case legitimacy, we can use email finder tools. 

Most of the email lookups come with a free Google Chrome Extension as well as a web app. Apart from email addresses, you can also unearth other important details such as phone numbers, titles, company names, locations, websites, and more. 


It’s important to note that while the above-mentioned strategies and Google Hacks can be helpful, they may not always be foolproof. Some individuals may have more private or secure email addresses or may have opted out of public directories. Use these strategies ethically and respectfully and comply with any applicable privacy laws or regulations.

By using a combination of Google search techniques and email lookup tools, you can increase your chances of reaching your prospects and building strong business relationships.

FAQ- Google Hacks

How you can find emails using Google hacks?

You can find prospects’ emails using Advanced Google Search operators like “email” or “@” along with relevant keywords. For instance, type in [name] + email (or) email address on Google to begin your search.

Can we get accurate emails using the Google search operator?

It’s possible to find emails of leads using Google search operators. But, the results are not guaranteed. The accuracy of email search results can be impacted by various factors, such as the quality of the data sources used by the search engine and the validity of the email addresses being searched for.

Are there any free email lookup tools?

No, there are no completely free tools. You can get free trials on many email lookup tools from the web. For example, AeroLeads, email hunter, Findthatlead, etc provide free credits on a monthly basis. To get more features you need to take premium subscriptions from these service providers.

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