5 Proven Tricks to Extract Email Addresses from LinkedIn


LinkedIn has over 65 million decision-makers and enables you to reach and engage with your target prospects. Since 80% of B2B leads come through LinkedIn, reaching out to those decision-makers at the right time is crucial. However, it’s not easy to extract email addresses from LinkedIn unless you’ve got a 1st-degree connection with them. In addition, high-profile LinkedIn members cannot be easily contacted only via message or by sending connection requests. 

Moreover, with a list of hundreds of prospecting names, searching for an email address on every LinkedIn profile is a daunting task. You need some actionable software to create a list of verified email addresses in minutes. 

How to Extract Email Addresses from LinkedIn 

Before understanding email finder software, let’s go through some secret tricks to extract email addresses from LinkedIn. These tricks will work wonders if you have a limited list of prospects to be contacted. 

1. Browse Your Prospect’s LinkedIn Profile

Bloggers, solo entrepreneurs, and top management like to interact with people and hence share their email addresses and relevant contact details on LinkedIn. 

If you have a limited list of prospects, you can easily find their email addresses by browsing their respective LinkedIn profiles. However, this method is tedious if you have got a large list of prospects. 

All you’ve to do is log in to your LinkedIn account and search for your prospect’s name. 

neil patel

LinkedIn profile of SEO influencer Neil Patel. Click on ‘Contact info’ on his profile and you can thus extract your email address from LinkedIn.

extract email address linkedin

Email addresses of top entrepreneurs, influencers, and bloggers are authentic and verified as they remain in constant touch with people. However, there may be a chance of getting outdated email addresses. 

Hence, it’s always the best practice to get all email addresses verified via email verifier software. A verified email address saves your time and efforts that were otherwise wasted in searching for authentic ones if your email isn’t delivered to the prospect.

Head towards the search bar and insert the email address for verification.

email verifier

Yes, the email address is authentic and can be used for prospecting. You can also upload bulk emails for verification.

2. Connect with them on LinkedIn to extract email addresses from LinkedIn and Message Privately

Sometimes people don’t share their contact details, especially email addresses to avoid getting spam emails from unauthentic sources. In such cases, send a connection request to your prospect. Once they accept your request, message them privately and ask for their email address.

  1. Make sure you don’t sound sales while messaging. 
  2. Let your prospects know your genuine intentions behind asking for their email addresses. 
  3. If they are bloggers/top-management persons, browse their LinkedIn profiles and pinpoint their achievements. Praise them for their achievements. 

Here’s an example of messaging a LinkedIn prospect for his email address.

extract email addresses from LinkedIn

3. Make an Educated Guess Using Popular Business Email Formats

If you know your prospects’ blog or associated company’s name, you can make a quick guess.

The majority of business emails follow the format – ‘name@company.com’. 

For example, your prospect’s name is “Sheejo George” and his company’s domain name is “aeroleads.com”.

Now all you have to do is to start by guessing the pattern on Google using the information you just extracted from LinkedIn.

First, type in their basic information. like this:

  1. firstname.lastname [@][domain] – sheejo.geroge@aeroleads.com
  2. firstname [@][domain] – sheejogeroge@aeroleads.com
  3. firstinitiallastname [@][domain] – sheejog@aeroleads.com
  4. firstname_lastname [@][domain] – sheejo_geroge@aeroleads.com

 Etc. through all the variations

It is quite probable that the email address found on the first page of a google search query may be of your target prospect. It can be confirmed using email verifiers.

4. Install a Free LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome Extension to extract email addresses from LinkedIn

A LinkedIn email finder extension offers you free credits to find emails from LinkedIn. Many email finder tools come with free browser extensions that offer trials to extract email addresses from LinkedIn based on available credits. 

Note that free extensions are useful only for finding a limited number of emails from LinkedIn. Once you run out of free credits, you have to purchase their subscriptions. 

If you’re looking to build a long list of email addresses, better go for paid tools that we will discuss further. 

Following LinkedIn, email finder chrome extensions are recommended to extract email addresses from LinkedIn-

AeroLeads helps you to extract email addresses from LinkedIn. It automates the process of email searching from LinkedIn and boosts your lead generation efforts by creating a list of unique emails in less time. 

It offers 10 free credits to find emails from LinkedIn.

Just head towards AeroLeads search bar or install its free chrome email finder extension and enter the name of your prospect or company and hit search. You will receive all the required information starting from name, profession, email address, company, and up to 15 data points.

GetProspect helps you extract email addresses from LinkedIn in a single click with a chrome extension. Install the extension and get 100 discovered emails for free.

GetProspect helps you choose relevant profiles from your LinkedIn search by marking checkboxes. Search emails by name, company domain, or address. 

Simplify your lead generation process by finding and verifying bulk emails with GetProspect within a couple of minutes. 

PIPILeads is an indispensable tool to extract email addresses from LinkedIn instantly. The extension can find both B2B and B2C email addresses in minutes.

Benefit from their email verifier that uses the combinations of all the validation rules to ensure your email list is verified and ready to use. Find verified email addresses of anyone individually in 50 credits for 1 user.

Skrapp is trusted by millions of professionals worldwide and helps to extract email addresses from LinkedIn that are essential to your sales and marketing efforts. Their web extension smartly integrates with your LinkedIn and provides all emails of your target prospects within minutes. The Free Plan offers 50 free credits/month, renewable at the end of every cycle. 

Leadbeater helps to get emails from LinkedIn lead profiles.  It adds the new lead to your list including a verified business email address.

With its email open tracking and link tracking, you know when a lead opens your email and which email links they viewed. Get started for free with 100 email credits per month. 

5. Use Paid LinkedIn Email scraper tools

If you want to extract email addresses from LinkedIn in bulk, paid tools are the best option. There are a number of LinkedIn email scraper tools out there to help you get emails from LinkedIn. 

Here is the list of top 5 LinkedIn email scraper tools that scrape your target prospects’ email addresses instantly:


 AeroLeads software helps you to find business emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn. It automates the process of email searching from LinkedIn and boosts your lead generation efforts by creating a list of unique emails in less time.

Just head towards the search bar or install its free chrome plugin and enter the name of your prospect or company and hit search. You will receive all the required information starting from name, profession, email address, company, and up to 15 data points.

Key Features

    1. Find business emails from LinkedIn or find emails by uploading names and companies.
    2. Find as many as 15 data points like full name, job title, location, generic company emails, etc.
    3. Export the data to CSV or transfer data to Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Zapier, etc with 1 click.
    4. Rock-solid support via chat, email, and phone.   


AeroLeads offers four types of pricing plans.

  1. Take Off $49/month – 2000 credits, find emails, names, company names, etc., only 1 user.
  2. Climb $149/month – 8000 credits, find all contact details, integrations, and 5 users.
  3. Cruise $499/month – 30,000 credits, all contact details, unlimited users, and integrations.
  4. Enterprise – As per your requirements 


Hunter.io uses to extract email addresses from LinkedIn

Hunter lets you find professional email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.

Hunter helps you get email ids behind any website or LinkedIn. Their advanced domain search feature lists all the people working in a company with their names and email address found on the web. Hunter is one of the best email finder tools with 100+ million emails indexed, accurate search filters, and scoring.


Hunter offers 5 types of pricing plans

  1. Free – 25 monthly email searches, and 50 monthly verifications.
  2. Starter $49/month – 500 searches, 1,000 verifications, domain search results, and more.
  3. Growth $99/month – 2,500 searches, 5,000 verifications, domain search downloads and more.
  4. Pro $199/month – 10,000 searches, 20,000 verifications, images and attachments in emails, link tracking, and more.
  5. Business $399/month – 30,000 searches, 60,000 verifications, 40 email accounts, 10,000 recipients/campaign, and more.


LeadFuze allows you to perform a quick search and build a list of leads to target them accordingly.

Besides, giving you access to contact details (email and business phone), LeadFuze also automates the process of sending personalized emails to prospects and follow-ups. With LeadFuze, you no longer need to perform a cold calling process to reach your buyers.


Leadfuze offers free 25 lead credits and three types of pricing.

  1. Starter $132.30/month– 500 lead credits/month
  2. Scaling $447.30/month– 2500 lead credits/month
  3. Custom – Contact support team

FindThatLead uses to extract email addresses from LinkedIn

Findthatlead is one of the best LinkedIn email finder tools. The software has its own chrome extension where you will get the desired emails of your prospects from their respective LinkedIn profiles. In addition, their tool comes with a special feature of displaying the accuracy percentage beside each email id so that you can sort out fake and genuine emails easily. 



FindThatLead offers 3 types of pricing:

  1. Growth – $49/month with 5000 credits
  2. Startup – $150/month with 18000 credits
  3. Suite – $399/month with 30000 credits


SalesQL is a free and best email lookup tool that provides quality results in large quantities. It extracts email addresses from LinkedIn and personal emails. SalesQL comes with an in-built classifier that presents the type of email you are watching (personal, main job). 

In addition, it also has a Contact Manager consisting of your prospect’s details (name, profession, past experience, skills, company, contact. etc.). The tool is capable of saving and organizing contacts into lists. 


SalesQL offers 4 types of pricing:

  1. Free – 100 credits/month
  2. Starter – $39/month with 1500 credits
  3. Advanced – $59/month with 4000 credits
  4. Pro – $89/month with 10,000 credits

These are some proven methods to extract email addresses from LinkedIn. Have you tried any of these methods or tools? Share your experience with us right now. 




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