Best Lusha Alternative That You Should Not Miss In 2024

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In this article, we are going to compare the two most powerful lead prospecting software- Lusha, and AeroLeads, that you can use to generate leads.  In addition to that, we’ll explore why AeroLeads is the best Lusha alternative in 2023.

The entire B2B market is dwindling about choosing the powerful and result-driven prospecting tool that will increase their lead generation exponentially.

Lusha: A Complete Overview

Lusha was founded by Israeli co-founders Assaf Eisenstein and Yoni Tserruya in March 2016. It was originally intended to help HR teams hire better talents. But, later they

The duo started Lusha as a side project which was originally to help HR teams source better talent for hire. They later expanded Lusha’s capabilities to cater to sales teams who had similar requirements for finding the right customers.

Today, Lusha primarily helps companies improve their sales pipeline with high-quality data, and offer overlap capabilities for recruiting and marketing teams.

In order to make its platform distinct from the rest, the founders have emphasized fraud detection and verification features.

To date, it is trusted by over 280,000 revenue teams, and tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and Apple are its customers.

Though it is found to be the top lead prospecting tool with almost all the features required by marketers, it still lacks some of the features and accuracy. Moreover, it is found to be an expensive solution for most businesses.

And, there is where you might need to search for an alternative solution.

AeroLeads is one such alternative that offers similar features to uncover business emails, personal emails, and phone numbers.

It also extracts such valuable data in real-time which accounts for the accuracy of the contacts. 

Competent pricing plans and better features make AeroLeads a worthy Lusha alternative.

AeroLeads: #1 Lusha Alternative

AeroLeads is an easy-to-use sales intelligence and lead generation platform that can be used by businesses in any B2B industry.

With more than 650M databases, this tool helps to pull data for relevant targeted sales leads from social networking websites such as LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList, CrunchBase, etc.

It also provides free chrome and Firefox extensions to capture leads of individuals, business professionals, and companies from various sources.

You can download the list in bulk or export the entire data to third-party CRMs like Salesforce, Pipedrive, MailChimp, Hubspot, etc.

Pricing Comparison between Lusha & AeroLeads

Lusha Pricing

The free version of Lusha permits only one user at a time with 5 credits per month. But, only email addresses and phone numbers can be verified or searched.

The Professional plan costs $348/month. It comes up with the accessibility of 1 user at one time and gives you 480 credits/month.

Apart from email addresses and phone numbers, it offers list management, list export, basic team management, and a shared credit pool.

The premium version at $612/month allows 2 users at a time and also comes up with two more features – prospecting bulk show, extensive bulk show, CRM integrations, and basic usage analytics.

Last but not least, there are advanced features that are included in their Enterprise plan. The price of this plan is not disclosed publicly as it depends on the needs. You can contact their sales team for further information.

AeroLeads Pricing

The trial version of AeroLeads grants you 10 credits to search for your prospects.

What makes it special is that you can use the free accounts as much as you want but they do have limitations on usage, and results.

Furthermore, the free version does not allow features like exporting data to other services like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Premium plans of AeroLeads are as below.


It starts at $49/month. You will get 2000 credits per month to find the email, full name, company name, phone number, URL, and Title of the prospect.

Also, it allows users to import data from CSV and Export it to CSV.

Last but not least, basic email support will be provided!


The most popular plan as claimed by AeroLeads, adds 8000 credits every month.

It costs $149/month which allows users to access all the above-mentioned features along with transfer to other software such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, Zoho CRM and the list goes on and on.


Adding a massive number of 30,000 records, this plan allows unlimited users at one time and gives chat, email, and phone support.

This premium plan costs around $499/month and is suitable for agencies and medium business enterprises.


AeroLeads as a top Lusha alternative has a dynamic and flexible feature that enables customers to quote their own prices and needs.

This plan is mostly kept for large corporations that need an enormous amount of data.

Just email them with your business requirements and you will get the best price!

Let’s Compare the Features Now

Compared to Lusha, AeroLeads has got better pricing plans and better features.

Lusha Features

Lusha’s risk solution allows companies to verify and authenticate consumers while maintaining compliance and streamlining enrollment processes.

As a result, it reduces risk and improves the overall customer experience.

Furthermore, Lusha automatically rectifies the missing data during signup. You can either block the unverified email address or request some extra information too!

It also provides Traffic Ranking and social media insights. The Lusha extension is available on all major sites like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

AeroLeads Features as a Top Lusha Competitor

AeroLeads, on the other hand, gives you the exclusive features of finding emails, phone numbers and B2B data using the Chrome and Firefox plugin.

One can verify a number of an email list as well can export your data to a CSV file or transfer data to popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Zapier, etc. with 1 click.

It has added 19,247,139 prospects being used by over 180,154 active users.

AeroLeads is one of the most powerful prospecting tools which discovers emails from organizations and the people in those organizations.

What makes it one of the top Lusha alternatives is that global tech leaders like Adobe, IBM, Gartner, GRUBHUB, and Tata rely on it.

AeroLeads gives you features such as,

  • Find numbers and regularly occurring electronic mail ids of organizations
  • Find social media profiles of organizations, designations, places, and so on
  • Export all of the information with ease
  • Create lists to categorize your leads
  • Add team members to share credits
  • 650M+ contact searches

The email finder and verifier tool give a percentage at the end of the search, giving you a hint of whether the email address is fake or not. Due to all the extra functionality it provides, AeroLeads might be viewed as a top Lusha alternative.

Reviews & Ratings


Lusha has gotten mixed responses on almost all platforms. Many of them even pointed out that Lusha used to sell personal data. On average, Lusha has an aggregate rating of 3.1 out of 5 in Trustpilot and 4.1 out of 5 in Capterra.


Users are very much satisfied using our platform with most of them giving rave reviews. On average, AeroLeads was able to secure 4.4 out of 5 in Trustpilot and 4.6 out of 5 in Capterra. It is also super safe to use AeroLeads as we never use or sell any personal data.

FAQs- Lusha Alternative

We know that you have more queries related to this article so we have sorted some of the common questions here. If you have more doubts feel free to contact our support team at or chat with us from our homepage.

What is the purpose of Lusha?

Lusha is a B2B lead management software that helps businesses pull contact details from other websites, capture entire lead information, engage with customers, and increase overall conversion.

It lets you update the entire contact list in bulk or export the data to Salesforce for further marketing activities. You can also integrate it with other CRMs like Hubspot, Outreach, Pipedrive, etc

With Lusha, can create custom data collection forms, including fields such as company size, location, or designation, to capture leads and then add them to corporate websites as popups or self-hosted forms.

Recruiters and marketers can use the browser extension (Chrome, Edge, and Firefox) to retrieve contact details from various websites and social media platforms.

What are the top Lusha alternatives?

The top 10 Lusha Alternatives In the Market include:

  • Slintel
  • Datagma
  • Seamless AI

Why AeroLeads better, when compared to Lusha?

It is quite difficult to completely reject one option when both of them have almost similar features. However, AeroLeads manages to go out of its way to offer result-driven services and more useful features.

Lusha might have a large user database but AeroLeads comes up with growth-focused features coming along with a low price making it a game-changer.

One can find more accurate results using AeroLeads. You will never get a bounce for your email campaigns.

Other tools from AeroLeads include Email Finder, LinkedIn Email Finder, Bulk Sender for Gmail, and Email Verifier. It is also available on both Chrome and Firefox extensions, making AeroLeads one of the best Lusha alternatives.

Still on the fence about finding an alternative solution? Why not sign up for the free trial version of AeroLeads and check it out yourself?

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