Facebook Email Finder – How to Find Emails from Facebook?

find emails from facebook

Today, Facebook is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms and is not limited to connecting with friends and chatting.

With the advancement in marketing techniques, many B2B companies along with LinkedIn, use Facebook for marketing and connecting with their target audience. In the last quarter of 2019, Facebook reported that over 6 million businesses use Facebook ads to connect with their prospects. Nearly 43% of B2B marketers expressed satisfaction with their results from Facebook marketing or WordPress social networking.

Hence, there is a high possibility that, apart from LinkedIn, many of your prospects might be present on Facebook with their full professional details. If you are unable to find their email addresses on LinkedIn, you should try to find emails from Facebook.

However, there is one catch. While registering on Facebook, it’s difficult to search emails if your prospects have selected not to reveal their email address publicly. But there is one technique to break this barrier.

In today’s article, we will see all possible ways to find emails from Facebook.

Let’s dive in

Ways To Find Emails From Facebook

1. Person’s Facebook Profile

After logging into your Facebook account, head to the Facebook search bar and enter your prospect’s name to land on his profile. Click on the appropriate name from the search results and go to his profile. Once you land on his profile, click on the “About” tab and review their information.

You will find all his details, including his residence in the city, high school, college, and professional details. If he has made his email address public, you will easily find it; otherwise, if you know his working company, you can easily find emails from Facebook by using email finder tools like AeroLeads. Aeroleads software comes with a free trial version with 10 credits to search for your potential prospects. With Aeroleads, you can:

  • Get 15 data points (full name, job title, location, working company details, business contact numbers, etc.)
  • Export data to Hubspot CRM, Zapier, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Salesforce, etc.

You can create amazing content, capture leads through this lead generation tool, and preserve them through rebound emails.

Just install the AeroLeads Chrome extension and find emails from Facebook by uploading the name and company of your prospect.

2. Ask for Email

If your prospect is on your Facebook friend list but hasn’t publicly listed his email address, you can ask him to provide one. Go to the Email section of the Contact Information and click on ‘Ask for Email’.

Facebook will send a message to your prospect notifying that you are asking for his email address. Note that this option won’t let you type the message directly but will send an automated email request on your behalf.

The above methods are useful if you are performing a manual email search. However, if you want to export the email addresses of all of your Facebook friends, there is a step-by-step procedure for which you need to have a Yahoo account since Facebook gives access to its users’ emails to Yahoo, with your simple Yahoo account.

find emails from facebook

Find emails from Facebook with the following simple steps.

1. Create a (or log in to) Yahoo Mail Account

Head to Yahoo mail and log in to your account. If you don’t have a Yahoo account, create one by providing your basic information. However, if you want to clean up your Facebook friends’ email, it is recommended that you create a new Yahoo account even if you have an old one.

2. Import Emails from Facebook

After signing up or logging into Yahoo Mail, you can export Facebook email IDs. If you have just signed up, you will notice a prompt to import contacts from Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail, and other sources. If you have logged in with your existing Yahoo account, click ‘the Import contacts tool.’

Since you are looking for Facebook email ids, clicking on the Facebook option gives Yahoo access to your Facebook account, and the contacts (including email addresses) start exporting from Facebook and importing to Yahoo.

3. Exporting Facebook Emails from Yahoo

Once all the email addresses are imported, export them in several formats. Head to Yahoo Address Book, click on the Tool Export button, and select the type of export according to your preferences. Thus, you can find emails from Facebook using a Yahoo mail account.

Facebook Email Address Finders

If you want to find emails from Facebook in less time and effort, you can use Facebook email finder tools. There are many Facebook email finder tools available on the internet. Let’s take a look.

1. Mailbiz – Email Finder

Mailbiz is one of the best Facebook email finder tools and is popular among many online marketers. It can retrieve email IDs by keywords, subjects, and interests from Facebook. With Mailbiz, you can obtain emails not only of your friends but also of friends of friends from their respective FB accounts. You have to provide the user ID of the page’s profile.

Use Lookup-ID.com to get the user ID of any profile or Fan page. Enter that ID in the Mailbiz search bar and click on the EXTRACT button. The tool will start extracting emails from Facebook accounts. You will also receive names, contact numbers, and other details. Download the list file in .csv format.

Their pricing ranges from $77 to $147 per month. Mailbiz offers a 14-day risk-free trial with a 100% money-back guarantee.

2. Data Extractorx – Facebook Email Finder

Data Extractorx is another powerful Facebook email finder that helps you scrape all email addresses within a few minutes. It can also automate the process of extracting email addresses and other details from Facebook.

Data Extractorx collects emails, contact numbers, user names, and other details from groups, fan pages, friends of friends, and other sources on Facebook. Contact their customer support for pricing details. The company offers a 20% discount if anyone has used their software for two years.

Final Thoughts

With the above techniques and Facebook email finder tools, you can easily find emails from Facebook. As compared to LinkedIn, only a handful of audiences associate their working email addresses with Facebook.

However, as mentioned above, with growth in Facebook marketing trends, you may witness a rise in the registration of working email IDs on this platform, too.

If you are a B2C company, you must utilize Facebook to its full potential. When it comes to finding email addresses from social platforms, you are recommended to try LinkedIn first and then head towards Facebook.

Have you used any Facebook email finder to email extractor email IDs? Which techniques have you implemented to find emails from Facebook? Share your thoughts with us via the comment box now.

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