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RocketReach alternative

RocketReach is a b2b database tool like AeroLeads.  This post will help you find the best RocketReach alternative, in case you are looking for the most accurate email finder tool.

When it comes to lead generation and sales prospecting, there are 4-5 options available, apart from RocketReach.

With so many choices, how do you know which one is right for you?

But before jumping into the topic, let’s take a quick tour of RocketReach.

Few Words About RocketReach Alternative

RocketReach was founded by Amit Shanbagh, Andrew Tso, and the White Board in November 2015.

It is a tool that specializes in Big data, SaaS, and Lead Generation. Based in Silicon Valley, this company helps in the development of open web applications.

As for its powerful solutions, RocketReach is used by Fortune 500 companies and start-ups as well!

In fact, most of its users are students who use its tool for their academic research.

The software employs crawlers and data-mining algorithms in order to make its tool more powerful and accurate than other available tools that use the “SMTP Verification” method.

RocketReach Pricing

RocketReach categorizes its plans under individual, team, and enterprise plans.

On a crucial note, they come up with both monthly and yearly plans.

Individual Plan

Under Individual Plan, you can only find the emails. It comes with three-tier pricing plans:

  • Essentials: Priced at $53/month that comes with 125 Email lookups. If you want to find phone numbers, you need to pay $89 per month, where you will get 160 lookups per user.
  • Pro: Available at $107/month with 375 Email lookups. Adding an additional feature of finding phone numbers can cost you $179 per month, where you will get 375lookups per user.
  • Ultimate: Available at $269/month for 833 Email lookups. For finding phone numbers, the rate is fixed at $359 per month with 833 lookups per user.

Team Plan

This plan can be used by a business that runs with 5 members. It also adds additional features like integrations, etc. To get the best quote you can contact them on their website.

Enterprise Plan

You need to contact the sales team to find out the best possible pricing in this plan as it gives you unlimited access to email or phone number lookup tools. You will also get additional benefits like native CRM integration, email validation, pooling the best prospects, etc.

All these subscription plans whether monthly/annually, come along with 24/7 Live chat/email support, CRM and ATS Support, Export to CSV feature, Bulk Lookups, browser extension, and Full API Access.

RocketReach Features & Benefits

Some of the features that you get in RocketReach include:

  • Lead Validation
  • Search for emails using company name, domain, etc
  • Bulk email finder
  • Native CRM integration

RocketReach Ratings

RocketReach has an overall rating of 4.2 on Capterra and 4 on Gartner.

AeroLeads – #1 RocketReach Alternative

AeroLeads is an email hunter tool with a database of 650+ million prospects.

It allows the user to find business emails, personal emails, and phone numbers in a time-sensitive, effective and efficient manner.

In addition to this, it also assists in extracting such data in real-time without compromising the data accuracy.

What makes AeroLeads special is that it is trusted by 178,600 users across the globe.

The email lookup tool is trusted by companies like Adobe, IBM, Gartner, GRUBHUB, and Tata.

Furthermore, competent pricing plans and powerful features make it a worthy competitor of RocketReach.

Let’s explore more on why AeroLeads is the best RocketReach alternative.

AeroLeads Pricing

The trial version of AeroLeads grants you 10 credits to search for your prospects.

You can use the free accounts as much as you want but they do have limitations on usage and results.

In addition, it also does not allow features like exporting data to other services like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce which makes AeroLeads a worthy RocketReach alternative.

AeroLeads pricingTAKE OFF

Starting with $49/month, one can easily add 2000 records, and find the email, full name, company name, Phone Number, URL, and Title of the Prospect.

One can import data from CSV and Export it to CSV. Basic email support will be provided!


The most popular plan as claimed by AeroLeads, adds 8000 records every month, enabling users and all the above-mentioned features.


Adding a massive number of 30000 records, this plan allows unlimited users at one time.


AeroLeads has a dynamic and flexible feature of allowing customers to quote their prices and demand. Just email them with your specific requirements and you will get the best price!

AeroLeads Features & Benefits

RocketReach is an ordinary tool in this B2B market.

All its services and features are basics that are almost available in every online marketing tool.

This means it is like another sheep in the herd.

Whereas AeroLeads has some of the most exciting features that cater to customers along with holding the potential to fulfill the exact needs of the business.

  • It gives you the exclusive features of finding emails, phone numbers, and B2B data using the Chrome and Firefox plugins.
  • Bulk Verification of emails
  • Bulk Email Sender for Gmails with a custom template.
  • Export the data to CSV or transfer data to Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Zapier, etc. in just 1 click.
  • It extracts contact information from social media profiles of organizations, designations, places, and so on
  • Create lists to categorize and add team members to share credits

AeroLeads Ratings

It has mostly generated positive feedback on Capterra, with an aggregate rating of 4.6 out of 5 in Capterra and 4.4 out of 5 in Trustpilot.

Commonly Asked Questions- RocketReach Alternative FAQs

What are the other best RocketReach alternatives in the market?

Zoominfo (bought by DiscoverOrg) is another competitor and alternative of RocketReach along with AeroLeads.

Why select AeroLeads over RocketReach?

Though RocketReach might have a vast database, however, it sometimes doesn’t perform up to the expectation of the business needs.

On the other hand, AeroLeads comes up with a productive and powerful feature at a lower price and delivers value that brings peace of mind to your marketing campaign.

We know that it is quite difficult for you to completely reject one option when both of them have almost similar features. But AeroLeads manages to go the extra mile by offering premium customer service, better features, and a pleasant user experience. And now you have a clear idea of how it is a flexible and convenient solution for you.

Its trial version is the best among all, giving an original taste of the paid version.

Features such as Email Finder, and Email Verifier and their availability on both Chrome and Firefox extensions, make AeroLeads the best RocketReach alternative.

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