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RocketReach was founded by Amit Shanbagh, Andrew Tso and White Board in November 2015. A tool that specializes in Big data, SaaS and Lead Generation. Based in Silicon Valley, this company helps in the development of open web applications. RocketReach is used by Fortune 500 companies and start-ups as well! It is especially used by students for academic research. RocketReach uses crawlers, and data-mining algorithms, making it more accurate than other available tools that use the “SMTP Verification” method.

AeroLeads, on the other hand, offers similar features to find business emails & phone numbers. It also extracts such data in real-time which accounts for the accuracy of the contacts. With competent pricing plans and similar features makes AeroLeads a worthy RocketReach alternative.

The Points of Comparison between RocketReach & AeroLeads

Pricing of Rocket Reach

RocketReach categorizes its plans under Essential, Pro, and ultimate plans. They have both monthly and yearly plans.

• Essential Plan – Priced at Rs 4,195/month or $59/month, it allows 125 lookups for Professional & Personal Emails, Real-time Verification, Salesforce Integration, and Outreach.

• Pro Plan – Available at Rs 8,461/month or $119/month, it grants 375 lookups Professional & Personal Emails, Real-time Verification, Salesforce Integration, and Outreach.

• Ultimate Plan – Available at Rs 21,258 or $299/month, it gives access to Professional & Personal Emails, Real-time Verification, Salesforce Integration, and Outreach through 1,000 lookups. 

All these plans whether monthly/annually, come along with a 24/7 Live chat/email support, CRM and ATS Support, Export to CSV feature, Bulk Lookups, and Full API Access.

Pricing of AeroLeads

The trial version of AeroLeads grants you 10 credits to search for your prospects. You can use the free accounts as much as you want but they do have limitations on usage, results and do not allow features like exporting data to other services like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce which makes AeroLeads a worthy RocketReach alternative.

• TAKE OFF – Starts with $49/month, one can easily add 1000 records, find email, full name, company name, Phone Number, URL, and Title of Prospect. One can import data from CSV and Export to CSV. Basic email support will be provided!

• CLIMB – The most popular plan as claimed by AeroLeads, adding 4000 records every month, enabling users and all the above-mentioned features.

• CRUISE – Adding a massive number of 15000 records, this plan allows unlimited users at one time.

• ENTERPRISE – AeroLeads has a dynamic and flexible feature of allowing the customers to quote their own price and demand. Just email them with your specific requirements and you will get the best price!

Special Features Of RocketReach

RocketReach is like an ordinary tool that is available in this B2B market. All the services and features form the basis of every online marketing tool. Thus, it is like another sheep in the herd. Whereas AeroLeads has some of the most exciting features that really cater to customers!

Special Features Of AeroLeads

AeroLeads, on the other hand, gives you the exclusive features of finding emails, phone numbers and B2B data using the Chrome and Firefox plugin. One can verify a number of email lists as well by exporting. Export the data to CSV or transfer data to Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Zapier, etc. with 1 click. 2,899,181 Prospects added by 57,901 Active Users till Today. It is one of the most powerful prospecting tools which discovers emails from organizations and the people in those organizations.

AeroLeads is one of the most powerful prospecting tools which discovers emails from organizations and the people in those organizations. It is trusted by companies like Adobe, IBM, Gartner, GRUBHUB, Tata which is why it is worth considering AeroLeads as a competitor of RocketReach.

With AeroLeads you can:

• Find smartphone numbers, regularly occurring electronic mail ids of organizations

• Extract contact information from social media profiles of organizations, designation, place and so on

• Export all of the information

• Create lists to categorize and add team members to share credits

Final Verdict


Though RocketReach might have a huge database, the special features coming along with AeroLeads at such a low price can make anyone spellbound. Though it is quite difficult to completely reject one option when both of them have almost similar features, AeroLeads manages to go the extra mile by offering premium customer service and better features. The pricing details are openly shared on the website, making it easier for everyone to decide and buy a plan. It is surely more flexible and gives more confidence to the buyer through this transparency. The trial version is the best among all, giving an original taste of the paid version. With features such as Email FinderEmail Verifier and its availability on both Chrome and Firefox extension, makes AeroLeads the best RocketReach alternative.

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