The Best B2B Cold Emails Templates to Win New B2B Customers

b2b cold email campaigns

B2B cold emailing isn’t difficult but it isn’t easy too!


Let’s simplify.

When it comes to B2B prospecting, emails play a huge role. And, it’s isn’t very difficult to craft a long (probably boring!) email explaining too many ideas, listing only features (mostly copy-paste from website) having no personalized touch with a bunch of grammatical errors. 

And, what’s not easy is crafting meaningful B2B cold emails with lucrative subject lines, email copy offering real-value to customers, to-the-point content without any grammatical errors.  

Of course, that’s what your prospects expect. Nearly 71% of buyers are excited to hear from sellers what new product/ideas are they offering and how it’s going to benefit the buyers. 

As a responsible B2B marketer, your goal isn’t to only send B2B cold emails, but to generate a greater response rate and convert your prospects into long-term customers.

Wondering how to write B2B cold emails and generate a greater response rate?

No worries. Today’s article is going to teach you how to write B2B cold emails, the best B2B cold email practices that will win your top clients, and some of the B2B cold email templates that guarantee you amazing response rate.

Let’s get started!

Best Practices While Crafting B2B Cold Emails to Improve Open Rate

Write Attractive Subject Lines

Almost 47% of email open rates depend on the subject line alone while 70% of email users report email as spam if they see a generic, weak, and cliché subject line. 

You don’t want your prospects to reject your valuable B2B cold emails based on boring email subject lines. Writing a catchy, exciting, and engaging email subject line is the fist and important step every marketer should follow.

Here are some guidelines to write the best subject lines:

  • Personalize: Subject lines with personalized touch are 22% more likely to get open rates while subject lines with the recipient’s first name improve email open rates by 20%. Collect all the personal details of your prospects such as first name, location, company name, etc. and use them in email subject lines to make them feel special. This prompts them to open your email. 
  • Create Interest and Urgency: When it comes to purchasing, people don’t like to miss out on discounts, coupons, offers, etc. Hence, you can create a sense of urgency among them by using words such as ‘limited-time offer’, ‘just for you’, ‘discount for some time only’, ‘flash sale’, etc. However, ensure that you are genuine and offering something according to your subject lines, otherwise, you’ll lose their trust and respect. 
  • Be Short and Real: Shorter subject lines with 60 characters or less have shown more open rates because they arouse curiosity among readers. Be real in your claims and promise only those things that your readers can get value from.

Craft an Email Copy that Offers Benefits to Your Users

After the email subject line, the email body is an extremely important aspect of how to write B2B cold emails. Once your subject line attracts users and they open your email, the email content should be very lucrative offers and provides real value to them. 

Here are some best ways to craft an actionable email copy:

Specific Opening Lines:

The opening line of your email body should be precise and convincing. 

Avoid boring introductions such as, ‘Hello, I am so and so from ABC company.’ Mention your name only if it’s necessary (introducing new courses, webinars, sessions, etc.).

Directly touch the pain points of your readers and arise a sense of hope among them how reading further will help them get a solution to their problems.

If you are providing some discounts or offers, start by appreciating their value as a customer for your company. 

The Central Part:

This is a crucial part of B2B cold emails. Your main body should deliver whatever you’ve promised or claimed in the subject and opening lines. 

Be casual and conversational. Address their struggles, problems, pain points, and show genuine concern for their difficulties. Gradually make them understand how your service/product will benefit them and make their life easy. Avoid direct selling by telling them prices or features. Try to emotionally engage your audience. 

If possible personalize with them by making announcements, infographics, events, webinars, etc. Use short sentences and paragraphs. 

Conclude with a positive note. Ask them questions that will prompt them to think and answer back to you. For example, ‘Did this answer your problems?’, ‘Want to know more about our interesting offers?’, etc. 

Share Social Proofs 

If you are a new business in the market with few customers, share case studies of your previous customer experience via B2B cold emails. This helps to establish authenticity and credibility about you among new customers. Include a detailed preview of your work with clients in case studies. You can also include reviews of your previous clients in their own words via video or infographics. 

This interests your new prospects about your business and they will look forward to work with you. 

Actionable B2B Cold Email Templates to Attract Leads

Now, we will see some powerful templates that will give you a clear picture of how to send B2B cold emails. Templates inspire you to establish a confident conversation and speed up your results.

However, don’t mistake them for copy-paste as it won’t work for a longer time. You’re expected to study these templates thoroughly and come up with your B2B cold email format. 

Some of the best examples of B2B cold emails are as follows:

Template 1: Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) formula

This template is used to address the pain-points of your prospects. Obstacles are very irritating and challenging while performing any time-bound work. It highlights the difficulties faced by your prospect, understands the pain, and offers genuine help to cope with the problem. 

Subject Line: Feeling Stuck with Grammar Errors?

Hi [Prospect’s Name],

Writing a professional email without any grammar error is stressful. And, more than that, proof-reading manually in less time is more stressful.

You don’t want to harm your impression by sending emails or content filled with errors to your precious client. 

Our AI-powered writing software helps you detect and eliminate those minor/major grammatical errors within seconds and provides you a crystal clear content with perfect words enough to impress your client. 

Not convinced yet?

Read reviews from top marketing professionals here: [Link]

We’d like to offer you a FREE demo. When are you free?


Template 2: Offering a Discount

This implies when you want to offer some amazing discounts to your loyal customers. You can offer festive or event discounts. E.g. the following business offers Valentine’s day discount on its software services.

Subject Line: Engage Your Audience with 50% off a Year of Premium

Hi [Prospect’s Name],

Captivate Your Audience.

Whether you’re texting your bestie, DMing your crush, or writing your wedding website, [software name] premium helps you add that extra dash of love to your writing.

Our Premium suggestions help you choose vivid words that spice up your writing and enhance its flow. Upgrade to an annual plan by February 18 and enjoy a sweet 50% OFF.

[Include table difference between FREE and Premium]


Template 3: Establishing Value

If someone has downloaded your e-book or PDF, you can send an email letting them know about the best offers for them and it will benefit them. This template helps you connect and engage with them. 

Hello [Prospect’s Name],

I saw recently downloaded an e-book on [Topic Name]. I’ve worked with similar organizations in [sector/field name] and thought to connect with you. 

[Prospect’s Company Name] is an amazing company and [Your Company Name] is happy to help you and I’d love to understand your business goals for this year.

[Your Company Name] often helps companies like you to achieve your goals with our advanced solutions and data-driven results.

When can we schedule a meeting? 


How AeroLeads Can Help in Your B2B Prospecting Journey

We hope you have got a clear idea of how to write B2B cold emails. 

Once you master the above best practices and templates, over time you will come up with your own set of rules and templates while sending B2B cold emails. 

Before writing any email, it’s important to have a list of a verified email list of your prospects. AeroLeads collects all the emails from LinkedIn and Xing and provides a verified email list. 

Which B2B cold email practices are you following? Share your experiences and results with us via comments now.

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