How To Do a Reverse Email Lookup: Find Someone Email Address For Free

Emails have always been a rock-solid bridge between a prospect and a brand. Several software companies like Aeroleads offer reverse email finding tools to minimise the gap of communication for a smooth flow of understanding between both parties.

Emails are an essential part to put yourself or your business out on any online platform. To sign in to your social media handle, you need an email, to shop online you need an email. Basically, signing-up on any online portal needs an email id and without verifying your email id no online platform allows you to utilize their services. In a digital world, it’s very important to sign with your email id.

There are a large number of emails that land in your inbox, some are genuine and some may be spam. Reverse email lookup can effectively help you find the person behind that mail and if he/she is legitimate. Have you ever received mail from an unknown person and wish to know the identity of the sender?

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

Reverse Email lookup helps you get all the information of the person sending you a mail. It displays all the details of the person that they ever made public over the internet.

You just have to insert the mail id of the person in a reverse email lookup tool and you’d get all the data of that unknown person. These tools provide you with information such as their social media handles, phone number, Full name, and criminal history (if any). Reverse email lookup is very beneficial to find whether the person behind the mail is genuine or fake.

Effective ways to Perform free Reverse Email Lookup

There are different ways that can help you perform a free reverse email lookup by inserting the mail id of the person you’re looking for and here are the top ways that can work for you.

Leverage all the social media platforms

Every professional or non-professional can be found on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. There are high chances that you can find a person on social media than on any other platform as everyone today has shifted to several social media platforms.

While creating an account on any social media platforms, people end up sharing a lot of personal information such as Full name, email address, phone number, date of birth, and organisation. Which directly gives us access to retrieve details about them by inserting their email address in the search bar.

Once you have found the person by using their email address, it gets easier to find out more about the person by checking out their profile. You get access to their profile picture that can reveal their identity. Social media platforms work great only if the person has a public profile or limited privacy policies on their account.

Google search for reverse email lookup

Google is the answer to everything that we look for and is applicable for reverse email lookup too. There are chances that the sender of the mail has mentioned his/her personal details on any of the online portals.

Type the email address of the sender and hit the search button. Perform deep research and go till the end of the google search to get the desired result. For better results, you can add (“ ”) to get more accurate information so it wouldn’t require much effort.

A very simple yet very effective way to reverse email that helps you find the sender behind the mail. Looking for the sender can be time-consuming and would need a decent amount of research for great results.

Domain search for reverse email lookup

Email domain is a part of an email address that follows after the @ symbol. An individual using an email id for personal use generally has domain names like,, or A business uses a domain name that includes their company’s name.

Adding a domain that has the company’s name adds a professional touch for the business and gives you hold of their company details. Say for the email address is, here Aeroleads is the domain name and now search the name for the domain name to get more details of the sender.

This can turn out effective only when the person is using his/her company’s mail id and not their personal mail id.

Reverse Email Lookup services

Tools that help you gather all the information just by typing the email address of the person and it delivers all the data that is available linked to that email address. It searches several online sources and databases to deliver you the best data. It also establishes links that are linked with the user of that email address.

This is the most effective way that can help you find out if the mail landed in your inbox was spam or a legitimate mail. Reverse email lookup software charges are decent and offer accurate deliverables. The chances of you getting trapped in an email scam will now get minimized by the use of reverse email lookup software.

The reverse email lookup services are offered by several brands, we will help you get the right software that would help you find accurate information.

1. Truthfinder

A software that is solely designed to serve their customers with finding true details of the sender when the email of the sender is inserted in the software. This software helps in looking for accurate information of the sender securely while offering other features.

This software has its own unique features and they serve their services to businesses around the globe. They provide background checks that include birth and death record, social media profile, educational background, assets, data of close relatives, friends, roommates, and family.

2. Cocofinder

The software aims at providing complete transparency of the information so their customer can look for everything that is publicly available. This make the process of reverse email lookup simple and one can find all the data at one search.

They gather information from trusted sources that are verified by them to provide accurate data of the people. They believe in in-depth results and provide 24-hour support to their customers.

3. Instant checkmate

The Instant checkmate serves as an instant background check of the person and they mainly focus on the criminal record of the person so you get to know if the person is a scam within a few clicks. This software is very beneficial for those looking for a background check of the sender.

Information like charitable contributions, criminal record, customer testimonials, sex offender database, phone number, and family background.

Research product or services offered

This the last thing you can do when you cannot find out the data that you were looking for. The anonymous mail sent to your mail-id by the sender may have a product, service, or course that they may sell online.

When you discover the product or service of the target, it becomes easy for you to trace their identity. A product or service cannot be sold without the information of the seller.

What if nothing works to do a reverse email lookup?

This is a rare case where one has tried all the possible methods and still nothing worked out for them. There is a high chance that the sender is using an anonymous mail website which operates all the email scam. You can opt out of the mailing list and stop that mail to land in your mailbox.

Blocking the mail id of the sender will permanently restrict them from sending the mail to your inbox and it is also important to bring to the notice of the website owner that there could be something illegal with the sender’s mail.

Wrapping Up

Not every sender is trying to spam you with their email and being a detective every time you get an email may harm your mental health. Doubting an email is one thing and taking action where it is necessary is very essential.

If you receive some new emails, the sender introduces himself first and then educates you about his/her business. If the sender hasn’t revealed his identity, you can simply ask for it by replying to the mail and if he denies it, you shall know that it is a red flag for you.

Detecting if the sender is genuine or a scam becomes easier by performing a reverse email lookup by yourself. All the ways mentioned in this article will help your task of background check much easier. With a few clicks, you get to know all the details of the sender so you have all the necessary information to take relevant action.

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