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How You Can Use AI to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Email marketing recently celebrated its 40th birthday. Its origins date back to 1978 when Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corporation launched the first mass email which according to his claims brought the company $13 million in sales. However, over a course of time, email marketing garnered an unfavourable reputation of being too spammy, which resulted Read More →


7 Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a critical form of marketing that is just too important for any person to take lightly. Much like social media marketing, it is depending on users rather than the marketer. Yes, all marketing is user based and targeted for the user, but email marketing is something different. Like social media marketing, email Read More →


20 Best Email Marketing Tools for Your Business

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Don’t be fooled by some cherry-picked quotations that say that email marketing is on its way of obscurity. Because it’s not! Email marketing is still thriving, even more than ever and prospects’ email addresses are still akin to bread and butter for a business. And the following statistic clearly supports my point.   The number of Read More →


The Best Email Marketing Practices for Your Campaign’s Success

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The phrase “email marketing” is enough to evoke some drastic emotions because email marketing requires a whole of efforts.  And after all the efforts that you put in, wouldn’t you expect your email marketing campaign to reap all the benefits? Moreover, chances are you are probably conflating it with your content marketing as well. This Read More →


Use These 5 Proven Tips To Master Email Marketing

Email Marketing

  There’s no denying that email is the best thing that has happened to humans… err … after peanut butter, of course. And every person in the marketing industry who is regularly leveraging on email marketing can vouch for its significance. However, it a common belief that emails are being steadily replaced with tweets, status Read More →


When to Use Reply, Reply All, CC, and BCC

Emailing etiquettes are something that is not to be taken lightly in today’s world. It is a good way to appear professional and send emails only to those for whom they’re intended. If you’re hesitant on how to reply to something or take longer than required deciding how and when to use the replying options Read More →


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Email Marketing

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What is Email Marketing? Email marketing is the targeting of consumers through email. It can be used to impact consumers in a variety of ways. It’s a more evolved, digital form of traditional direct mail marketing.   It continues to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to market businesses as well as brands of Read More →


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