Top 10 ZoomInfo Alternatives for B2B Prospecting (2024 Update)

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In this blog, we will explore the best ZoomInfo Alternatives, along with there features, benefits and pricing plans. Do compare all the plans and select the best one that suits your business requirements.

About ZoomInfo:

The company was established by Henry Schuck in 2007 and it was designated as DiscoverOrg back then. It continued to function as the same until the February 2019, after which it merged with its competitor Zoom Information, Inc. Consequently it was renamed ZoomInfo.

If you’re looking for one of the best B2B sales prospecting tools then ZoomInfo is the ultimate way to go. It provides you with all the insights into your prospect’s information related to their business, like the name of the company, email address, phone numbers, etc. One can expect to gain access to a very comprehensive database of contacts, which consequently will help in boosting sales.

With a reputation of being the top platform for sales, marketing, and operations, the cloud-based platform of ZoomInfo offers accurate and compact knowledge regarding targeted companies and business professionals. They also allow you to know the software that will help you to engage with your prospective companies.

This tool has a 360° view that helps in achieving an inverse relationship between the sales cycle and win rates. Marketers can now shorten sales cycles and hype up their win rates.

Why ZoomInfo?

There are various reasons why one should utilize ZoomInfo for sales and marketing. The first one is its integrated cloud-based platform. It offers sellers as well as marketers crisp and clear information, which can help them to reach their prospects.

The data of ZoomInfo is managed with extreme efficiency by an engine that has artificial intelligence and machine learning. This engine pulls out the most authentic data from various sources. The accuracy of the data is left for the machine to decide and is published on the platform after.

When a company changes its information, the data of ZoomInfo is updated immediately. So one does not have to worry about information being outdated. All the information regarding hiring new employees, updated technologies, brand new product launches, and setting up ventures in new locations, are updated in real-time.

Even though ZoomInfo is at the top of its game, various other competitors are known to deliver equal or sometimes even better outcomes than ZoomInfo.

This list of ZoomInfo competitors is selected based on- features, reviews, ratings, cost-effectiveness, etc. Take a look at the list and choose the one that suits your needs.


To top the list of ZoomInfo competitors, we have Aeroleads. Doesn’t Aeroleads sound like a very familiar name in the industry of marketing and lead generation? This is because it is one of the most effective SMB software, acting vigorously and generating powerful results.

With chrome plugin options offering customers the target prospect information, the extreme cost efficiency makes it stand out from the crowd.

AeroLeads allows you to multitask unlike a lot of the other available tools in the market. To cite an example- owing to its integration and connection with a wide range of social media platforms like LinkedIn, etc, one can now add a diverse range of leads to your CRM.

Alongside offering a free chrome extension, it also extends its support to all sorts of SaaS platforms. So one can understand why this email marketing software is indeed one of the top ZoomInfo competitors in the market.

The pricing for Aero begins from $49/month and it also involves a free trial.

With top reviews in customer service, cost-effectiveness, a wide range of features, features, and credibility, Aeroleads is rightly considered to be one of the best ZoomInfo competitors.

AeroLeads Pricing- Better Pricing Plans than ZoomInfo

Forget expensive pricing plans from ZoomInfo, AeroLeads offers better sales solutions at much lower costs. Initially, you can test with the trial version. The free version of AeroLeads provides 10 credits and no credit card is required to sign up. Once all credits are expired, you can go for the premium version. It consists of four plans:

  • TAKEOFF: Starting at $49/month, this plan is most suitable for start-ups and small businesses. With 2000 monthly credits and 2,000 email verifications, you can use it for finding emails, phone numbers as well as other contact information like company name, industry, location, etc.
  • CLIMB: This is the best-seller plan for AeroLeads and starts at $149 per month. 8,000 monthly credits, bulk downloads, bulk transfer, and 24/7 support are some of the special features.
  • CRUISE: If you are running an agency you might need a lot of leads. A cruise plan from AeroLeads will be better as it provides you with 30,000 credits for B2B lead generation among a massive 650+ million database of individuals, employees, startups, companies, large enterprises, etc.
  • ENTERPRISE: This is a special plan that can be set as per your need. If you need this plan you can either email at hello@aeroleads or chat with the support assistants.

Why choose AeroLeads As a ZoomInfo Alternative?

That said, AerLeads seems to be setting a precedent in terms of customer service, pricing, features, speed, and accuracy to be considered a worthy ZoomInfo alternative.

AeroLeads is a familiar name in the lead generation and marketing industry. It is an SMB software that acts as a robust and extremely powerful prospecting software. It consists of a powerful chrome plugin and services that supply correct prospect information. What makes it stand out amidst its contemporaries including ZoomInfo is its fantastic support and reasonable prices making it a worthy ZoomInfo alternative.

It enables multitasking, unlike various other tools. For example, due to its integration with various social platforms like LinkedIn, AngelList, Crunchbase and more, you can add multiple and diverse leads to your CRM.

zoominfo integrations comparison feature comparison

Global Database

With a very user-friendly platform, Global Database provides access to a large amount of information regarding businesses, which includes financial conditions and various other insights. Another reason why it has high recommendation is because of its delivery ethics- reliability and credibility.

You can make use of this software with the help of its free demo and request prices later. We do not have the details of its pricing as they don’t make it available for the public and one can access the plans only on request. The average rating of Global Database is 2 out of 10.

With the help of this ZoomInfo competitor, you can be expected to gain a holistic view of any of your prospects. Also, you don’t have to worry about the information being outdated as it provides you with the most accurate and real-time knowledge. The platform further provides you with first-rate inputs at every step you take in your sales funnel. Pick the most efficient data about your potential clients and companies and witness your company taking a hike.


Next on the list of ZoomInfo competitors is SaleSpider. Termed as one of the most reliable ZoomInfo competitors of all time, SaleSpider takes your efforts and reaches you to the ultimate goal of acquisition of customers and creation of brand awareness.

SaleSpider has whopping sales of more than 210 million every month. The sectors which have witnessed most of the most growth are Healthcare, telecom, retail, IT and micro business, auto, education, insurance, retail, travel, agriculture, consumer electronics, gambling, financial services, and B2B. The company has a wide range of more than 80 million businesses globally and around 300 million executives.

To make sure that one gets maximum return on ad spend, SaleSpider runs geofenced advertising to certain executives according to their title and location. With businesses in more than 50 countries, they tend to fill the pipelines of sales and marketing for the customers. They have gained the confidence of millions of people by proving themselves to be at the top of their game in all the above-mentioned industries.

Advertisers investing benefit from their reach across the world which in turn gives them access to inventories directly.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

As we all know that when there’s a discussion regarding which is the largest professional network available, LinkedIn tops the list. With more than a million professionals, LinkedIn is indeed one of the most reliable on this list of ZoomInfo competitors. This helps you in reaching your prospects within a short period. Managing the information of your contacts has never been easier, as LinkedIn Sales Navigator has an extremely user-friendly interface.

What makes LinkedIn Sales Navigator stand out in this list of ZoomInfo competitors is its reach across the world. It has more than a whopping 500 million users all around the world so there is a high chance that your prospects would probably be on LinkedIn as well.

There are three plans available for professions- Professional plan for individual, Team plan for sales members, and the Enterprises plan for teams looking for expansion.

Once you go to the website, take a look at the product comparison table that has carefully listed the offerings of each plan. This list also allows you to see features that individuals can utilize for free.


DiscoverOrg offers robust data collection, and analytics tools and is one of the recommended Zoominfo competitors in 2022. Similar to Zoominfo, it has an extensive database of contacts updated with the latest business details. Since the data collection process is not automatic but manual, the results are 95% accurate. There are no free trial. You will have to request for the best possible plan.

With the reputation of being one of the most accurate sources of data prospecting and intelligence, DiscoverOrg has a team of more than 200 researchers dedicated to hosting interviews every day. They keep their lists updated by validating contacts and discovering relevant opportunities for clients. 

This ZoomInfo competitor has successfully helped more than 2000 teams to enhance their growth by communicating with the right buyer at the right time.


FunnelFiller has a genuine intention of taking interest in your business, setting goals for marketing and conducting intense research to provide you with updated details. The features of this tool include- the generation of leads and sales intelligence.

What FunnelFiller does is take note of the various goals and preferences set for your company. They ask questions and dig deeper into the analytical section. 

Following this, FunnelFiller will create a list of contacts, customized for your benefit. With its new mobile-friendly feature, you only have to pay for all the successful contacts.

To ensure more comfort, they will end up optimizing your outbound email procedure, sending customized emails, and so on.

This lead generation tool is termed to be one of the most powerful on the list of ZoomInfo competitors. helps you to find your potential client’s email addresses, the name of the company, and other verified job-related information. With a price that begins at $79/month, gives you a free chrome extension for managing your prospects efficiently. 

This tool has numerous channels that help in hyping up the sales and assist in enhancing the productivity of the sales team with nothing but ease.

One can make use of this software to start up conversations and carry forward various deals and other related work. The software also allows you to automate the outbound by mixing personal emails, scheduling calls for following up, and seeking aid from multi-channel campaigns to look out for prospects. 

The plethora of features readily available ensures increased work productivity. One can also analyze the performance and success rates of the campaign to carry out the task more effectively. 

With its unique design, it can efficiently integrate with already existing technologies. Integration in a way where the customer can focus on both the job and the process is what sets it apart from this list of ZoomInfo competitors.


Leadfeeder helps you discover the your site visitors, see which pages they’re interacting and from where, and manage new leads by sending them to your CRM. The sales and marketing teams find this tool very helpful to measure the success and look for more qualified leads. It helps in placing the name of the company on anonymous traffic.

It has collaborated in working with Google Analytics and the premium plan begins from $53/month. 


ScopeLeads is one of the best alternatives of ZoomInfo for B2B lead generation. This tool helps sellers make more sales faster and with less work by automating their entire sales process from generating leads through to closing deals. Some of the top brands that trust ScopeLeads include Wix, Sun Life Financial and Press Cable.

One of the main disadvantage of ScopeLeads is that it does not provide a free trial. The base plan starts at $67 per month with features such as sending personalized cold emails, generating complete information of a B2B lead, etc.


Sisense is a business intelligence platform that provides organizations an ability to embed analytics everywhere, into their customer and employee applications and workflows. This makes it perfect alternative to ZoomInfo and 2000+ companies depends on Sisense to discover game-changing business insights. It offers simple drag and drop functionalities and users are able to create, process, and analyze their own data in order to discover interesting patterns. Right from healthcare to manufacturing, every industry uses Sisense. Some of the drawbacks include lack of sending reports in CSV formats, and expensive plans.


Why Aeroleads is a better alternative than ZoomInfo

Though ZoomInfo offers automation and additional features to support email marketing, the special features coming along with AeroLeads at such a low price can make anyone spellbound. Though it is quite difficult to completely reject one option when both of them have almost similar features. AeroLeads manages to go the extra mile by offering premium customer service and better features.

A massive set of features on Email Finder, Email Verifier, and the availability of free Chrome and Firefox extensions, make AeroLeads the best ZoomInfo alternative. Signup Today & Try AeroLeads for Free!

Does ZoomInfo comes with free trial?

No, ZoomInfo does not come with a free trial version. But, you can avail 14 days free trail under it’s professional plan.

What are other Zoominfo Alternatives In the Market?

Apart from AeroLeads, some of the best alternatives of ZoomInfo include the following:


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