Which is Better Manual Lead Generation or Automated Lead Generation?

We talk about today’s scenario, one of the major challenges faced by B2B marketing and sales professionals are nothing but a lead generation.

Sometimes, these things get even worse for those people who are more driven towards email marketing. This happens so because it becomes quite a difficult task to find the correct prospects and their related details like contact details related to their business emails and phones. This can turn out to be huge and a very big challenge for even very experienced professionals.

Talking about the prospects, it might so often happen that it takes more than days or months to find the correct and accurate prospect for yourself. However, finding the prospect details from all over the internet and finding the business details as well as the contact information of the prospects manually becomes another difficult task to take care of.

Manual Lead Generation

Manual Lead Generation

Manual lead generation is a very trouble concept and also a very time-consuming process for one belonging to a sales platform. It is not always possible for someone belonging to the sales medium to extract time for the purpose.

B2B salespeople are often found taking up sales calls. It seriously is a difficult job for them to spend or extract minimum time for doing any sort of manual research. This is how inconvenient manual lead generation can be. Talking about the time, the action takes an incredible amount of time on manual research and this can surely and adversely have any effect on their sales. That is why it is often considered to avoid manual lead generation and move to an automated one.

Automated Lead Generation

Automated Lead Generation

We all worship time as money. Time does not come uses for free and people don’t simply have all the luxuries when it comes to time. This is the primary reason why we choose flights reaching the same destination that could be reached by using the mode of the road or even sea. In the same manner, we can automate our own lead generation for bringing up more accuracy as well as to define speed.

Wouldn’t it be great if a B2B lead generation tool can look forward to automating all the hard work that has been done by manual research and can get you the right prospect by bringing the correct business emails as well as phones?

Also, no wonder the speed and accuracy is also a major lookout. If we look at the speed and accuracy of the automated builders concerned with the lists, it can really not be compared to what a person is actually doing manually. It is majorly a disadvantage to find out things when it comes to being manual.

Looking at the accuracy

manual vs automated lead generation

There are several such places on the Internet nowadays where one can easily find the prospect that they have been targeting with the help of various social networks and websites. Now it becomes quite easy to get a track of them and bring them close to your lead generation perspective. The several tools available on the Internet help out in gaining access. The tools open work automatically and then look over the internet and find every related data like phone numbers, contact details, email address, and so on of the prospects that you had on your list.

The time comes when the question arises that how much-qualified lead you can generate. When you observe that you are now able to generate more than the required number of qualified leads. That is when you understand that you have opened up more and more sales opportunities for yourself. The revenue funnel illustrated down below can easily help you figure out what happened when you start generating leads in an automatic manner as well as in a manual manner.

If you look at the statistics, conclusion that automatic lead generation is what will bring us more advantage. This will definitely impact the business or the sales we have been working for all our lives.

Which is better?

automated vs manual lead generation

From the above discussion, it is quite clear that automated lead generation has an upper hand. It goes over the manual lead generation. When it comes to automated lead generation, nobody can beat the advantages of coming tagged along with them.

If we talk about the manual lead generation there is hardly any advantage that can be observed. Meanwhile, it involves human research process which eventually turns out to be a little delay when it comes to sales. The major steps involved in the manual lead generation process are. First, it starts with a visitor who looks and discovers the business with the help of various other marketing channels.

Next is the call to action. An image can help the website visitors are called on to take or look for some sort of action.

This is for the followed by landing pages, forms and making offers. From this, we can ultimately conclude that how difficult can manually generation be. Everything has to be done and taken care with the help of manual efforts.

On the other hand, automated lead generation there are just a bunch of advantages coming in.

Automated lead generation, for starters, helps in increasing and bringing up more and more productivity. This also helps in generating more and more qualified leads. Ultimately this does increase and helps to bring on more sales appointments. That is not all, it ultimately ensures that more revenue is automatically drawn for the sales business.

There are more than 20 of ways to generate automated lead generation. One of the most famous ones is with social media.

The Final Verdict

This brings us to our conclusion. This states that automated lead generation is definitely a better idea than the manual lead generation. Well, all that is needed is to look for more and more efficient ways to convert the manual lead generation into an automated form. It needs to be done to brings more and more prospects to your business sales. As that is the ultimate target we aim to achieve.

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  1. Trends are showing that we will only start to move toward Automated Lead Generation only after 2020. Still lot of work is required to make the process compete without any human intevention

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