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5 Lead Nurturing Best Practices For Email Marketing

B2B Sales Funnel

Businesses and companies need two things to grow. The first is a means and plan for servicing their existing customers to keep them loyal. But another requirement that is just as important, if not more so, is a means of acquiring new customers. While it is possible to upsell existing clients, true growth can only Read More →


B2B Lead Generation Strategy that Works in 2021

The digital revolution has changed so much of what we thought we knew about B2B (business-to-business) lead generation. Long gone are the days of buyers relying solely on information from sales representatives to make their decisions. Nowadays, B2B buyers are already 57% of the way through the buying process before they even speak to a Read More →


Top 3 B2B Database Softwares For The US Startups

Modern businesses can’t really fare without B2B database software. The B2B Database Softwares are synonymous with B2B database providers that allow you to access and collect vital business data. Apart from this, they also help you optimize your business as well. Furthermore, all these B2B Database software available on the web automate the whole process Read More →


Why Automated Lead Generation Software Is An Integral Part Of Marketing?

  As businesses continue to get access to more customer data, the whole process of marketing and lead generation gets more tedious than before. According to a report by Marketing Charts, 17% of marketers spend 15+ hours a week on lead generation. That is a whole lot of time to be solely occupied by the Read More →


How to Generate Leads by Blogging Extensively

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How to generate leads?   Everyone asks this question — and the answer they often receive is to blog extensively.  But if you consider blogging as writing blobs of text with no strategizing, then I would say don’t even bother about it. You would also have to take care of consistency because posting 3-4 blogs Read More →