50+ B2B Email Subject Line Examples which convert

According to Radicati’s 2016 Email Statistics report, there will be at least 3 billion people who will be using email, by the year 2020.

That’s 1 in every 3 people on this planet.

Acquiring customers by utilizing email could be a very effective strategy, but here’s the catch nearly 43% of the emails are deleted or marked spam as soon as they are delivered to the inbox. And 69% of these were marked spam only on the basis of subject line.

For many businesses, Email is the first point of contact with their prospective customers. This means that a single email could be the difference between “Deal” and “No deal”.

Writing a good subject line is very crucial since a majority of people decide to read an email or mark it spam on the basis of its subject line.

Here are some great Email subject line tips and tricks to increase email open rates and increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

  • Respect their time

In a B2B marketing scenario, almost every person will receive at least 1 email every two minutes. This implies that you need to be really efficient in delivering your subject line. One way to do it is by using small (not more than seven words, small) subject lines.

A subject line compressed in fewer than seven words can be read in 3 seconds while also being legible on Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. A study found out that 35% of people read their emails on mobile devices.

For example:

1. “Look inside for great sales tips”

2. “Been there done that!”

3. “Requires your Urgent attention”

4. “Offers expiring tonight”

5. “We’ll help you get your leads”

6. “Choose a better corporate bank account”

7. “5 points to remember while presenting”

  • Time it well

Well, sending an e-mail on a weekend or on a holiday will not make much sense. Likewise, an email with a subject line that tries to lure a prospect with free beer will not make any sense in the morning. Our lesson, be sensitive to the timing of your subject line.

For example

8. “Make your business GDPR ready” a mail that could have been sent just before GDPR rules kicked in

9. “It’s time to file taxes” a Tax law firm could use this when the financial year ends

10. “Give your employees free air miles, with our corporate credit card” a credit card company affiliate could send this just before the holiday season

11. “Give your business a boost this holiday season”

12. “Capitalize on Super bowl fever” an Advertising firm can use this subject line to increase click-through rates before the super bowl season

13. “It’s the right time to meet your targets”

  • Simplicity

Keep your subject line simple enough that even a 5th grader can understand it.

Do not use complex words or sentence formation. Writing “peregrinating” instead of “travelling” will surely make you look qualified but it might earn you a place in the trash folder. This point complements the above point, “respect their time”.

For example:

14. “Looking for B2B leads”

15. “Tips to increase your sales”

16. “Double your sales”

17. “How to increase your sales”

18. “A better sales strategy”

19. “Marketing did right”

20. “Best Ransomware protection in the industry”

  • Personalization

Using the first name of your prospect, including Birthday or the name of their favourite football player. Do a bit of research before you compose the email.

For example:

21. “Hey Tom, I Could help you file your firm’s taxes”, A tax attorney could get some businesses to sign up for his consultancy

22. “Harry, try our lead generation tool and hit your sales target”

23. “Hello there, are you taking the right decisions on your marketing strategies?”

24. “Congratulations on being promoted. Double your achievements with our tools”

25. “Sam boost the productivity of your team using our productivity tool”

26. “John, use our CRM to manage customers better”

27. “Alex, we could help you set up your new office”

28. “Mark, get a background check done on new employees”

29. “Jacinda, get a professional looking website for your business today”

This trick works really well since it has some personal touch and demonstrates that you care for your prospects interests.

  • Start with a question

The average attention span of people is about 8 seconds, asking a question in the subject line can get you their attention very fast.

For example:

30. “Need customized stationary supplies for your business? A customized print shop could attract some customers by using this subject line

31. “Decrease the cost of your printing” An offset print service, can successfully use such subject lines to Get B2B customers

32. “Are your customers opening the emails you send?” An email marketing firm can use this line.

33. “How are you finding your leads?” “Looking for a custom prospect list?”

34. “Is your employee healthcare plan good enough?” can be sent by Img a corporate insurance Company.

35. ”Is your Database slow? Try our new DBMS“

  • Be funny

A humorous B2B subject line will come as a breath of fresh air, unlike all the dull, stuffy emails that we find in our inbox today.

Some examples:

36. “Enter the magic portal called Digital marketing” could be an effective yet funny line that a digital marketing company could use.

37. “Hi, spending too much on Coffee try our range of ICE teas” A funny line an Ice tea vending machine company can use.

38. “Marketers assemble”. A funny line for an upcoming Marketing Conference.

39. “Is your sales Strategy as good as the new Nolan movie”

40. “Two to tango” a mail that can be sent by workplace collaboration software company

  • Follow up with a fun factor

We all have seen the “you still there?” question pop up while using Netflix. It is a really bland way to follow up and you would not like to send an email to your prospects.

To keep up the interest of your prospect, use a funny email subject line in the follow-up emails.

Such as:

41. “Have we bored you enough” for an unresponsive prospect

42. “Let’s have a fresh start” to restart the conversation with an old prospect

43. “Remember me” a funny follow up line from the famous BBC show “Sherlock”

44. “Are we on a break?” a take on famous sitcom ‘friends’ line

45. “We don’t want to lose you” a great way FBI can follow (upon) you. Haha

46. “Still here!, and happy to help” a funny twist to Netflix’s “still there” and extending a helping hand at the same time

  • FOMO

Create a subject line which caters to the person’s Fear of Missing out.

Brands use this all time to promote their products.

47. “Get 70% off this Christmas on office furniture cleaning!” A furnishing company could incorporate this line to get better click-through rates

48. “Rest in a comfortable office sofa, now at 20% cashback” a mail that a corporate furniture supplier utilize for better sales

49. “Best business class airfares for a limited time” A travel agency can write such subject lines

50. “Uh-oh, your subscription for office supplies is expiring” stationary supplying firm can send this email.

51. “One last chance to try our lead generation software”

52. “Your free trial ends today, subscribe to keep up with the latest marketing trends.

53. “Get your news,Ad–free. Hurry! Offer ends in 2 hours”

  • Don’ts

  1. Do not compose a subject that is very long.
  2. Do not use Jargons unnecessarily. This causes confusion. Moreover, the reader needs to see a dictionary
  3. Do not ever add the word “Newsletter”. A study from Adestra found that emails including the word “newsletter” in the subject line saw an 18.7% decrease in open rates
  4. Do not use ALL caps or a lot of Exclamation marks. A subject line that is all caps will directly end up in the spam folder.
  5. Do not use unfamiliar fonts or formatting. Because some computers might not support that font making your subject lie illegible.

To Sump up:

Utilize these basic points to increase email open rates, connect with customers better and make your Email marketing even more effective. We should remember that power of the subject line, well; it could be that small line between success and failure of your business!

How did you like this article? If you have some great B2B Subject lines that increased your open rate and sales, let us know in the comment section.

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  2. Tomas Medema on September 23, 2017 at 11:31 am said:

    What a great read! Just what I was looking for to upgrade even further my email subject lines!
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  3. Good information, For cold email marketing which subject line should be used.

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