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Gundeep is the Digital Marketing Manager of Aeroleads. He has experience for 4 years in SEO. He believes in targeting every problem with an out of the box solutions. When he is not working, you can find him socialising on Linkedin and other Social Platforms.

Top 5 Free LinkedIn X-Ray Search Tools for Recruitment Process

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X-Ray search is targeting a site like LinkedIn with a search engine like Google, Bing or yahoo. This is one of the most effective ways to view public profiles for free and that too more than 100 profiles at one go. Studies show that around 85% of the LinkedIn profiles are public so anyone could Read More →


What is a Google X-Ray Search?

One of the most popular ways performed by all the businesses from all over the world to source the best candidates and talents that would help them upscale their business. A business always looks for a candidate that can be an asset to the organisation and google X-Ray search helps you in your search for Read More →


How to write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

An easy yet fast way to get an awesome LinkedIn recommendation is by writing one for someone else. We have always come across brilliant people around us while at the workplace and we have learnt so many things from them in some or another way. It’s time to pay them back by writing them an Read More →


How To Send Bulk Emails using a Gmail Account

Email marketing campaigns can do wonders to the sales of your business when performed strategically. Marketing involves sending your target a marketing email but you wouldn’t spend your precious time by sending each one of your prospects a personalised and separate email instead you’d send bulk emails to everyone. Do you use Gmail to send Read More →


Six ways that can help you use LinkedIn Recruiter Tool effectively

LinkedIn, a platform where professionals from all the industry are found that interact with each other. LinkedIn was founded before any other social media platforms existed, back in 2003, when Facebook, Instagram or Twitter were not yet launched, LinkedIn was established. A platform that has helped businesses and individuals create their social appearance to build Read More →