Top 7 LinkedIn Tools To Boost Your B2B Sales

Are you tired of lurking around business parties waiting for a chance to pounce on? Or traveling miles to various seminars hoping that finally, you’ll build some prolific connections? But still coming up empty-handed?

There’s another easier and better option for all you folks.

I’m sure you’ve heard of LinkedIn marketing tools before.

Have you?

Oh! Are you already using one of the LinkedIn tools?

Well, then you’re one of the few members who is leveraging LinkedIn marketing tools to give their sales a tremendous boost.

You have a wide array of LinkedIn tools to choose from. And these LinkedIn marketing tools are a lot more effective, not to say interesting than hobnobbing at business parties and seminars.

From fresh-faced, barely out of college graduates to suave associates, everyone is pitching for outstanding opportunities using these tools. Then there are employers and recruiters who are using LinkedIn tools to keep a keen eye on adroit job-seekers and eventually single out the most agreeable ones from a pool of choices.

But not just that, there’s an army of sales-persons and marketing professionals who leverage LinkedIn tools to generate leads and eventually sales by transforming those leads into permanent customers.

If marketers learn the implementation of LinkedIn marketing tools properly, they can nail media-marketing like a pro.

Let’s Explore These Wonderful LinkedIn Tools To Drive More Sales 

1. Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales navigator

The sales navigator tool is a great place to start when it comes to boosting sales using LinkedIn. This LinkedIn tool allows marketers to tap into the unlimited prospects that LinkedIn has.

The advanced algorithm that works in the background provides a unique way of connecting buyers and sellers.

Factors that make sales navigator a hit among marketers:

  • It finds prospects that are best aligned with your brand and domain. Moreover, the process of finding prospects is exceptionally fast.
  • Sales Navigator will give you special insights about the company that you’ve added to the list and keep you updated on what’s happening inside it
  • This LinkedIn marketing tool further helps you in engaging with your leads to eventually turn them into paying customers.

2. LinkedIn For Small Business

small business

This is what LinkedIn has to say about its small business approach:

“LinkedIn is much more than a social site. It’s a community of professionals – in a business mindset – that’s waiting to hear from you.”

More and more people are leaning towards LinkedIn marketing tools to grow their business by showcasing it in the best light using its company page. As a result, prospects are also increasingly turning to LinkedIn to learn about businesses.

Employees, customers, prospects, peers et al, coalesce together to grow a business. Therefore, LinkedIn’s business page aims to help businesses to build prolific connections using three easy steps.

Step #1 Build an authentic business profile that reflects your brand’s story in the best light. It should provide an insight into your enterprise. It should impart a great deal of knowledge, “What makes you apart?  Why should prospects avail your services? So on and so forth.

Step #2 Build trust and deepen connections. Connect with your target audience and make your brand reach the masses. Attract the audience by telling a compelling story about your brand, your aim, history, and culture.

Step #3 Now you’re all set to attract new businesses, peers and employees. Engage your niche audience and recruit smart talented people to further your brand.

3. Linkedin Recruiter

Linkedin recruiter

While the owner is at the helm of an enterprise, it’s the hard-working employees that keep the wheel running.

This is where LinkedIn recruiter comes into the game.

Now, with a barrage of job-seekers flocking everywhere, it is not an easy feat to distinguish the productive ones from the unproductive individuals. Moreover, there’s always a chance that your competitor will snatch up an exceptional employee from right under your nose, without you actually knowing.

This LinkedIn tool can help you find talented, dedicated employees faster and more effectively

Moreover, you can accept and offer invitations to widen your outreach. Registering to the Recruiter account ensures unlimited access to the entire LinkedIn network. It unravels a seamless list of prospects to chose from.

All in all, LinkedIn recruiter is one of the best LinkedIn marketing tools for HR executives and recruiters.

4. LinkedIn Elevate

Linkedin elevate

The catchphrase says it all, “Companies who empower employees to share content perform better”

Professional Enterprises share a myriad of posts on social media, ranging from articles, blog posts, presentations, videos, etc. Anything to promote their brand.

However, what companies forget is that getting your employees to share the same content will drive more value and generate more traction for their business. Because social media is inclined more towards people rather than brands. To really reach out to prospects brands need to build a one-to-one connection.

Prospects tend to trust an employee more than the actual brand. When your employees share the content, it adds authenticity to the content that was erstwhile absent.

LinkedIn Elevate works on the basic principle of Curate… Share … Measure.

First, this spectacular LinkedIn marketing tool equips companies with high-quality content from all over the web. Secondly, it instills the essence of empowering employees by facilitating content sharing on various social media platforms.

After everything is done, LinkedIn’s robust analytics provides insight. It tells the number of times the content has been liked, commented on, re-shared and how many people it reached.

Furthermore, LinkedIn Elevate also captures your Return On Investment (ROI). It also enables you to see how much traffic boost you owe your employees and which new hires were influenced by your employee.

5. LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

Linkedin lead accelerator

Lead Generation is vital when it comes to maintaining and further increasing the momentum in your sales funnel. From offering coupons to online content and from hosting Webinars to referrals, we’ve been through all of it.

LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator automates the lead generation process. How?

All you have to do is display advertisements, a mix of organic as well as promotional.

This automated LinkedIn marketing tool will identify your niche audience on your site, LinkedIn and other corresponding websites and display and serve up to transform the prospects into sales.

6. LinkedIn Sponsored InMails

Linkedin inmail

The fact that LinkedIn InMail messages can be sent directly to the members to whom you’re not connected and stays at the top of their inbox makes this feature a desirable alternative to cold-calling and cold-emailing.

This way you’re able to garner your prospect’s attention resulting in the increased lead generation.

7. LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin ads

LinkedIn’s advertisement feature consists of two categories.

Text Ads 

Text ads behave in the same manner as normal pay-per-click advertisements on Google. When someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays the publisher.

Promotional Ads

Promotional Ads

Promotional Ads are like sponsored ads. They are tailor-made to be displayed only on the prospect’s homepage on both the computer and the mobile device.

With a humongous user base and impressive features suitable to drive heavy sales, LinkedIn has come a long way. Using these tools will result in increased sales, optimized marketing strategies and a vast connection building.

Summing it all up

So, these were one of the greatest LinkedIn marketing tools. Delegating further won’t help you, so it’s better to get your hands around these LinkedIn tools as soon as you can — you have a lot of catching up to.

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