10 Best Email Extractors for Lead Generation in 2022

There is a specific process to everything performed by a business, lead generation being the first step towards success. Lead generation is the first and the most essential process in any business, be it an online store, local store, or a large multinational company. Marketing well on both online and offline platforms will help you generate some organic leads and it would only be possible if you have an awesome email extractor for your sales team. Converting your prospects into your potential client or customer by performing a smart marketing funnel will result in increased revenue. Email extraction tools are one of the favorite tools of many marketing professionals and they have been using them to make their marketing campaigns more effective and convertible.

What is an Email Extractor?

An email extractor is a tool that can help you extract the email addresses of your potential prospects or customers from a legitimate source. The source that the emails are extracted from could be an online or offline source like emails, websites, social media profiles, and so on.

What is the use of an Email Extractor?

Email extractor helps a user to build a list of emails that can be further utilized in several ways such as marketing campaigns and cold emailing. What’s a better gift than a list of emails to the sales team of your organization? Extract emails and upscale your lead generation process by choosing an email extracting tool that best suits your business and its marketing needs. Email extractor tools will help you save a lot of time by automating the whole process so you can extract emails hassle-free. Features that your Email Extractor must have:

  • Email Verification: Your email extractor should not only find the email but should also verify them so you have an accurate list of emails.
  • Email Finder: This is an obvious feature that your email extractor must have, it should find emails of your prospects.
  • Export the list: An email extractor exports all the data to CRM software to get all the gathered data in one place.
  • Domain search: An extractor should perform a Domain search to find emails.
  • Extracts Emails from Social media profile: An email finder must extract emails from social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Chrome extension or plugin: An email extractor shall have a browser extension.
  • Bulk export: Your email extractor should build emails in Bulk.

Let’s get to know all the email extractor tools:

Top 10 email extracting tools to use in 2022

Aeroleads Email Extractor

aeroleads email extractor

An email-finding tool that makes the process of building an email list easy and hassle-free for all its users so they can focus on other essential business activities. Aeroleads helps you find business emails from social media profiles such as LinkedIn and you can even export those emails to CRM software. Aeroleads is trusted by many popular brands such as TATA, Dominos, IBM, and Adobe. The software offers accurate email addresses of your prospect and helps you find additional data such as the Full name, phone number, and Company URL of your potential prospect or customers.


The pricing of Aeroleads Email Extractor is priced according to the business needs of all the types of businesses so you could opt for the plan that best suits your business. The pricing of Aeroleads ranges from $49/ month to $499/ month. Aeroleads takes care of all your business needs and helps you find accurate emails while offering you their best prices. Get Free Credits 


hunter to extract emails online from domains

A software that allows you to extract emails while verifying them to offer you an accurate list of emails of your clients or customers. Hunter.io offers some of the best features that an email extractor should offer such as Domain search, email finder, and Email verification. Extracting email addresses in bulk is now easy because they allow you to upload the list of your prospects in the dashboard so you get a list of emails. The software is loved by well-known brands like Google, Manpower, and Invision.


Pricing plans offered by Hunter.io range from $49 to $399/ month allowing you to opt for the plan as per the type of your business and its needs.


email drop to extract emails from website

An Email extractor that finds email addresses from the web pages within a few seconds helps you save a lot of time while serving you a list of accurate emails. It only offers a browser extension and it doesn’t have a website for its users that offers additional information. The best feature that this email extractor offers has to be the quick and easy email extracting service so you don’t invest your time sorting all the email addresses and recording them all individually.


EmailDrop allows you to extract emails without investing a single penny and is best for businesses running on a smaller scale or even larger scale can add the EmailDrop browser extension.


orbitly find social profiles and emails in seconds

An email extractor that can help you find social media profiles as well as emails of your target customers or prospects. Orbitly helps you build an email list while allowing you access to your prospect’s contact details you’d need to contact them to build an effective relationship. It offers you a web app that is much more than an email extractor so you can focus on upscaling your marketing campaigns. The features offered by Orbitly are Reverse email lookup, mail merge, and uploading data to a CSV file. Orbitly is trusted by many emerging startups such as Nextdoor, HEAP, Sizebay, and Payment.


The cost and pricing plans offered by Orbitly range from $15 to $5000 so you can choose a plan depending on the credits your company would require.

AtomPark Software

atomic email hunter

AtomPark Software is one of the best email extractors that extract emails from social media profiles of your prospects. An email hunter that allows you to get emails from websites and other online sources while making the process easy for businesses. This software allows you to collect bulk emails, manage your email list, verify the list of emails, and extract emails. You can extract the contact details of your prospects by typing the keywords to get accurate and verified information.


The pricing offered by this software may seem pricey to businesses running on a smaller scale but can be affordable for medium to large-scale businesses. The software offers plans that range from $69 to $259.

Maildb Find Emails Online

maildb email extractor for domain search, person search, email verifier

Maildb has created a platform that can help you discover emails and verify them in an effective yet easy way. They have been serving their services to several popular brands like Indeed, SAP, Hilton, and Salesforce. The features offered by Maildb are Domain search, Person search, Email verification, and bulk email verification. You can search your prospect emails by performing a domain search and getting results within a few seconds while saving a lot of time.


The pricing plans of Maildb are designed for businesses in such a way that every business can invest in a plan that meets their marketing needs. They offer reasonable prices ranging from $9/ month to $99/ month.

Getprospect Email Extractor

linkedin email extractor

Getprospect is a web app that allows you to extract emails and generate leads while keeping track of the list of emails generated. Yet another amazing software that literally helps you get prospects and turn them into potential customers. This software is trusted by over 60,000 + companies including Oracle, Stripe, and Cloudflare. The features offered by this software are LinkedIn email finder, organizing contacts in CRM software, launching email campaigns, and Integrating with other tools to analyze data.


Getprospect offers prices according to the business’s marketing needs and offers them services based on the type of business. The plans offered by them range from $49/month to $399/month.

Email Extractor Pro

email extractor pro

A free email extractor that can help you extract emails, find phone numbers, and any other contact details of your prospect. It helps you gather all the data from various sources such as search engines, email accounts, and websites so you can contact your prospects efficiently. You just need to type the relevant keyword of your search and Email Extractor pro will gather all the accurate information from popular search engines such as google and yahoo. This software is great for small businesses and startups as they allow you to find emails without investing too much.


As the software is free of cost, you’d literally be paying $0 to extract emails for your marketing campaigns and generate leads. This software allows you to verify all the gathered emails and send bulk emails within a few seconds.

Email Grabber

email grabber

An Email extractor is one of the powerful and fast email finding tools as it gathers data from multiple URLs that can help you extract an email from various websites. If you’re looking for a fast yet easy email finding tool then this software is the one for your company to generate leads. This amazing software can be used in both windows as well as mac. You can even filter the search results by restricting some websites. This tool allows you to import the gathered data into another tool that can be further used in your marketing campaigns.


The pricing offered by Email Grabber is super affordable and only charges a one-time fee of $16.95 and you’re all set to use the software for the rest of the life of your company.


Discover.ly software is trusted by many popular brands such as Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, and TechCrunch because of its research-based contact details across various platforms. This software offers a browser extension and gathers all the contact details of your prospect. The browser extension allows you to extract all the required information from various social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. It helps you manage all the gathered data so you can perform all your lead generation process and marketing campaigns effectively.


All these amazing features offered by Discover.ly will cost you $0 as they serve all their services for free. All the businesses having a tight marketing budget can always perform their marketing campaigns without compromising on the accuracy of the gathered data.

It’s a Wrap!

There are so many more email extractor tools that can help you in your marketing campaigns and in your process of generating maximum leads. Bringing you all the top email extracting tools so you choose the one that will best suit your enterprise and its marketing needs. Every business has a budget to run a successful marketing campaign and we have helped you cover all the details about the pricing and plans of each email extractor. So your sales team makes the right choice by investing in the right type of email extractor.

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