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When it comes to email marketing, the importance of email extractor remains undisputed. This tool not only provides you with a list of genuine email addresses but also saves a lot of time and effort that you would have used while searching for emails manually.

However, since the internet is loaded with various types of email extractors plugin, we understand your confusion behind choosing the right one for your business.

However, if you are new to the concept, let’s first understand what is email extractor and what benefit it provides.

What is an Email Extractor Plugin?

Email Extractor is a software used to extract email addresses and relevant information online and offline resources.

You can install an email extractor chrome plugin to generate a list of email addresses in less time depending on the email source you want to extract.

What is the Need for an Email Extractor?

If you are dealing with internet marketing i.e lead generation and going to start a newsletter in order to expand the customer database and increase the website traffic, email extractor is the best tool for you. According to a report, there is a 36% increase in the number of sales after using the email extractors.

Top 11 email extractor tools available on the market are as follows –

  • Email Extractor – Aeroleads
  • Atomic Email Hunter
  • Cute Web Email Extractor
  • Email Extractor Chrome Extension
  • Email Extractor Pro
  • Email Extractor 14
  • Y-Leads Extractor
  • Email Grabber
  • Top Lead Extractor
  • Gmail Email Extractor
  • Rev Driver – Chrome Extension

Email Extractor – Aeroleads

aeroleads email finder

Aeroleads helps you to search verified business emails of your prospects and leads with their job title, company, website, location, LinkedIn URL and business phone number. Trusted by more than 50,000 professionals, Aeroleads is one of the most powerful and genuine email finding tools.

Users need to sign up for the tool, download the free Chrome plugin and when visiting a page that they wish to scan for email addresses, use the AeroLeads widget to add the relevant leads and prospects. The extracted email addresses will be automatically saved to their AeroLeads account.

This tool treats 1 credit as 1 record that you find. It offers 10 free credits to users in its Aeroleads free trial. As for the paid accounts, AeroLeads Pricing offers three choices ranging from $49-$499 as well as a fourth custom plan called Enterprise.

Features –

  • AeroLeads is a bulk email finder tool.
  • This tool assures 95% accuracy with a 4-step verification process.
  • Other than LinkedIn, this tool also integrates itself with other platforms like GitHub, AngelList, CrunchBox,, Xing.
  • Rock-solid support via chat, email and phone is provided.
  • ISO certification and GDPR compliance make AeroLeads the most reliable LinkedIn email extractor.
  • Can help you get rid of duplicate emails as well as provide assistance in email segmentation.
  • Shows real-time data and helps you with email marketing campaigns.

Verdict –

AeroLeads is a good tool for finding bulk emails to make up the mailing list for businesses. The paid plans start at an affordable rate which could make for a good option for small to medium businesses.

Atomic Email Hunter

AtomPark Software is one of the best rated overall email extractor software available on the market. The Atomic Email Hunter, developed under the umbrella of AtomPark Software, allows you to uncover all the email addresses on a website, search by keywords, and perform high-speed searches with accuracy.

Users simply need to type in the website and the software will automatically scan the

The tool offers a free trial with limited access and features. The paid plans begin at $69.85 and go up to $259.

Features –

  • Search on a website or by keywords
  • Extract emails from social media
  • Extraction of contacts from email accounts
  • Identification of the country of email owners

Verdict –

The Atomic Email Hunter is an easy to use option when you wish to extract emails from multiple and varied sources to build your email list on a vast scale, that includes social media pages, websites and email accounts. However, the paid plans may be more suitable for medium to bigger businesses.

Cute Web Email Extractor

Cute Web Email Extractor is one of the most trusted, fast and result-oriented email extractor software meant for internet email marketing and mailing list management. It extracts email addresses from a number of search engines, websites and local files on computers. Its strong points include that it is a fully customizable software.

Not only does the tool automatically extract the email addresses online, but it also processes them to ensure that the final file produced with saved email addresses contains only valid emails sans any duplicates.

The tool is available at the reasonable price of $59.99 per year.

Features –

  • Allows you to save emails in. CSV file and .txt file
  • Limit Email Addresses Per Domain
  • Rule-based searching criteria
  • Auto-save and recovery
  • Big search engine list including Bing, Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, Baidu, Mail RU, Rambler etc.
  • Proxy-support
  • Internet failure detector
  • Page-level filter and URL level filter

Verdict –

At a price of only $5 per month and a wide range of features, this email scraper tool offers a commendable mix of affordability with futuristic prowess. This makes the tool a great choice for everyone from freelancers to substantial businesses.

Email Extractor Chrome Extension

Email Extractor is a powerful email extraction extension for Chrome. This extension automatically fetches valid email IDs from the web page you enter, and allows you to copy-paste the particular email addresses you need or export all of them to a .txt or CSV file.

While this is essentially a free email extractor tool, users are charged for extra features like $9.99 per month for cloud storage. There is also a recently added automation feature that allows users to discover all the email addresses from a specific domain name, that costs $10 – $150 per month.

Features –

  • AutoVisit: build a queue of URL that you want to visit automatically
  • Automation: discover all email addresses ending with a specific domain name
  • Auto-save all email address in the cloud while you browse any website (cloud storage starting at $9.99/month)
  • Share your Premium Subscription with your colleagues
  • Download stored email addresses
  • Extracts emails on Ajax Pages as well, for example, Google Search
  • Extracts cloaked emails
  • Filters for duplicate email addresses, so you get only unique ones

Verdict –

As a Chrome extension, a possible disadvantage of this tool is that it can only be used with Google Chrome. However, the positives of being a free email extractor tool, without any ads make it a great choice for users.

Email Extractor Pro

Email Extractor is essentially a free email extractor tool that is designed to extract email addresses, phone numbers, skype user IDs and other similar items from sources like websites, search engines, email accounts and local files.

The tool offers a free trial version that doesn’t involve the saving feature, and paid plans that range from $49.99 – $74.99.

Features –

  • Search Engines: search by keyword on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Website: scan all pages of the specified website
  • Email Accounts: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail – scan emails via POP3 and IMAP
  • Computer: any local file, folder, drive or clipboard. Supports Word, Excel and Pdf files
  • Website Owners Info: extract domain owner’s data
  • Url List: scan list of specified web pages

Verdict –

Email Extractor Pro is a lightweight and powerful tool that extracts emails at a praiseworthy speed. Suitable for both Windows and Mac, this tool is a good option for a smooth performing email extractor.

Email Extractor 14

Email Extractor 14 (EX14 or EE14) is an automated software program, which scours the World Wide Web to provide you email addresses of your potential leads and targets.

EX14 goes on to online websites as well as search engines, for example (Google, Yahoo, and MSN), and searches based on keywords for the email addresses of your desired prospects.

It costs $89 for the unlimited paid version while also providing a free trial with limited features.

Features –

  • Extracts emails from websites and search engines
  • Extracts emails using keywords
  • Extracts emails from social media sites
  • Free software updates.

Verdict –

EX14 is a good choice as an email scraper tool due to its convenience, affordability, accuracy and accelerated speed. It is an efficient free email extractor tool when users need to focus on email marketing list building.

Y-Leads Extractor

Y-Leads Extractor or Yellow Leads Extractor is a powerful email extractor tool. It gets its name from the fact that it scans the most popular yellow pages directories and captures business names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

The tool provides a free trial that allows you to scan up to 35 records. Post that, users have to sign up for the paid version that runs at a reasonable $89.

Features –

  • All data can be saved to a CSV or Excel file
  • It supports USA Yellow Pages, Canada Yellow Pages, Spain, French, German, Italy, etc.
  • Can be installed on Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win98, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, Win8, Win10
  • Extracts emails, addresses, and phone numbers from yellow pages
  • Captures company data from around the world.

Verdict –

This email extractor tool is a unique opportunity for users to extract emails and other information from yellow pages. It is a great option for those looking to build their mailing list with contacts from multiple countries.

Email Grabber

Email Grabber is another great email extraction tool that can extract emails from multiple URLs, and then save the searches sin formats such as text or CSV. It can also be used for importing into email platforms such as Microsoft Outlook.

Compatible with both Windows and macOS, the tool costs $16.95 for its paid version, while also offering a free trial with limited features.

Features –

  • Filtered search
  • Syntax validation and removal of duplicate emails
  • Extract emails from different websites
  • Save search sessions in formats suitable for database, email and spreadsheet platforms.
  • Use simultaneous connections for searching for numerous URLs

Verdict –

Due to the graphical interface, Email Grabber is a great tool for even amateur users. At a very affordable price and suitability for use with both Windows and macOS, this tool can be used by freelancers and small businesses without any hesitation in order to build their mailing lists for email marketing.

Top Lead Extractor

Top Lead Extractor extracts email addresses, contact information, and Skype, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ IDs from the web. It believes that along with email information, information to contact people on other platforms is just as necessary to forge communication with a lead.

Extracting contact information for you from multiple sources in a matter of minutes, this tool can greatly save the precious time of businesses. Top Lead Extractor supports targeted searches like advance search of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It has an option to extract selected or all kinds of information like email addresses, phone numbers, messengers ids (skype, ICQ, MSN, yahoo).

It costs $79.99 per year.

Features –

  • Quick email extractor, phone extractor, local files searcher and contact extractor.
  • Saves bandwidth and time
  • Autosave and recovery
  • The automatic internet failure detector
  • Unicode support and proxy support
  • Customizable crawler
  • Big search engine list
  • Export in .xlsx files, .CSV files (Opens in EXCEL), TAB delimited (.txt files) format opens in Notepad.

Verdict –

Top Lead Extractor has a long list of customizable options so that you can customize your search and search results according to your target and needs. This makes the tool great for companies, as they can mould it according to their particular needs. This tool saves time by extracting not only emails but cumulative contact information. However, the absence of an option for a free email extractor might make this a less preferred choice for some.

Gmail Email Extractor

Gmail Email Address Extractor is an add-on for Google Chrome. The application lets you extract email addresses from GSuite and Gmail accounts. It saves the extracted information in a Google Spreadsheet. You can use advanced Gmail search operators in your search.

Along with that, this tool also has the selection to fetch email ids from different fields like To, From, BCC, CC, etc. and can save the list of Ids as well.

It is a free email extractor with its free trial lasting for 15 days. The paid version costs $39.


  • Extract emails from Gmail and GSuite accounts.
  • Customized searches.
  • Export email list to TXT or CSV.
  • Remove duplicate emails.


Gmail email extractor is a great option if you have a large Google contact list. Users can use it to extract emails from different folders in their Gmail accounts. As a reasonably priced option along with numerous features, this tool can be a good fit for freelancers and businesses alike.

Rev Driver – Chrome Extension

RevDriver scans websites for business and contact details. You can prospect across social media profiles, LinkedIn and Crunchbase profiles as well using this tool.

While essentially a free email extractor tool, if users wish to save and export the searches to CRM platforms, they can do so with a subscription to SalesIntel. In the free version, users get 100 credits per month.

Features –

  • Research people and companies on the web
  • Prospect across product review pages
  • Extract emails from social profiles
  • Verification of contact information with 95% accuracy
  • Access to prospect’s email address, phone numbers, company data and more

Verdict –

This tool can save hours for the user in scouring for contact information. As a free email extractor tool, users get more than their end of the bargain with efficient and reliable contact extraction.


Email scrapper tools serve as a valuable time preserving means of lead generation. There are a number of free email extractor tools available on the market that have been elucidated on in the article above that newcomers and smaller businesses can opt for in order to build their mailing lists without compromising on features.

There are specific email extractor tools available as well, for example, Y-Leads Extractor for extracting information from directories or Gmail Email Extractor for availing contact information from Gmail accounts.

Whichever one suits and adapts to your needs best should be the email extractor you opt for. But whichever one it is, it will undoubtedly end up streamlining the process of lead generation and email marketing, making it increasingly efficient and serve as a boon for your company.

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