10 Best Sales Management Tools – Find The Best Sales Tool For You

Sales management is an important discipline required in business as it will have a direct impact on your sales. Managing the entire cycle of sales and ensuring coordination between all the processes in the sales funnel will produce better results and will help in boosting sales.

Such an important responsibility is handed over to a sales manager. He heads such a vital responsibility and his efficiency directly correlates with the net sales.

To assist such sales managers and to help sales teams, there are various sales management and sales productivity tools that help you boost your sales and also make your sales process more efficient.


We at AeroLeads help sales teams to find new customers through our powerful prospect & lead generation tool. With this sales tool, you will be able to find qualified contact information of prospects from around the world that best suits your requirements.

In three simple steps, you will be able to search and add the email IDs and phone numbers of your required prospects with our Google Chrome Plugin. Once you have added your required prospects, you will be able to edit, filter, and manage your sales prospect lists on the lead management dashboard.

To automate this process, you may opt for AeroLeads Service where all you have to do is furnish your ideal sales prospect details such as title, industry, location etc, and you will have verified prospects generated within 48 hours as per your requirement. AeroLeads seamlessly integrates with Pipedrive, MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, Insightly and SalesForce.


Pipedrive is a sales management and sales CRM software that helps you stay on top of your sales process. It provides you with powerful statistics and in-depth analytics that will assist you to take full control of your sales process.

Pipedrive one of the sales tools that help you optimize your sales process by providing you with features such as pipeline management, sales reporting, email integration, sales forecasting and more. It helps you track deals, activities, create reliable records and provides total visibility into the pipeline.

It aims to improve productivity with its mobile app, web forms, and integrations with Zapier, MailChimp, Google Maps & more.

Pipedrive offers Silver ($12/mo), Gold ($25/mo) and a Platinum ($75/mo) plan that comes with a monthly and yearly payment options. You can also have a custom plan made exclusively to suit your requirement.

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Image Source: Pipedrive

2.Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM helps you manage your sales process and also reach out to your customers via various mediums. This sales tool provides you with insights into running your business and also solutions to simplify your sales processes.

Zoho provides you with advanced analytics to help you make smart decisions with the right information. It helps you develop targeted marketing campaigns, execute email campaigns, track your marketing spend, improves ROI and also improves the quality of leads.

Zoho is one of the sales tools that integrates with Google Apps, Facebook,  Zapier, WordPress, MailChimp, Twitter & more.

Zoho offers a 15-day free trial after which you can upgrade to Standard ($12/mo), Professional ($20/mo), Enterprise ($35/mo) or Ultimate ($100/mo) plan.

best sales management tool

Image Source: ZohoCRM


noCRM.io is designed to make a salespeople’s job easier and enable them to stay focused on their primary goal: converting prospects into customers. This easy-to-use lead management software empowers your sales teams to track and close deals without spending hours filling out data..

Customize the tool to your sales process and make sales tasks more efficient thanks to features such as following up on each lead to raise the closing rate, built-in prospecting lists to qualify cold leads and detailed sales reporting for sales managers to help the team become even better.

noCRM.io aims to increase productivity with its sales script generator to help reps easily qualify leads, mobile app to stay updated about all your leads on the go, and integrations with all your favourite software including Active Demand, Quickbooks, Aircall, Zapier & more.

noCRM.io provides a free 15-day trial with full functionality after which you can upgrade to Starter Kit ($12/mo), Sales Expert ($20/mo), or Dream Edition ($32/mo) plan with monthly and yearly payment options.


InfusionSoft is built to make the sales manager’s job easier. It is a sales and marketing automation software that is built exclusively for small business success.

InfusionSoft helps you save more time, capture more leads, improve conversion rates and manage sales processes.  It organizes all of your sales activities & tasks, automatically sends follow-up emails with personalized communication, assesses your prospects based on their actions, helps your share, manage & create custom quotes and help you manage your pipeline with the least efforts.

InfusionSoft provides a mobile app to stay updated about all your sales processes on the go. This sales tool seamlessly integrates with Xero and QuickBooks, to help keep your accounts automatically reconciled.

InfusionSoft Sales Automation software offers you Deluxe ($299/mo), Complete ($379/mo) and Team ($599/mo) plans.

best sales management tool

Image Source: InfusionSoft


Nextiva is a business communications platform that empowers you to drive your entire sales team with cloud phone service, CRM, and live chat. In other words, Nextiva gives your sales team everything it needs to communicate with prospects and clients, manage pipeline, and grow revenue.

Nextiva is the perfect solution for sales org looking to consolidate their technology stack and keep their sales team contained within one platform. The main benefits of Nextiva come from streamlining workflow – allowing sales reps to instantly see who is calling or chatting them, access historical data about the account, and manage their pipeline using Kanban style visualizations.

This is the perfect platform for high-growth sales organizations looking to help make their sales team more productive – without investing in costly, cumbersome, and non-integrated sales tools.


Ambition is a sales operations and goal management software that will help you drive your sales and manage your sales performance.

This sales tool helps you manage your sales team and sales processes by automatically creating a dashboard for every employee & help organize employees into roles, short-term/long-term objectives and track their productivity. This sales tool provides you with analytics such as pace/projections, spreadsheet export, activity triggers, productivity quadrant and simplified graphs

Ambition provides you with 3 pans to choose from namely Ambition ($1k/mo), Ambition Cloud ($60/mo) and Ambition Cloud Plus ($90/mo).

best sales management tool

Image Source: Ambition


Unomy aims to help sales teams get a deeper understanding about their prospects and customer which will enable sales teams to make better decisions and close more deals.

This sales tool’s list building feature helps you keep your sales pipeline filled with targeted lists of relevant business prospects from their database. You can further segment such lists by company name. URLs and emails. Unomy’s lead enrichment feature helps you reduce the cost of new data acquisition, procure higher conversion rates for new opportunities and higher recovery rates for abandoned opportunities, thereby helping you build better relationships with your customers.

Unomy sales tool provides seamless integrations with SalesForce. You can book a demo of Unomy that is available on their website.

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Image Source: Unomy

8.HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales Platform aims to equip you with all the tools you need to sell better and sell faster. It provides you all the tools you need to retain new clients and pitching new ones.

This sales management software helps you connect with your prospects in a relevant and efficient way and makes it easy to reach out to the best prospects. It provides you with deep insight into the number of visitors from each company and the pages they are viewing from which you can set up daily email digests of exactly the prospects that matter most to each member of your team.

HubSpot Sales’ email open and click tracking helps you identify the prospects that are showing engagement. Its email scheduling feature lets you engage your prospects at the best possible time.

HubSpot Sales tool provides a free plan as well as a Pro plan for $50/mo. Both these sales tools offer integration with HubSpot CRM.

best sales management tool

Image Source: HubSpot


SalesHandy is a sales engagement platform that aims to boost your sales team’s productivity.  It helps inside sales teams to close deals faster by analyzing the engagement level of the prospects.

This sales tool provides email tracking, document tracking & analysis, sales performance tracking and lead tracking features. It also offers easy mail merge feature which helps you send personalized emails to multiple prospects. Its sales performance tracking feature helps you identify and measure various activities of your sales reps and help monitor and improve their performance.

SalesHandy integrates with SalesForce, Outlook, Gmail Plugin CRM hubs.

SalesHandy offers a forever free plan that provides you with unlimited email tracking. For additional features, you can upgrade to Regular ($7/mo), Plus ($16/mo) or Enterprise ($40/mo).

best sales management tool

Image Source: SalesHandy

10.InsideView Sales

InsideView Sales is built to provide you with the necessary sales intelligence to find the right leads and identify all key decision-makers, and the insights to earn trust and win bigger deals, faster.

It provides real-time intel that will enable sales reps to target ideal customers and prospects. This provides you with all the market intelligence and relevant data that you need to become an expert on every prospect. Its features include sales acceleration, social selling, account-based sales development, account retention & growth and territory planning.

This sales tool provides with a free plan which allows you to track up to 10 companies and for advanced features, you can choose either the Pro ($99/mo) plan or the Enterprise (based on no. of seats) plan.

best sales management tool

Image Source: InsideViewSales


Clari is a sales execution and sales forecasting tool that shows sales teams the areas that they need to focus on to close more deals.

This is one such sales productivity tool that aims to eliminate blind spots and improve pipeline inspection & forecasting accuracy. By doing so, it directs the entire sales team as to where they need to focus on to close more deals. With sales reps delivering more accurate forecasts, sales managers get a strategic advantage to coach reps and drive revenue. It also maps the probability of closing various deals and prioritizes the same on the sales dashboard.

It integrates with SalesForce CRM, Oracle CRM, SAP CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and more. Clari provides a free trial after which you may contact for a quote that best suits your requirements.

best sales management tool

Image Source: Clari


TimelinesAI is a tool that helps business owners and managers to delegate and control the ongoing customer-facing communication after the deal has been closed. Maintain control over relations with your clients and free up the time for growing your business!

It integrates with the tools and CRMs you already use, and helps to bring transparency into the messaging with prospects and clients on Whatsapp web and email. Other integrations for business communication channels like Slack and Facebook Messenger are coming soon.

TimelinesAI provides a free 14-day trial with full functionality.


These are some of the best sales tools that help increase sales productivity and help manage your sales team.
What is your favorite sales tool? Do share with us your views in the comments below.

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