How to Build a Perfect Lead Generation Page

Generating ample business to business leads is always the prime motive of any company’s lead generation landing page. Usually, companies focus only on the design and aesthetics of their page but one must understand that there are many other factors that tend to lure more customers and convert them into beneficial prospects. Choosing a good domain name is one of them. So make sure before starting your business website or transferring blog to a new domain that it should be relevant to identify your product, brand or services.

Your website is the greatest tool that you have to make your business reach greater heights and with an awesome landing and a perfect marketing plan this mission of yours can be easily fulfilled. In this article, we are going to give you some of the most important tips that you must use in order to give your business a perfect leads generation page.

A process of Lead Generation:

Before we start, here is a brief introduction to the process of Lead Generation.

First, you need to attract visitors to your website. Once they get there, they need to engage and then click on a Call-to-Action(CTA) present on any of your sites page. The visits are then taken to a landing page where they fill out their information on the form available and submit it. After this, they are shown a thank you note and Voila! You get your lead.

Now that you know the basics of Lead Generation and how it works, here are the steps and tips that you must follow in order to bring forward a stupendous lead generation page that not only will increase the conversion rate of your visitors into leads but will also help your page gain trust and authenticity.

STEP- 1: Ask Yourself- What do you want from your page?

Final Marketing Goal:

Before you begin building a landing page it is essential that you have a goal in mind and what do you want from your website. In this case, you primarily want your page to attract as many potential leads as possible and make them add their contact information to your database using which you can convert them into your money generating customers. Key points to keep in mind.

  • Know what lead means to you.
  • Make a note about what actions you want a visitor to perform to convert them into your lead.
  • Design your page exactly according to your noted actions.
  • Have a clear idea of how you want to generate leads. Whether it is by filling a form or downloading a free eBook or by signing up for a newsletter.
  • Include captivating offers according to your goal to attract more leads.

Step-2: Attract Users to Your Page:

A.  Attractive Page:

No matter how hard you try but if your page is not attractive then it will be near to impossible for you to get leads converted to customers even if your products excel among all others. Thus in order to lure more users into being your golden prospects, it is extremely useful that you build an attractive page with eye-catching designs.

  • Proper use of available white space or negative space available.
  • Do not fill up every inch of your page with contents.
  • Give your photos, videos, CTA’s proper spacing, and breathing room.
  • Add only to the point materials, no extra contents which may distract users.
  • Use contrasting and appealing colours to get the best results.

B.  Increase Reach by Ads and SEO:

For any business to flourish it extremely necessary that you reach more and more people and make your page visible to them. To get this done one needs an active mind and a proper marketing plan. You can increase the popularity and reach of your page in two ways.

  • By Paying to get Attention

This is comparatively the faster way of the two. Use of AdWords, Banners, Tv ads is sure to drive the most traffic to your page and this is sure to increase the number of leads that you were generating earlier.

  • By earning attention:

This is the best way of all and most recommendable. Though this requires much more energy and work buy will definitely provide awesome returns in the long run if used correctly. This can be done by posting proper contents on your page with trending keywords and phrases which will help your website ranking high in Google searches thus generating a number of leads you can only think of.

C.  Using Proper Tools:

There are many advanced tools nowadays which help in your mission of generating prospects for your business. These tools work in collaboration with your page to help you get the best possible leads.

  • Aeroleads:

Aero leads is the fastest lead generating tool available today and using its extension can help you generate more leads according to your requiring that too within 24 to 48 hours. This is a must-have a tool in order to help your page generate leads, AeroLeads provide contact information for the potential business person that can prove to be extremely beneficial for your business.

  • Leadfeeder:

This tool gets integrated with your CRM and uses Google Analytics to deliver the details of companies that visit your page daily, thereby helping you in contacting them and converting them to your customers.

  • HubSpot:

HubSpot offers a complete stack of software which when used gets integrated with your CRM and provides you with a complete detailed analysis report about how your page is working from start to finish and helping you identify weak and strong areas of your page.

STEP-3: Keep Your Visitors Engaged:

lead visitors

A.  Easy User Interface:

If you want your visitors to not get frustrated and leave then this is a really important part that you must keep in mind. Any visitor uses your page as a tool to grab information about your business or any particular product they may be interested in and thus if your page is highly easy to use and guides them properly then there is a strong chance that you may convert a lot of them into your customers. However, in case your page has a poor user interface then my friend you have a serious problem to be done away with as soon as possible.

  • Make your page easy for others to use.
  • The web design of your page must be responsive so that the page adapts itself to whatever screen it gets viewed in be it desktop, mobile or tablet. When it comes to responsive designs, You should seek the help of Blue Whale Media: a company which provides web design in Liverpool.
  • Make sure to use faster image loading techniques, this will make the visitors extremely happy.
  • Provide proper guidance and navigation tools in order to make it easy for users to go through other information or pages on your site.

B.  Post Contents that Connects with most Visitors:

Posting the correct contents that connect with almost every user and speaks with then is an essential part of Lead Generation. Contents, be it blogs, photos, offers or videos must be made with ample care and mind so that it provides users with all the necessary information and is sure to be understood and liked by all.

  • Make sure you post contents that are most searched for in your business domain.
  • Build high-quality content covering all major portions of the topic.
  • Post videos, as they connect most with visitors and person watching those are more likely to become a lead than the ones reading your blogs.
  • Add photos and testimonials which a highly powerful marketing strategy and provides greater credibility.

When people are unsure whether to trust a business, they base their decision on what other people are doing. This effect is called Social Proof, and it is so powerful that a lead generation page will struggle to earn trust without it. Showing evidence of previous conversions is essential, and you can do that with a Social Proof app or a collection of reviews.

STEP-4: Convert Your Web page Visitors into Leads by:

A.  Building Trust:

Even if you get all the above-mentioned things fulfilled they will be of minimum use of your don’t gain the trust of your visitors. A trusted page always delivers the best results as visitors are then not afraid of sharing their personal information. Now, to grab more trust you must follow these two points.

  • Provide a Contact Number:

This step can prove to be absolutely helpful in gaining the trust of your visitors. Add a contact number to your page and doing so you increase the trust of your potential leads as the presence of a number helps them get comfortable and know that your page is actually genuine.

  • Attach Trust Seals-

Most of the human being’s decision is driven by fear and thus in order to generate more leads from your page, it becomes necessary that you gain their trust and in order to do so trust deals have been claimed to be extremely useful. Attach seals from one of the major trust seal providers to help your page generate more leads just as did by attaching But Safe Guarantee seal.

B.  Posting Lead Generation Forms:

Always remember that your final goal is to generate leads from your page. To do this it is a must that you provide users with easy access to your lead generation form. Also, it is important that you design a form intelligently so that it becomes more likely for users to fill it up. Key things to note are.

  • Divide your lead generation form in more than one step.
  • Do not ask for too many personal information particularly in the first step.
  • Attach your forms on almost all page.
  • The forms must be placed in a place where they are sure to attract more leads.
  • Post CTA’s like Schedule a demo, start a free trial and others which are very impactful.

STEP 5- Analyze the Performance of Your Page:

lead generation page

Overall Analysis of your Page:

For any of the above tips to generate maximum results it is of prime importance that you pay attention to the analysis and statistics of your lead generation page.

You will always want the conversion rate of your page to increase but if it’s not then must want the reason for it. This is where the overall Analysis of each page and post comes in. Integrate the right testing and analytics software with your lead generation page and get a full detailed report about what is attracting the customers and what is making them withdraw.

Now that you have a complete idea about how to make a perfect leads generation page it’s time that you get to it and gift your business with a lead generation page of its own. Just make sure that you keep a check all the points mentioned above to generate the best results out of your page. Although easy, any single step, if missed can lead to poor performance of your page.

We hope you have a great time building your very own perfect lead generation page.


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