15 Best Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Needs To Follow


Marketing blogs provide you with insights and tips that will help you make your marketing efforts more efficient. These marketing blogs also build an active community around them who range from experts to learners. This audience often engages in deep conversations over various topics related to marketing that can benefit you in more than one way.

Marketing blogs often feature authors who have immense experience in various aspects of marketing, who share their experiences and journey that can be eye-opening.

Having a quality marketing blog, we at AeroLeads also refer to various other marketing blogs to learn and share quality content.

This list(in no particular order) consists of our favorite marketing blogs that you must follow if you are interested in learning more about digital marketing.


HubSpot Marketing blog stays true to the tagline “where marketers go to grow”. It came to glory for pioneering at inbound marketing and now has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the marketing sphere.

HubSpot hosts Primary, Secondary and International blog categories that each has around three to 4 subcategories. Its marketing blog vastly covers the marketing field leaving no stone unturned. It provides insights to over 40 different topics in marketing ranging from Social Media, Lead Generation, Inbound &Content Marketing to A/B testing, E-commerce, Podcast, PPC and much more.



MarketingProfs isn’t just a marketing blog. It provides you with valuable marketing insights ion more than one way. It hosts marketing articles, podcasts, tutorials, guides & reports and online toolkits.

MarketingProfs covers over 20 different topics including, email, content, management, social media and PR. This marketing blog, in addition, has an active marketing forum where over 40,000 questions have received over 250,000 answers. Answering a question gives you points and by answering more questions you can establish yourself as an expert in that field. You can also actively take part in conversations, exchange ideas and build your knowledge in the field of marketing.



Providing actionable and practical insights in marketing, DuctTapeMarketing is an endless source of useful marketing information.

Author, speaker, and consultant John Jantsch shares his practical views on growth, marketing strategies, social media, referrals and more. This marketing blog also sources eBooks, podcasts, webinars and more for its community members. This blog also offers a host of exclusive content to its members. It also features various guest posts who also share their insights and take on the various aspects of marketing. The guest authors are accredited authors, founder & CEOs, digital marketers or marketing strategists.



Considered the father of permission marketing, Seth Godin  is the wittiest man you’ll find in marketing. He is a best-selling author and has penned over 15 books, translated into more than 35 languages.

A Direct Marketing Hall of Fame inductee, Seth Godin writes short yet highly digestible posts in his marketing blog and shares marketing life lessons that come off as a great benefit to various marketers irrespective of skill level or age. He skilfully combines professional life and personal life to derive actionable insights that will help you think outside the box. He discusses marketing in a relatable manner that helps you work better, outside your comfort zone.



Bringing to you the best of digital marketing and tech development, this marketing blog covers all aspects in the marketing sphere. The authors range from Digital Marketing experts who have more than 10 years of experience to quality resource centers.

Marketing Land blog provides daily content that deals with CMO, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Analytics, Mobile Marketing and much more. This marketing blog, in addition to insights, also provides news that is both reliable and precise. This blog as some refer is a one-stop shop to stay on top of marketing. MarketingLand is a property of ThirdDoorMedia. To add to the marketing blog, weekly podcasts, iOS & Android Apps are other ways to stay connected with MarketingLand.



Kissmetrics is co-founded by NeilPatel and is arguably one of the best analytics tool available. The Kissmetrics Blog also produces quality content that provides insights on analytics, marketing, A/B testing, social media and more.

The Kissmetrics blog hosts authors who are business owners, CEOs, workers of Kissmetrics, experienced marketers and many such experts who share their knowledge, experience, and their journey that serve as great resources to learn from. This blog also provides weekly webinars and marketing guides. The Kissmetrics Marketing Guide offers value on various topics such as social media, search marketing, inbound marketing, conversion optimization, SEM, email marketing, and more. These guides are authored by experts in the various fields who share valuable insights with respect to their journey and findings.



Moz Blog is considered to be one of the best sources for inbound marketing. It puts forth valuable, quality content in a professional yet not-so-serious manner.

This blog looks to take your online marketing skills to a whole other level. By having articles from various experts and top wizards of the industry, this blog covers over 20 topics. SEO, email marketing, social media, PPC, marketing psychology, E-Commerce SEO and copywriting are some of the topics that the Moz Blog covers. The blog also features two exclusive columns, one handled by the co-founder Rand and the other which is authored by the engineers  and developers at Moz.



Marketo provides a marketing blog that gives the best insights to help you with your modern B2B marketing practices. This strategies and tips that the authors prescribed have been proven and has yielded great success.

Market Blog aims to aid both consumers and B2B marketers. It covers a majority of the marketing topics such as social media marketing, email marketing, modern marketing, lead management, and marketing automation which the blog is most accredited for. The articles featured on this blog dive into more detail with aspects such as revenue performance, marketing metrics, account-based marketing, lead scoring and so on. The authors share their expertise in a professional and precise manner, sharing insights that will surely help you boost your marketing efforts.


9.Jeff Bullas Blog

Jeff Bullas is an author, blogger, strategist and a speaker who intends to help improve the online presence of companies and help establish their brand online.

This blog mainly revolves around the various forms of marketing that would help companies establish themselves online. His articles serve as a great source of information for marketers. He covers social media marketing, blogging, digital marketing and other allied topics in digital marketing. He has authored the book “Blogging The Smart Way” where he shares his knowledge of creating a blog and marketing it through social media. Through his blogs, he also shares some of the strategies that have worked tremendously for him.



Regarded as the No.1 Marketer by Entrepreneur Magazine, Neil Patel has co-founded multi-million dollar companies such as CrazyEgg, KissMetrics, and HelloBar. He aims to help businesses grow with his highly sought after marketing skills.

When you are asked to guest post by HubSpot on a regular, you know you’re a big deal. Neil Patel provides various actionable tips, insights, and quality content on various marketing blogs. The three primary blogs that he constantly contributes to are NeilPatel, QuickSprout, and CrazyEgg. His articles are usually lengthy but are knowledge-heavy and surely worth your time. He aims to help small businesses generate more traffic and sales.



Vero is an email automation software which shares its expertise in email marketing through its blog.

This marketing blog focuses mainly on email marketing and equips you with all the knowledge you need to get the most from your email campaigns. Vero’s blog features various articles that tackle the different aspects of email marketing in-depth and leaves no stone unturned. It addresses all the chatter surrounding email marketing with its in-depth articles and HowTos. The articles are written by the CEO of Vero or the editor. The email marketing articles are lengthy but are surely worth the read.



Backlinko blog is by Brian Dean, regarded as the SEO expert. It may not be a pure marketing blog as some may call it, but is sure tackles a big and important aspect of digital marketing ie., SEO.

Brian Dean provides his insights and tips to help understand better the best practices for SEO. He, through the Backlinko blog, shares new strategies, actionable tips, and insights that help marketers at large understand SEO and use it to their utmost advantage. The strategies and tips that he prescribes in the blog have proven to be very successful and are proven.


13.Marketing Insider Group

Formerly known as B2B Marketing Insider, it is a blog by Michael Brenner who shares his valuable insights on content marketing, social business and more.

He is the author of the book, The Content Formula, which debunks the challenges faced by marketers, especially aimed at solving the question “what is the ROI of content marketing?”. It provides a step by step guide to content marketers on how to build, budget for and measure the content marketing efforts. the blog shares the same DNA as the book, as he tackles such similar challenges of content marketers and helps get the most from content marketing. This content marketing blog equips you with every bit of knowledge you need to setup and run a successful blog.



Business2Community is a blog that covers breaking news and top trends in social media, digital marketing, content marketing, social selling, social business and more.

This marketing blog is an actual community of experts and learners who share their views on the various aspects of marketing. Business2Community takes pride in having some of the brightest minds in the industry to author articles and share their expertise with the audience. The valuable insights are deems beneficial in both a B2C and B2B perspective. This marketing blog covers various topics including business & finance, life & entertainment, sales &marketing, digital &social and much more.



Unbounce is a powerful marketing tool that helps marketers build, publish and test landing pages with ease. Its expertise in landing pages translates into the blog.

Unbounce blog provides valuable insights and actionable tips on optimizing landing pages, conversion optimization, and A/B testing. Unbounce blog also hosts articles that help online marketers learn and implement various strategies to boost their marketing efforts. this marketing blog covers PPC, social media, email marketing, lead generation, content marketing and much more.


There are various other great blogs that we could not include in this blog. Do comment below your favorite blogs and the same would be included in the next updated or as a follow up to this blog.

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Digital Marketer keen on helping companies and brands establish & grow through social media. Helps empower startups and entrepreneurs through effective inbound marketing, email marketing and social media strategies.

21 Thoughts on “15 Best Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Needs To Follow

  1. joemktg on November 2, 2016 at 10:47 pm said:

    The MarTech Digest: they do yeoman’s work on collecting and disseminating the best MarTech content each day. http://www.scoop.it/t/the-marketing-automation-report

  2. Hi! Granted following these blogs and these popular internet marketing blogs will keep us updated. It let squeeze more online methods which are proven by Industry techs. Thank you for gathering such excellent information.

  3. Bobby Stemper on November 8, 2016 at 11:31 pm said:

    Pretty amazing list, Vedh.

    But no dedicated paid social or PPC blogs made the list? I think it’d be worth expanding to these specialists:

    For Facebook Ads – JonLoomer.com
    Jon Loomer covers everything from the basics to very very advanced tactics for marketers. He’s definitely known as the latest Facebook Ads mastermind.

    For Google AdWords/PPC – blog.tryadhawk.com
    Run by ex-Googlers, this up-and-coming blog has some of the most thorough content for PPC. They have 85+ tutorials walking their audience through every nook and cranny of the AdWords dashboard and have much more up to date information and insights than older PPC blogs like Wordstream. Their podcast is pretty good, too.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

  4. Nathan Elward on November 16, 2016 at 12:54 pm said:

    Amazing,I too follow few of these blogs.Apart from these I also read Easysendy Pro blogs,and yes Aeroleads 😉

  5. Awesome post. I will surely check out Marketo it’s new one for me.

  6. This list is wonderful. I have been reading Moz for years and in general, blogs are my go-to source of inspiration and knowledge. I just really wish I had more time to spend on reading.
    Well done! I think we all need more quality and reliable sources of information that differs a bit.
    We actually recently created a similar list, but mostly focusing on 50 quality blogs out there that can help you if you’re interested in Corporate Innovation.

    You’ve done a great job on this article and I’d love to hear your feedback!

    Best regards,

  7. Nice Such Wonderful Blog Provided Really Helpful Information Given Keep Sharing More

  8. Wonderful information to read keep sharing more such nice blog thanks for your efforts

  9. kevin Saptel on October 4, 2019 at 10:17 am said:

    That’s really an amazing list of marketing blogs

  10. I am pursuing a career in marketing and I think I can spend all day reading from the blogs that you have suggested. Thanks for compiling this exhaustive list. It saved me a whole lot of research time.

  11. Jessica Alva on March 2, 2020 at 5:00 am said:

    Reading marketing blogs is one of the best way to stay updated with the modern marketing trend, thanks for sharing the list of blogs.

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    Great Article. Thanks for sharing it. Appreciate it.

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