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Marketing tools are a must for any startup company. Well, you’ve worked hard to build a great product or just finished writing thousands of lines of code. But the job is not done, and if your goal is for any level of success, it’s only just the beginning. It’s common for startups to focus on development and design, but without marketing, no one will see what you’ve created.

Basically, if you want to start a startup there are a couple of things you need to have, at a minimum you need:

  1. A killer idea.
  2. The drive to “get things done”.
  3. The right tools and resources to give you the best chance of success.

We might not be able to help you with the first two, but we could definitely help you with the third requirement.

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Why are Startup Marketing Tools necessary?

A startup is different from a small business because it’s trying an unproven product, service, or business model. For example, a new Italian restaurant uses an established and proven business model and therefore is not a startup. Basically, startups are more often than not running bootstrapped – that is with no or very little outside investment.

Hence, they don’t have the budget to go toe-to-toe with the big guys and win through advertising. Also, startups are often run by solo-entrepreneurs or small teams of 2 or 3 people and have limited time to spend on marketing.

This is mainly due to the following reasons :

  • You have to be lean – build, measure, and learn.
  • Also, you have to be smarter – with your money and resources.
  • Also, you have to be agile – with your speed and capitalization of opportunities.

101 Free Marketing Tools for your Startup

Here is a list of 101 free marketing tools to get you from idea to reality. Hence, make the most out of these marketing tools in order to get your startup company on par with other companies.
(Do note that few tools are cheap but not completely free.)


1) Slack 

Using this website, communication is done absolutely right. It’s useful as it completes your task with a horde of addictive integrations.

marketing tools

2) appear.in –

This is a video collaboration tool that lets you have video conversations effortlessly with up to 8 people simultaneously. The premium version supports up to 12. You can create a room with no registration required, and even register to own and customize your own video room-links.

marketing tools 2


3) Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is the best integration platform which has No Limitations on automation workflow unlike other integration tools. It allows you to automate the manual task through fully automated workflows. You can simply start a new workflow by picking a trigger and tweak it further by adding filters, actions, and field mappings.




HumCommerce is a powerful WordPress plugin for conversion rate optimization. It is also a toolset for visitor behaviour analytics. It lets you track every single activity of your visitors on your sites like clicks, scrolls, average session duration, or tap. It helps you to identify the best-performing pages and also find out what works better for your viewers. You can easily understand what are the areas you need improvements in.

The plugin allows you to create a survey or polls to know your target group better. You can find out why they are not converting and what they want to see on your site. It helps you to design your site as per the preferences of your users. It increases the chances of conversion. The plugin is user friendly and well documented.

4) Kissmetrics 

A customer-based analytics platform that has event-based tracking and cross-platform integrations. It has custom dashboards for eCommerce and SaaS companies.


5) Piwik 

This is basically an open-source web analytics platform that helps you gain insight into your website visits and marketing campaigns.

marketing tools 3 Marketing Tools

6) Google Analytics 

This is the best analytics dashboard to keep track of your website analytics. It gives you the digital analytics tools you need to analyze data from all touch-points in one place, for a deeper understanding of the customer experience.

marketing tools 4

7) Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a link management tool that enables marketers to brand, track, and share short URLs using a custom domain name. This tool provides a detailed analytics feature that allows you to learn about who’s clicking on your links — like what country the clicks are coming from, the most popular times and days and what social media platform the clicks originated from.



8) ClickTale – 

It reveals consumer behavior, needs, and intent at every touchpoint of the digital conversation, delivering insights to delight customers and create more value. Simply put, it can understand where users are clicking.

clicktale Marketing Tools

9) Monkey Data – 

Basic analytics tool designed for eCommerce companies. Integrates with most eCommerce websites. Not as robust as the others but also not as expensive.

monkey data Marketing Tools

10) Quantcast – 

Powerful cross-platform audience measurement trusted by leading publishers like Buzzfeed. Strong audience segmentation tool that’s also used by eCommerce companies.


11) Hotjar – 

All-in-one analytics and feedback, Hotjar is a way to understand your web and mobile site visitors. Identify opportunities for site improvement. Understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior.


12) Lucky Orange – 

Real-Time Web Analytics to see how your visitors actually use your website. See every person that is on your site at this very moment.  Think Google Analytics “Real-Time” view but on steroids.

lucky orange Marketing Tools

13) ClickMeter 

Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate.


14) Bit.ly – 

Simply put, track your links and see who clicks on them.  Bitly’s free version has a cap on how many you can track.


Email Marketing

15) Get Drip – 

Lightweight marketing automation email tool with powerful email drip campaigns. Hence the name Get Drip.


16) GetResponse 

A marketing automation tool that marketers can make use of to make newsletters and set up user flows.

getresponse Marketing Tools

17)  Woodpecker.co – 

A very user-friendly email automation tool that integrates with your Gmail, Outlook, and with any IMAP server.

Marketing Tools

18) MixMax –

Making email better, or at least more efficient, with tracking, automation and more.

19) Boomerang –

Is email not important right now? Tell it to check back in an hour.

      20) Revue –

Send everyone a good-looking, weekly newsletter curated by you.

21) Sortd –

Smart email management skin within Gmail.

22) Rapportive –

Gives you more information about your contacts inside your Gmail inbox.

23) Email Format – 

It helps you find the email address formats used in a variety of companies.


24) Canva –

A drag-and-drop graphics editor for marketers and non-designers.For startups seeking to professionally edit images without investing in expensive software, exploring user-friendly options can significantly enhance your visual content, making it more engaging for your target audience.

25) Visme –  

An all-in-one design tool for marketers and non-designers that lets you create professional images with ready-to-go templates, a drag-and-drop editor, and tons of other features.

26) Venngage –

Venngage offers beautiful designs and templates for infographics, flowcharts, social media posts, and much more.

27) Marketizator –

Bag more sales using CRO.

28) Pics.io –

Complete media management from photos to design assets and beyond.

29) Compressor.io –

Easily compress and optimize images.

30) Coolors –

A limitless mix and match of beautiful color schemes.

31) Hatchful –

Hatchful is a free logo creator from Shopify that allows someone with no design experience to create a stunning logo in a few seconds.

32) Videvo –

HD stock footage and motion graphics for every project.

33) Fancy Footage Club –

More fancy HD footage to use in creative projects.

34) Pablo –

Buffer’s ridiculously simple image editing platform for social media.

Landing Pages

35) Unbounce –

Unbounce lets marketers build, publish and test landing pages without IT or software. A/B testing and lead generation make it a powerful marketing tool.

unbounce Marketing Tools

36) LeadPages – 

Create custom landing pages without messing with any code. Nice user experience. Hard to go wrong with this one or any of the two above.


37) Sunny Landing Page Builder –

Making Landing Pages can be time-consuming if you’re doing it manually. With Sunny Landing Pages you get 100+ templates and a drag & drop builder to get high-converting, fast-loading and mobile responsive landing pages that integrate with 500+ apps. The visitor analytics are really granular.

Marketing Tools

38) Kickoff labs –

Increase email collection for your newsletters, contests, launches, and events with their suite of tools like the viral boost pages and the opt-in forms.

Marketing Tools

Automation and Optimization

39) Zapier – 

It makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps. They have an extensive library of apps to pick from.

zapier Marketing Tools

40) IFTTT – 

Connect various platforms to do automated commands like social posts or notifications. Very user-friendly.

ifttt Marketing Tools

41) AnyLeads  – 

It is a growth hacking platform allowing users to automate marketing tasks. Automate Twitter tasks, enrich email databases, extract Facebook ids from Facebook groups. For more details on Data recovery please go through this blog.anygrowth

42) Auto Pilot – 

Automate customer journeys as simple as drawing on a whiteboard. Engage at just the right time with personalized email, in-app messages, SMS, and postcards.

autopilot marketing tools

43) Ad Espresso – 

Optimize your Facebook Ads Easily, Like Morning Coffee. Their smart robot is ready to optimize your Facebook ads. Also, they have a great blog on Facebook ads.

adespresso marketing tools

44) Growth Hackers Projects – 

Growth collaboration software for teams by Sean Ellis (CEO of Growth Hackers). Sean invented the term “Growth Hacker” so he knows a thing or to about the growth process.

growthhackers projects

45) Ladder.io –

A growth agency created a drag and drop growth planning tool with 1,000+ proven growth tactics.

ladder.io playbook

46) Close.io 

Make & receive calls with one click emails sent & received are automatically tracked.  It’s one sales workflow with no manual data entry.

close.io marketing tools


47) Wave –

Your one-stop-shop for accounting, invoicing, personal finance and more.

48) Abukai –

Quick and simple expense reporting.

49) Shoeboxed –

Digital document management to manage expenses sans shoebox.

50) Payment Evolution –

Payments and payroll all wrapped up in one pretty package.

51) Angel List –

A networking platform for investors, startups, and job seekers.

52) Fundica –

Find the right funding fast.

53) Impact Money Finder –

Comprehensive list of non-dilutive funding options (Canada).

54) Kickstarter –

Crowdfunding for creative projects everywhere.

55) Frontfundr –

Letting crowd funders get a piece of the pie with Equity crowdfunding.

56) Indiegogo –

The world’s largest global crowdfunding site no matter what you’re funding.

57) Generosity –

Indiegogo’s fundraising spinoff for human goodness.

58) Gust –

Get connected to the world’s largest network of investors.

Social Media

59) Brand24 –

It grants you sales opportunities on social media and discovers all the mentions about your brand across the web.brand24

60) Buffer – 

A social media management tool that allows you to share any page you’re reading across multiple platforms. As a bonus, Buffer has a great blog on content marketing and startups.


        61) Planable-

 Planable is a social media collaboration tool designed to help social media and marketing teams work better & faster together. Build with marketing teams in mind, Planable provides marketers a better way to create, plan, schedule, and approve content for multiple social media accounts. What differentiates Planable from other social media management tools is its collaboration-centric approach.

62) Edgar –

A social media scheduling tool that will fill and auto-populate content on its own.  You can program it by keywords or industry and let it run.


63) Gochyu Company Name Generator

Sometimes you have a great idea for a business, you know exactly what you need to do, but have no idea what to call it. That’s where Gochyu’s company name generator comes into play. Give it some ideas of words in your industry and it will come up with various ideas for your new company name.

64) FollowerWonk – 

A resource that allows you to search Twitter users by content and biography.  It allows you to connect with the right twitter users and understand your audience even better.


65) TweetFavy – 

It is a self-proclaimed “Growth Hacking Tool” that allows you to automate your Twitter marketing campaign and grow your social following.


66) Instagress – 

An online Instagram bot on the web that allows you to automate your activity and get more followers, likes and comments on Instagram.


67. Narrow – 

Narrow is a Twitter marketing automation tool that helps you build a targeted following.


68) Crowdfire – 

A tool that automatically posts your content, it also helps you track down what kind of content is performing better and which social platform is driving more engagement than the other. 

69) Mention –

Think of Mention as Google Alerts on steroids. With Mention, you can monitor in real-time about anything on the web and social media. React quickly, collaborate & analyze your online presence.


70) Sniply –

It is one of the most powerful social marketing tools because it allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content, creating an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action with every link you share.


71) TweetDeck – 

It is a social browser that allows you to stay in the know with everything happening on your social platforms.


72) FanHarvest

Automate your Instagram marketing by auto likes and unlikes, auto-follow and unfollow, auto comments, auto DM and even 100% auto post scheduling. This rolls all the Instagram growth tools in one.


73) Colibri –

Colibri IO is a set of growth hacking tools that monitors SEO, inbound marketing, social signals and content marketing.


74) HootSuite – 

A social media management tool that allows you to manage multiple networks and profiles and measure performance.


      75) Get Crate

Discover, curate and schedule relevant content within seconds via Twitter and Buffer. One of the marketing tools that allow you to navigate and filter through all the social content on the web.

76) Growth Geeks 

An outsourcing service that will run your social campaigns and help you grow your social followers and increase engagement.

growth greeks

77) Pinterest Bot –

A powerful multipurpose software that makes it easy to follow, unfollow, like and automate all your Pinterest tasks. It’s priced at $58/month.

followliker pinterest bot

78)SocialBee –

             SocialBee is a social media management tool that helps businesses put their social media posting on autopilot. You can share content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google my Business from one place – while having each post customized and set to be published based on a schedule.

Few other social media tools are :

79) Iconosquare –

Everything you wanted to know about your Instagram statistics.

80) Twitonomy –

In-depth Twitter analytics.

81) Latergram –

Instagram scheduler workaround so you don’t have to be in the moment.

Writerack (Bonus)-

The easiest way to tweetstorm.


82) SEMrush

Insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic, seo and paid search, and link building.

83) Mozbar 

They have lots of free and paid tools.  This chrome extension allows you to easily audit a website from an SEO perspective: H1 tags, meta description, backlinks, etc.


84) ScreamingFrog – SEO Spider – 

A tool that analyzes websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective. Good for analyzing your company or your competitors.

seo spider

85) Ahrefs –

Track your backlinks, keywords, brand mentions and know what your competitors are doing.  Very powerful but a little pricey.

86) Majestic –

Link intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and marketing. Site Explorer shows inbound links and site summary data.

majestic seo marketing tools

87) SpyFu –

Download your competitors’ most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search traffic.  Yes, it’s a spy tool.


88) SearchMan 

Self-serve big data tool makes it easier for mobile apps to compete for visibility inside the Apple & Android Play app stores. Great for any app company.


89) iSpionage –

A tool that allows you to steal a competitor’s traffic and uncover their conversion strategy.  ispionage

90) KeywordSpy –

 A paid SEO tool that allows you to see what keywords competitors are using to get their top-performing traffic.


91) Free SEO Tool –

Need a free SEO web crawler? Enter your URL (or your competitors URL) and see how optimized it is for one keyword search term.

92) UberSuggest –

A resource that helps you predict long tail keywords based on keywords in your industry, absolutely free.

uber suggest

93) Yoast WordPress SEO 

WordPress is a great tool for startups. It’s free, easy-to-use, and can be customized to fit your needs. However, to get the most out of WordPress you’ll need to get the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin optimizes your WordPress site by providing you with features like a content analysis function and automatically generated visual Sitemap.

marketing tools 5


95) GroupHigh 

Find the best bloggers and influencers, manage your relationships, and measure the value of your content. a powerful outreach tool used by Lowe’s and Kohler.


96) Buzzstream 

Research influencers, manage your relationships and conduct outreach that’s personalized and efficient. Used by Razorfish and Rackspace.


97) GMASS 

A powerful mail merge tool that uses Gmail and Google Sheets to send personalized emails to potential partners. It requires some setup but very inexpensive. It’s priced at $6.95/month.


98) InkyBee 

A suite of research and discovery tools built for marketing agencies to help audit and understand a client’s sector in more detail.


99) PitchBox 

It automates the manual work of outreach by doing prospecting by industry and offering a scalable outreach solution.


100) Ninja Outreach 

An outreach tool that allows you to filter for influencers by how big their reach is on various social channels.


101) Renderforest 

Renderforest is a platform that allows you to create a logo and video for your business. It helps you to build an effective business strategy by providing you with all the necessary branding tools – the whole process of making videos and logos is fun and simple with Renderforest.


102) GoAnimate

It is a simple tool to create your own custom videos that you can share using Wistia for analytics and lead generation.

marketing tools 7

103) AeroLeads (Bonus) –

An incredibly useful tool to find business emails and phone numbers of prospects. Their easy-to-use chrome plugin does all the heavy-lifting which simplifies your work & saves you a lot of time. It is compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, AngelList, Crunchbase. They also have integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce & Hubspot. The plugin is now available for Firefox users as well.

Hence, these are all the 101 free tools! I hope you find them useful on your journey to becoming a founder and to grow your company. Also, do let us know if we missed out on important tools by commenting below.

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