PPC Advertising Ultimate Guide for Startups

Start-ups are constantly looking for ways to diversify and protect their business in the long run. We don’t need to tell you how Search engine optimization and effective content marketing are everybody’s tools to attract traffic. This article digs deeper by paying heed to PPC advertising management and tips for enhancing advertising traffic and start-up revenues.

How to grow your business with PPC Advertising?

If you have a start-up, you want to make sure that your advertising has a call-to-action button for lead generation. With the help of Pay Per Click advertising, it becomes easier to reach the target audience by paying only for the clicks. The top three PPC ads on a Google page attract 41% of the total clicks. PPC advertising might sound like an expensive investment in the beginning but its end result is thick profit margins.

  • High buyer intent

One of the best things about PPC advertising is a good return on investment. This happens because PPC involves targeting of ad keywords which results in improving ad rank. With a better ad rank, high traffic is attracted and so the score increases. When a customer is looking for something, various ads are shown in the organic search result. However, PPC search results come at the top and get more clicks due to which it has 50% more chances of converting a lead into a customer. 50% higher buyer intent in PPC search result

  • Stability in Traffic Growth

PPC Advertising is very different from SEO or content marketing campaigns. If you are using the latter, your start-up business will always be on the verge of uncertain traffic. Your ad might attract 50 or 50,000 visitors in the same hour. Not only this, your top-ranked keyword might become obsolete or your business might lose to a Google penalty.

But, with Pay Per Click advertising, you ensure the number of visitors as per the amount spent. You pay only for the number of clicks you want to attract.

  • High scalability

Start-ups prefer building their castle on their own. PPC helps them do it by having a high degree of scalability. This means that other smart advertising techniques like SEO require time and money for consistent quality. However, in PPC it is very easy to just increasing your budget and leaving it for creamy results. It helps to increase the scale by targeting more keywords and deciding the amount of traffic to be attracted.

raise the budget to increase scalability

Buzzwords for PPC Advertising to succeed in 2022 and beyond

  • Custom Intent Audiences

You definitely need to incorporate this feature in your PPC advertising. Through custom intent advertising, the data on different platforms can be linked using tools and software. For example, if a customer searches for a black mug on google, then the same search result is shown on YouTube also with a video on black mugs. Such profound research will generate better action in the customer’s mind.

  • Custom affinity audiences

PPC advertising incorporates Google’s advanced AI to leverage customer data. The concept of custom affinity audiences will help your business to know the customers who are looking for an action to take. For example, if a customer search for buying a camera on Gmail, YouTube, or any Google app; then you as a start-up know your target. You can easily create your custom affinity audiences.

  1. Go to the Campaign Display Page. Create a new one or edit an existing one.
  2. Click on audiences.
  3. From there, choose affinity and custom affinity.
  4. After that, select Custom Affinity Audience from the dropdown menu. create your custom affinity audience
  5. You can now give a name to your audience along with specifying its size, interest, places, and apps your audience use.name your custom affinity audience

Very easy!? Use this add-on to leverage your PPC advertising for better targetting.

  • Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA’s)

A lot of SEO advertising helps in getting high traffic on the website. For example, you can have 50,000 visitors per month. Out of them, targetting those who search with a specific keyword like email marketing becomes very costly for you. So, RLSA’s solves this difficulty by helping you target only those who visit your website for like more than 10 minutes and later search the same keywords on google. It would also be wise to not just use keywords but to localize your entire ad in the language of those consumers.

With this, your Pay Per Click advertising campaign will only target those who search the keyword email marketing, then visits your website’s pages for a few minutes. Further, RLSA’s will also help you target audience who are in the USA and are residents of LA.Use RLSA's for better PPC targetting

  • Sitelinks

Sitelinks boost your PPC advertising bletting you occupy the top position in the search results. In addition to that, it will help your business to other paid results also like testimonials, case studies, offers, and other services of your business. This way, site links will generate more traffic and your start-up can occupy more space in the black box of customers. Thus, you can have additional links directed to your website with a single PPC ad.

additional links in PPC through sitelinks

  • Create the right mixture.

You have numerous options to go ahead with the Pay Per Click advertising campaign. It depends on your business needs and your long-term goal. You can use the right mixture from the following options.

  1. Google Adwords– high commercial intent
  2. Facebook Ads – best for sales business
  3. Bing– lowest cost per click
  4. LinkedIn Ads- the best network for B2B business
  5. Advertising.com- serve sponsored listings.
  6. Adroll– specializes in remarketing/ retargeting
  7. Result Links- for in-text advertising
  8. Twitter Ads– powerful for the information movement
  9. Quora Ads- high engagement degree
  10. YouTube Ads– the platform for creating a buzz around

boosting sales business through fasbook ads

best network for B2B business

Management Tricks for PPC Advertising Campaigns

  • Grading PPC using Google Ads Performance Grader

Your work does not stop at establishing the Adwords Campaign for growing your start-up business. All your efforts will go in vain if the proper evaluation of the progress made is not done. So, you can use Wordstream’s Adwords Performance Grader to evaluate the progress made on the campaign. It is a type of free tool which gives a comprehensive analysis of the performance of your Adwords in your PPC campaign. You can get a clear view of key attributes of the campaign like

  • quality score
  • click-through-rate
  • wasted spends
  • long-tail keyword phrases
  • account activity
  • mobile AdWords performance
  • impression rate and impression share
  • text Ad optimization
  • Use of negative keywords in the search phrase

Following is the  ACME’S Google Ads Performance Grader. It shows a complete report on Ad performance like CTR, actions taken in the last 30 days. Along with the performance results, it also shows the button for suggestions to improve the performance. adword performance report

  • Prioritize your ROI

You know that the success of the campaign comes with a low-cost investment and high returns. It is your responsibility to keep a track of how much you spent on per click and what return you are earning. The network that you choose for your PPC campaign gives a reporting dashboard where you can analyze your spends and returns. report showing cost and returns on ads and clicks

Now if you think that you can increase your profits simply by increasing the spending on the number of clicks then you are wrong. As your PPC advertising campaign gets distracted from the optimal keyword search, you will have a declining conversion rate. There are some simple hacks for scaling up your profits.

How to do it?

  1. Use split testing
    For getting the maximum ROI on your PPC ads, split testing helps to know the small details that can affect your ROI. Split testing helps to make identical copies of ads by changing one small element and analyzing its effects on returns. Further, split testing results in optimization of click-through rate (CTR). With an optimized CTR, the quality score of your PPC Adwords is also boosted. You can also use split testing for landing pages to convert the highest number of visitors into customers.split testing for optimization of PPC campaign
  2. Try revamping your AdWords
    ROI in PPC campaign faces the difficulty of being attacked by the competitors on the basis of the keyword used. Because of this, the AdWords becomes ineffective resulting in slower traffic. Therefore, the need for the hour is to revamp your PPC advertising for ensuring consistent returns.

You can easily remarket your AdWords by clicking on the shared library shown in the left sidebar. After that, click on audiences and select the blue button available for set up remarketing. This will result in the installation of a new remarketing tag which you can copy-paste on your websites’ web pages. Do you know, Watchfinder earned a 1,300% ROI by remarketing their Adword campaign.Revamp adwords by inserting tag on website's pages

  • Manage your landing pages

Using PPC advertising campaigns on social media platforms faces the issue of coming across leads who do not have a buying intent. In such a case, the landing page cannot be the sales page. So, to ensure returns in such cases you can integrate your PPC ad with email marketing so that valuable content can be sent to the target’s email address later. Further, you can offer lead magnets, insert a strong call-to-action button, and add a social squeeze page link for better pitching.

How to do it?

  1. Use a standard landing page for your Pay Per Click advertising campaign. This means you can add offers and bonuses in the ad text word. Consequently, the targets searching with the keywords will sign upleading to a high conversion rate.
  2. Another method is directing your target audience to your most successful posts. You can look for the posts that have the highest conversion rate using the tool Content Upgrades which can boost conversion rate from .54% to 4.82%. Thus, your campaign will have higher traffic which means more converts. using most popular posts using Content Upgrade

Some pro tips to master the art of PPC Advertising

For making a bigger impact, your PPC advertising campaign should not leave behind the latest features. Do not fret if you have no clue about them. We have taken the trouble of researching some of them for you.

  • Audience Network in Bing Ads.

In the coming years, all the successful companies are going to be the data companies that make business decisions based on AI. What makes this feature powerful for you is its smart analysis of audiences present on Microsoft property. So, the feature will collect customer information from billions of Bing searches, Skype, Google, Outlook, LinkedIn, MSN, YouTube, and a lot more.

Therefore, such in-depth analysis helps your PPC campaigns target the searchers who are waiting to buy something. In addition to this, you can plan your PPC campaign to targetting relevant audiences through proper audience networking. deeper analysis of the target market

  • Use Promotion extensions

PPC advertising is all about growing your start-up with a larger customer base. You need to know what your customers want. Once this is clear, use extension link to offer discounts and other offers in your ad. Promotion extensions work best Sitelinks to stand out among your competitors.

  • Use the mobile platform for PPC advertising

You don’t want to end up as a fool by not preferring mobile for your PPC advertising campaign. Thus, to get the most returns on your PPC budget, you also need to analyze the volume of traffic generated on various devices. You can use Google Ads interface to get a clear view of your analysis chart as shown below. Use of mobile in PPC advertising campaign

Further, you can also add call extensions through call bid adjustments to your ad. Consequently, ad impressions increase with call impressions. In addition to this, you can also try mobile-only video ads. Such ads will be played on partnered websites and other linked apps. Therefore, making your PPC campaign a solid rock of profits.

ravmp up your call impression through call bid adjustments

  • Use voice search alsousing voice search for making a purchase decision

For making sure that you reach your target audience in every possible way, use voice search also in Your PPC advertising campaign. Around 42% of the people consider using smart voice search devices and 57% of the voice search device owners have made a purchase.  This means you can optimize your voice search queries and bring it closer to the keyword which you thin will boost your campaign. Google Ads Interface helps to drive traffic using this feature. You can go through the following easy-to-do steps to use voice search.

  1. Look through the existing voice search traffic.

    you need to search if the traffic coming to your campaign is already doing a voice search or not. you can do this by exporting a report on search query from Adwords easily. As a result, this downloaded query report will highlight the phrase used, most keywords searched, the frequently used personal assistant used for voice search like OK Google, Alexa or Siri. keyword phrases used voice search

  2. Eliminate the Negatives.

    Further, you can also look for long phrases to eliminate them as long-tail phrases are not fruitful for keywords search. In addition to this, some of the phrases searched might not be useful for your PC Campaign. The phrases which are too vague are also added to negatives because of they result in low-quality impressions for driving traffic.

  3. Reconsider the existing keyword phrases

    For getting the most out of the voice search in your PPC Campaign, you must review the existing keyword phrases. In regard to this, words like how, near me, when does, where do I, what is, should be removed as they have very low buyer intent. While redesigning the phrases, you must include potential IPAs names like OK Google or Siri.

  4. Frame the right keyword phrase

    After downloading the search query report and filtering the voice search keyword and phrases, frame the right keyword phrase for your target audience. For doing so, you can use the keyword tool like SEMrush to get a higher purchase intent.

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