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SalesLoft, one of the leaders of prospect generation software are shutting down their prospector tool to focus on their emailing tool Cadence.

SalesLoft was the pioneer for online lead generation and has paved the way for various other prospect & lead generation tools and services. Since it has been discontinued, AeroLeads helps you fill that void with its prospect & lead generation tool as well as a qualified lead generation service.

SalesLoft VS AeroLeads

SalesLoft Prospector

SalesLoft Prospector harnessed LinkedIn’s vast database and provided accurate emails which were up-to-date. You could verify emails from various domains with ease. Its platform allowed you to manage your lists and organize them appropriately.

SalesLoft Prospector also offered a Google Chrome plugin which enables ease of search. You could search for emails with ease right from your Google Chrome browser and also conduct targeted searches by filtering through the title, location, industry etc.

Such prospect data could be exported to an Excel file or a Google Spreadsheet. SalesLoft also was able to find data from public social profiles by running the Prospector Tool from that particular social network. It also facilitated capturing of social data for the search terms that you provided, that was indexed by Google. This data could also be easily synced with SalesForce.

This popular prospect generation tool has shut down and now, we bring you the best alternative to SalesLoft Prospector-


AeroLeads is one of the most powerful prospect and lead generation software on the web. This lead generation software helps you find qualified contact information of prospects from around the world that best suits your requirements. It conducts a real-time search and does not rely on the existing databases.

AeroLeads offers both a lead generation tool as well as a lead generation service. AeroLeads Lead Generation Tool is web-based software that helps you find leads that best suit your ideal customer profile by conducting highly targeted searches. It is easy to use the tool and in three simple steps, you will be able to build your leads lists right from your Google Chrome Browser.

Once you have the tool installed you can search for your required profiles and AeroLeads Lead Generation Tool will procure the data from various sources like Google, CrunchBase, LinkedIn, AngelList,, etc.

This lead generation tool helps you find verified contact information like email IDs, phone numbers, social media profiles, job title, company names, addresses, etc. The contacts are termed as “qualified” once they pass our four-step verification process.

On the other hand, the AeroLeads Lead Generation Service helps you automate the process further. Once you specify your requirements like location, job title, company size etc, you will have your custom list of sales leads built from scratch within 48 hours as per your requirements.  You will receive the list of processed prospects & leads in a .csv or.xls file which can also be accessed through your AeroLeads account.

The list of sales leads either from the lead generation tool or services can be integrated with SalesForce, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Insightly, HubSpot, and Zapier. You can also manage the leads list from AeroLeads lead management dashboard.

We invite you to witness this for yourself! We provide you with free credits to use AeroLeads Lead Generation Tool and also have a sample custom list built for you.

Aeroleads Pricing- 

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One Thought on “SalesLoft Alternative – AeroLeads

  1. @disqus_JxwIbgUKot:disqus – Hi Jared, AeroLeads currently do not have cadence and drip marketing feature. We had built email feature in 2016 but felt we just want to focus on prospecting and building lists from social media and not get into email marketing.

    There are already many email software available on the web which do what you are looking for.

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