Transfer Prospects Data from AeroLeads to Pipedrive

Since the last few months, many of our users have been asking for 1 click data transfer from AeroLeads to Pipedrive. Though our users can transfer data to Pipedrive using Zapier, we thought we should have a one-click transfer option too like we do for Salesforce and a few other major CRMs.

How to Transfer data from AeroLeads to Pipedrive

1. Go to the Integration page of AeroLeads
2. Enter your Pipedrive API key.

To find the key, log in to your Pipedrive account, go to the settings page, and then to the API tab.


3. Select any prospects from Aeroleads
4. Select Pipedrive from the dropdown.


5. You will see a message at the bottom telling you if the data got successfully transferred or not. It may take 5 to 15 seconds depending on the number of records you are transferring.

6. Once the data gets transferred, you can see your pipedrive account under Contacts. You should see all your data like this


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