Works out of the box with
LinkedIn and Sales Navigator!

  • Use on individual profile pages or search results!
  • Easily move prospects from the extension to your prospect list
    by clicking Add!
  • Create new lists, bulk add prospects, and manage your account
    with our plugin!

Automate prospecting with our pro-plugin!

Aeroleads is the industry leader when it comes to automating prospecting!

  • Add over 2500 prospects with a single click!
  • Just click once and forget about it! The plugin will automatically find emails from all 100 linkedin or sales navigator itself!

Find prospects on any website!

Use our All Websites tab on the extension to find contact details of employees on any website!

  • Just navigate to the company's website.
  • Click on the All Websites tab at the bottom of the extension
    and add prospects!
  • Use our Search feature to explore more prospects of a company!

LinkedIn Email Finder FAQs

The AeroLeads LinkedIn Email Finder tool crawls through the LinkedIn profile and the Sales Navigator to extract all possible contact details such as the personal email, business email, company name, company website, size of the company, the industry, and the location of your prospect. 

You can start by signing up for the Aeroleads free email finder tool to browse through the platform. And once you sign up, install our LinkedIn Email Finder chrome plugin . And whenever you open someone's profile on LinkedIn, it will ask you to add it to the prospect list. Please note that you must turn on the extension to capture the lead. You can also bulk add the contact details from a company profile or page on LinkedIn. AeroLeads LinkedIn email finder saves your time by instantly grabbing the email address of your prospect or lead from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and many more websites.

From our 170k active monthly customers, we have found 98% accuracy when finding an email from LinkedIn through our LinkedIn email finder tool. Well, that depends on the profile of an individual's data associated with it; if they haven't given any emails to LinkedIn, you might not be able to find it. However, you can't use a LinkedIn account without verifying an email. So most of the time, you will find an email through AeroLeads LinkedIn email finder tool.

You can capture your prospect's email from the LinkedIn Profile itself. Just explore their profile and find a button called "Contact Info." But, in most cases, it will be hidden due to the spammy emails sent to them. If you want a cost-effective solution, we suggest you use AeroLeads LinkedIn Email Finder. With our LinkedIn Email Finder, simply scrape all your prospect's contact details by uploading the LinkedIn. Using our LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome Extension, You can also generate high-quality leads from a massive database of 850 Million users consisting of employees, business professionals, startups, and enterprises soon. 

AeroLeads LinkedIn Email Finder is an all-in-one tool for generating B2B leads from LinkedIn. It generates leads and does other jobs like automated prospecting, pre-validating the emails before being sent to the prospects' list, generating contact numbers, and additional required information for your marketing campaign. Our tool values your precious time and money compared to other tools in the market. And the best thing, you could use the Aeroleads email verifier tool before sending emails to those customers, prospects, and clients, which helps you increase the conversions and reduce the overall bounce rate for better email marketing results.

Once you add a potential lead to the prospects list, you can export all or verify to a .xlsx file. You can also transfer the leads to another CRM. Our LinkedIn Email Finder tool can integrate the most potent and robust CRMs like SalesForce, Zoho, Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc.

The bulk extraction can only take a few seconds with a few clicks. You can even filter it by verified list or export it to another CRM like Hubspot, Zoho, or SalesForce and start with your marketing campaign. 

AeroLeads Email Finder tool facilitates you to collect emails based on the availability of credits in your account. One activity = one crei.e., i.e., if you generate one lead, our system will deduct one credit from your balance.

LinkedIn Email Finder has a massive database of over 850 million prospects, including employees, business professionals, freelancers, startups, companies, and large corporations.

You can capture a potential prospect's contact informationroLeads LinkedIn Email Finder software. This includes the first name, last name, full name, personal email address, business email address, company name, location, etc.