How to write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

An easy yet fast way to get an awesome LinkedIn recommendation is by writing one for someone else. We have always come across brilliant people around us while at the workplace and we have learnt so many things from them in some or another way. It’s time to pay them back by writing them an awesome LinkedIn recommendation.

Recommendation letter Vs LinkedIn Recommendation

You can match similarities between the recommendation letter and LinkedIn recommendation as they are quite similar to each other but the LinkedIn recommendation has more power to grant you an opportunity.

A recommendation letter can help you get a particular job but a LinkedIn recommendation can open several opportunities and it would also stay permanent on your profile. Even if you already have recommendations on your profile it is always a great idea to help someone else if you really liked their work and their skills.

Write for Someone that Deserves!

Recommending someone great will not only increase your credibility at work but also help someone get their next big project or job. When you recommend someone based on their skill-set and someone offers them a job, and they see the person contributing well to their organisation or even beyond that will increase your credibility.
So, are you ready to write a great LinkedIn recommendation for your friends, colleagues or even for your boss?

Hold on and keep on reading the blog to know a quick 5-step guide to write a head-spinning LinkedIn recommendation for your favourite co-worker.

It’s always said that writing something short is a more daunting task than writing a long paragraph because you need to keep the LinkedIn recommendation short as well as informative.

Let’s kickstart the Blog!

Start-off with a Powerful Statement

The start of a LinkedIn recommendation should always be powerful enough to grab someone’s attention to read the whole recommendation. Start with something you love about the person or unique quality that they are blessed within a creative way that attracts a reader and would be keen to know more about the person.

Recommendations can be semi-formal on a social media platform like LinkedIn but it is best if you don’t use phrases that sound too informal. As the people reading the recommendation would be professionals that are looking to invest their time to read something relevant. Pour your creative side into creating the right start to the recommendation.


“Karen is blessed with some awesome marketing skills that she can sell literally anything in this world.”

“You know you have a cool manager when he acts like a friend but mentors and guides you well during work.”

“I was lucky enough to work with an employee that contributed really well to the growth of our organisation.”

“‘Highly Talented’ are the only words that come up when I start writing for Joe.”

These were some examples that you can use while starting with the LinkedIn recommendation by adding something relevant to the profile of the person. Make sure you don’t go off-track by using phrases like ‘Joe is the Bestseller” or ‘One of the best as those are common recommendations you’d see on LinkedIn. Be creative and effective.

Contextualize your professional relationship

The readers would have the curiosity to know about the relationship shared between you and the person you’re recommending. It is very important to add a sentence in the LinkedIn recommendation stating what project you both worked on together and how was your experience working with the person.

It would only take you 1-2 sentences to add your professional relationship with the person and will not confuse the reader. Confusion can lead to assumptions and it’s better to clearly state your relationship with the person to avoid confusion.


“I had a great time working on a copywriting project with Karen and she did an exceptional job with her deliverables.”

“I had an absolute pleasure working with Joe in XYZ company, we were in the same team for a project.”

“I hired Lisa by getting impressed by her LinkedIn posts, she helped me with graphic designing and created some amazing designs for my website.”

Some examples that can help you describe your professional relationship with the person you’re writing a recommendation for but make sure you’re not getting into details and not getting too deep as that would get lengthy for a LinkedIn recommendation.

Talk about a Unique Skill

The reason you’re writing them a LinkedIn recommendation is that you’re impressed by their work and their deliverables but now you want readers to know more about them. You may be impressed by many of their qualities but the next that you’d need to mention is the one USP about them.

Think about it, what is the one quality that they have and others don’t? Mention that quality in the recommendation so the reader would get to know about their unique skill that they won’t find in anyone else.

Here’s how you can talk about their USP based on their profiles:

Co-workers and Colleagues

  • Consider the kind of tasks they were assigned and in which particular task they did well.
  • What are the skills-set they are best at and what makes them unique?
  • Consider sharing a situation where they helped your organisation to come out of a crisis.

Freelancers or Service Providers

  • What impressed you about the person?
  • What made you choose that person among all the freelancers?
  • Would you consider hiring them again? Or would you recommend them to your friends or co-workers?
  • Were their deliverables as per your expectations?

Consider the above points and ask yourself and then start writing about their one unique ability or quality.


“I remember calling Karen after her working hours to help me create an urgent Ad copy and I was surprised by her deliverables even though the task was assigned at the last moment.”

“The way Joe took over the leadership of the team was surprising for the whole team and he was exceptional in getting things done by all the team members.”

Personality check

Would you work with a person that is hard to work with? Nobody would work with a person that is rude or disrespectful towards their co-workers. You can add a short and sweet statement mentioning their real personality or how they are at work with their colleagues.

Readers of the LinkedIn recommendation will get to know about the recipient as a person because everyone prefers a professional that is easy to work with. This way you will help the employer or a recruiter to select their candidate by making their task easy.


“I don’t remember leaving a meeting without a smile on our faces with Joe.”

“I was impressed by her punctuality and politeness towards me at every stage of the project”

End with a Strong Statement

The last and final step towards ending the LinkedIn recommendation is by giving it a strong statement that can help the recipient land a job offer. The main motive to write the LinkedIn recommendation is to help them get their next big opportunity and the final statement should be strong enough to seal it.

Close the recommendation by giving a clear and concise statement for a call-to-action and give a big thumbs-up to the recipient.


“I would highly recommend Joe to any company looking for a great leader.”

“Karen would be a great fit to design your next website.”

Draft your next LinkedIn Recommendation Right Away!

Following these simple 5-steps will help you draft your next LinkedIn recommendation without thinking too much as the steps have examples that give you a clear idea to frame every sentence. Every statement of the recommendation will reflect the qualities and abilities of the person you’re recommending.

Keeping the draft short yet descriptive so the recruiter or the prospect gets concise information about the person. If you’re still finding it difficult to frame the recommendation then here’s an example based on the mentioned steps.


Karen is blessed with some great Graphic designing skills and has helped me in designing my social media posts, website pages with excellent deliverables. I found her on LinkedIn and was impressed by her designs and testimonies she posted of her previous clients.

I remember assigning her a task asking for a quick submission as it was urgent and she worked even after her working hours just to deliver me her best. I was highly impressed by her respectful and polite behaviour over the calls while being attentive. She’d be a great fit for anyone looking for an awesome designer.

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