How To Send Bulk Emails using a Gmail Account

Email marketing campaigns can do wonders to the sales of your business when performed strategically. Marketing involves sending your target a marketing email but you wouldn’t spend your precious time by sending each one of your prospects a personalized and separate email instead you’d send bulk emails to everyone.

Do you use Gmail to send bulk emails?

Gmail has to be your first Mailing account and probably your favorite one. It was in 2004 when Gmail was launched and today it has over 1.5 billion users. Gmail offers plenty of features that lifts-up your mailing game.

Gmail offers its users some amazing features like Smart reply, undo sent mails, confidential mode, schedule emails, and you can even send money. All these features serve your Business needs but are you still finding out a way to send bulk emails in one go?

Well, then this blog is just for you!

Gmail is mainly focused on private and professional emailing and they can land your email in the junk if you send commercial emails or don’t follow their rules.

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Here are the rules that you should comply with before sending bulk emails:

  • You shall abide by the Gmail bulk email guidelines
  • You can send a maximum of 500 emails per 24 hours to 500 different email addresses.
  • You cannot send personalized emails while sending bulk emails.
  • Gmail doesn’t offer a Report of the email campaign.
  • You cannot preview the emails before sending them to the recipients so you’re restricted to check the links and graphics mentioned in the email.
  • You can only track if an email is opened.

Sending bulk emails on a platform like Gmail can get a little difficult for a business planning for a serious marketing strategy. There are professional marketing platforms that offer google extensions for better email marketing campaigns.

However, if you have a business running on a smaller scale or you have a tight marketing budget you can always hop onto sending bulk emails using Gmail. In this blog, we will be having a look at all the ways that can help you send bulk emails using Gmail.

Let’s get started!

How To Send Bulk Emails From Gmail Account

Build an Email List with Aeroleads

This is the first and most important thing that you should be doing, create an email list in a spreadsheet with the Full name and email addresses of recipients.

A step towards your successful email marketing campaign is building an email list and finding the email id of your target. Software that makes it easy for you to build an email list with a few clicks and just by typing the name of your target is something every business would need.

Aeroleads is an email finding tool that helps you build an email list of your prospects for your marketing campaign. A software that helps you find email addresses of your target through LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Gmail may have set certain restrictions on sending bulk emails but Aeroleads haven’t. You can find as many emails as per your business needs and export them to CRM software.

Upload the List of Emails in CSV File

The list of emails that you’ve accumulated would require a verification check that will help you get rid of all the spam emails. This will lower your chances of landing an email into the junks of your prospect.

This will improve the quality of your email list and will increase your credibility to send bulk emails effectively. To run a successful email marketing campaign, you should have an accurate list of emails so you connect with your target audience effectively.

Create a Compelling Subject Line

The subject line of your Email should be compelling enough to attract your prospects to click on the mail that you sent. A subject line should have a question or something creative that captivates your audience.

Say for, Aeroleads is planning to send bulk emails to their customers in order to market their newly launched feature ‘Email Verification’. Aeroleads can write a subject line like ‘Now you can not only find emails but also verify them’ or ‘Verify the Email addresses and reach out effectively’.

Creativity can come in many ways you just need to be self-aware.

Create the Body of the Email

Now that you’ve created a captivating subject line, it’s time to keep your prospect engaged with an informative yet persuasive message. In this step, you need to keep your readers engaged by creatively communicating your message to them.

In the main body of the email, try offering some free value to your readers which will build trust within you and your prospect. Create personalized mail with mail merge tags that will allow you to send your prospects mails by greeting them with their name.

Close the mail with a direct link to your website or service offering so your readers can get redirected to make a call-to-action. But make sure you only add the link in the end as too many links can land your email to the reader’s spam list.

Schedule the Email

How to Send Bulk Emails and schedule them timely

This is the final step where you’d get to know the secret behind sending bulk emails with Gmail. You can either send or schedule your email marketing campaign but scheduling will help you send more emails.

Gmail limits its users to only send 500 emails in 24 hours, here’s a trick:

If you’re planning to send 1000 emails, divide them into 2 batches and schedule it with a difference of 60 sec. Send the next batch of emails by keeping a difference of 24 hours. You can follow the same steps even if you’re planning to send 10,000 emails by setting a time interval between all the emails and dividing them into different batches.

This will help you send bulk emails with Gmail, you can also schedule all the emails at once to get better results.

This brings us to the end!

Marketing automation platforms may be more professional and would help you in better ways but if this is your first time performing a campaign, then try performing it with Gmail. This will help you analyse if your email marketing game is strong enough to get you results. Gmail also offers limited analytics that analyses the delivery and opens.

Gmail is an amazing platform for sending bulk emails for all the marketing professionals trying to market their offerings without investing in an email marketing tool. If you’re planning to implement an email marketing campaign with google, try to follow all the steps mentioned in this blog. It can lead you to a successful campaign.

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