What is a Google X-Ray Search?

One of the most popular ways performed by all the businesses from all over the world to source the best candidates and talents that would help them upscale their business. A business always looks for a candidate that can be an asset to the organisation and google X-Ray search helps you in your search for your next best candidate.

Google X-Ray search is popularly known as Boolean search allowing you to combine several words and phrases while using words such as ‘and, or, and not.’ These words help in defining your search in a better way by using a specific keyword for your search.

What is Google X-Ray Search?

A search engine that allows you to make your search effective and less time consuming while getting you the desired results. You can search by using a specific keyword or by applying a combination of words that can give you the desired information and result.

Boolean search makes it really easy to search for specific information of a candidate without letting you go through tons of web pages so you get contact details, resume and other information of the candidate within a few seconds.

What’s so Interesting about Google X-Ray Search?

The Internet is filled with plenty of information and sometimes it gets complex to search for specific information as you end up getting tons of search results while searching for one. It becomes hard to locate the information you are looking for especially when you’re looking for a candidate for your next huge project or a role.

Boolean or Google Search X-Ray makes it way easier for a recruiter to find his ideal candidate by giving you the details such as candidate database, profile, resume, contact details, and list of candidates. Boolean has been the most favourite source candidates for years and has been serving accurate results.

Information You can Find with Google X-Ray Search

Search for a Candidate from a specific Location or Region
Candidate Qualification and Academic certificates
Information regarding a candidate working with a company
Resumes or Portfolio of a candidate
Contact information such as email addresses or phone number of a candidate
Candidate information with a specific skill

How to Perform Google X-Ray Search?

If you’re looking for a candidate with a specific skill that can add value to your company or you’re looking for a freelancer for a short or long-term project then google X-Ray search can help in an effective way.

Choose a Search Engine

The first step to start with the process is to select a search engine you’d perform your google X-Ray search on. Search engines like google or Bing will allow you to X-ray your search using the ‘site’ command.

To find better results and specific information, you need to choose a popular group or networking website. We all are aware of the site that is well known for its networking and where tons of professionals are found. Yes, you guessed it right! LinkedIn.com is a site that is searching X-Ray friendly and would provide you with the candidate contact and other information.

Search for the words that your candidate profile would include in their profiles. Words such as ‘And’, ‘Or’ can help in your search. The longer your Boolean string is, the more defined result you’d get.

Set-Up your Basic Boolean String

Type the ‘site’ command and enter the name of the website you’ve chosen for your google X-Ray search. Skip ‘www’ and ‘HTTPS and start with the website name as shown in the figure.

You can also perform your google X-ray search on other networking platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Do your research and enter the name of the website accordingly. Research for the sites your ideal candidate would hang out and then perform your search.

Add a Specific Keyword or Location

The next step is to add a keyword to your search. It is the time where you’re expected to be more specific with your search. Try to make your search as long as possible to get a defined result.

The more parameters you add and specific you try to be in your search it will help you find better search results for your ideal candidate. Add the role you’re looking for, it could be a human resource professional, a web designer, graphic designer or a marketer.

If necessary, add the job location or a specific location your candidate can be from so you have a candidate staying nearby from your office location. Add all the possible constraints required to make your google X-ray search results effective.

Narrow down your Search Result

Lastly, you need to narrow down all your search results in a way that would get you an accurate search result. In this step, you are required to use all the specific keywords and keywords that can get you results.

If you’re looking for a candidate with a tech position then you can add the keyword Rubyist, OR, and RoR. If you’re looking for a candidate with other positions then you can try including a keyword with their certifications like SPHR, Ruby or SHRP.

The google X-Ray search string will gather all the information including the resume of the candidate. It allows users to combine all the possible keywords including operators that make the search more effective.

The Basic Operators to Make your Search Effective

There are operators which can be included in your search when you’re inserting more than 1 keyword so you get defined search results instead of tons of search results.


An operator that can be included in your search when you wish to add two or more keywords in your search. If you’re looking for a web developer you’d be required to search ‘web developer AND Developer.


The OR operator allows you to expand and refine your search if you’re adding more than three keywords. If you’re looking for a candidate with a banking background, you need to frame your keywords as, Bank OR finance OR Banking OR financial.


Brackets help you sum up all your keywords into one so you have all the keywords separated yet defined. This operator helps you get rid of complex search that most recruiters avoid performing.


Do you know the best thing about Google X-ray Search? It helps you locate one specific candidate’s information among so many candidates with the same job profiles. It helps you select the best candidate by listing the skilled candidate at the top of the search result.

The Google X-Ray search or Boolean search is really helpful in locating the candidate profiles and other relevant information to make the recruiting process easier and less time-consuming. You can also perform a Boolean search on job sites such as Indeed and Naukri.com for better and effective search results.

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