Top 10 Zoho CRM Integration Tools Your Business Needs

No doubt, CRM systems are one of the important assets of B2B businesses.

And, why not?

For the businesses that use a CRM, the average ROI on their technology investment in $8.71 for each dollar spent

When it comes to the creation of a single customer view, CRMs become more valuable. CRM integrations allow companies to create single customer views by fully integrating a CRM system with their technology stack (billing system, order status, etc.)

So which is the best CRM out there that integrates completely with numerous third-party apps?

It’s ‘Zoho CRM’. There are many Zoho CRM tools available in the market that we are going to study further in this article. 

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a SaaS-based CRM software that effectively manages marketing, sales, customer support, contacts, and other similar business activities. 

Zoho helps to connect with your customers across all channels including telephone, email, social media, and live chat. With its automation feature, you save much of your business time and efforts on repetitive tasks. 

Zoho CRM easily integrates with many third-party apps to create a clear single customer view visible to all business departments. 

Use Zoho CRM tools to run your business functions, manage B2B information, and improve your company’s productivity without any tension about outdated or costly software. 

Top Zoho CRM Tools to Boost your Lead Generation Efforts


AeroLeads is one of the popular Zoho CRM tools used by top marketing and sales professionals around the world. AeroLeads easily integrates with Zoho to help you find business emails and phone numbers from professional platforms like LinkedIn and Xing. 

By simply uploading the name or company of your prospects, you will receive as many as 15 data points including full name, job title, location, personal or business emails, business contact numbers, etc. 

AeroLeads software comes with a free Chrome plugin. Their pricing starts from $49 per month.


PandaDoc is one of the recommended Zoho CRM tools in 2020. With PandaDoc you can create, send, track, and eSign professionally designed proposals, business contracts, and quotes. 

PandaDoc’s integration with Zoho helps you close deals faster and create stunning documents. When a client approves your document, the status is automatically updated on the Zoho dashboard. 

Besides, this integration can be performed in a few clicks. After set-up, you can automate your entire sales cycle from the Zoho dashboard.

Stripo is an all-in-one platform for creating email templates. The drag-and-drop (WYSIWYG) and HTML email template builders allow users to create high-quality interactive and responsive emails, such as AMP-powered emails. Uniq email automation tools for creating perfect design faster than ever before, email testing tool, and many other tools allow you to create any templates in a minute and collaborate with your team. Create in Stripo and then export your template to Zoho or any other ESPs in a few clicks.

Stripo offers over 350 sophisticated free email templates and a rich library of modules that can become a base for future campaigns.

With the embedded testing tool, preview your emails across a number of email clients and on multiple devices — over 70 common combinations.

Ring Central

RingCentral is a cloud-based communication provider and one of the best Zoho CRM tools in the online market. 

By collaborating Ring Central with Zoho CRM, you’re able to provide reliable customer experience while receiving or making phone calls. From single-click dialing to automatic call logging you can manage all types of call-related functions inside Zoho CRM.

The Zoho CRM reports provide you information and analytics of your calls anytime. You also receive screen pop-ups for incoming calls that let you know who is calling you from the other side. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the powerful Zoho CRM tools used by millions of marketing professionals. With Sales Navigator, you can view your prospects’ LinkedIn details inside Zoho CRM. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s integration with Zoho CRM enables the contextual display of LinkedIn data on Zoho dashboard.

Besides, you also have the option to forward CRM leads and contacts to Sales Navigator so that you can follow up with them later. 


LeadFeeder is a B2B website visitor tracking software and one of the best Zoho CRM tools for your business. With LeadFeeder Tracker script, your sales and marketing teams can easily connect with the prospects that matter the most for your organization. 

The seamless integration of LeadFeeder with Zoho CRM allows you to manage sales, convert prospects into leads, and turn leads into long-lasting customers in a single click. 

This integration creates new leads from Leadfeeder in Zoho CRM as accounts. Additionally, you can create new tasks and deals in Zoho CRM for your leads. 


MailChimp is an email marketing service provider and one of the highly-rated Zoho CRM tools in 2020. 

Since emailing is an important aspect of any marketing process, MailChimp has been helping several B2B businesses craft professional-looking emails for 20 years. 

With MailChimp’s integration with Zoho CRM, your sales team gets access to email campaign data thereby enabling them to prioritize their goals and concentrate on the prospects that are most likely to convert. 

The integration also provides data mapping and a two-way data synchronization facility.

Their pricing starts from $299 per month. 

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google and is one of the powerful Zoho CRM tools to date. 

When collaborated with Zoho CRM, the duo helps you import your Google Ads marketing investments into Zoho CRM along with keywords. Thus, your sales professionals no longer need to struggle between two apps. 

Besides, with this integration, you’re able to directly assign the source of leads and chances that Google Ads generates. 


Zapier is one of the best Zoho CRM tools used by top marketing professionals. 

It seamlessly integrates with Zoho to perform all your marketing activities along with saving time and effort. 

Zapier moves info between your website apps automatically thereby allowing you to focus on your crucial tasks.

Zapier offers a free trial with 100 tasks per month where anyone can automate their work. The pricing plan starts from $19.99 per month with 750 tasks/mo. 


Dropbox is a file hosting service to create, share, edit, documents on the cloud, and one of the powerful Zoho CRM tools in 2020. 

By integrating Dropbox with Zoho, you can easily collaborate with your prospects and customers on documents connected with any Zoho CRM record. 

The advantage is this integration eliminates the need for back and forth email conversations between salespersons when they are editing documents. 

Final Thoughts

Zoho CRM tools are very efficient and flexible tools for any B2B business. 

The above-mentioned tools are highly-rated and have delivered great results. Choose any of these tools depending on your sales team and overall business needs. 

Which Zoho CRM tools are you using currently? Share your valuable experience with us via comments now. 

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