How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is the professional community that has created its own benchmark for usability in the corporate world. Marketing professionals like us, have to work a lot on lead generation activities to keep the company going forward. All this has to go on for the company to be profitable and successful.

Many tools in the market now use LinkedIn for their Lead Generation purposes. Whether it is using web crawlers to search for contact information or using connections on the site to make more connections, LinkedIn is no doubt a powerful tool for lead generation.

But, we’re here to talk about one particular feature of LinkedIn- the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

There are way too many pros and features that come with a LinkedIn premium connection.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

The basic purpose of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is to find relevant prospects for the company. What is so special about it to be used only this way? It offers:

  1. In-depth user details.
  2. Advanced searching and filtering tools.

How to use this advanced tool for the purpose of Lead Generation:

Before purchasing the subscription, it is also possible to get a trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for 30 days. Based on this and the organizational needs, you have the choice to either go for the Professional account (80$ per month which comes with 15 InMail messages) or the Team account (130$ per month which comes with 30 InMail messages).

How to Use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Step 1. Starting the Free Trial:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

Firstly, you need to go and setup an account for this tool. Go to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator page to start your free trial period. Here you need to enter your card information to activate your trial period successfully.

There are no charges for the trial period and the pricing starts after your subscribe to their plans. Before beginning to start using this tool, it is important to set your preferences for the same. As the first stepping stone towards finding more leads, it lets you save your existing connections as leads.

Step 2. Setting up accounts:

The Sales Navigator allows syncing your SalesForce account to import contacts and other accounts. Next, it suggests you a list of companies to start following to keep abreast their latest news and updates.

You can always do this later also if not sure initially. After this step, you need to enter information regarding the types of leads you’re searching for.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead generation:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

After setting up your account preferences, your Sales Navigator account is ready for use. Now you can start building leads lists and search for potential prospects. The Lead Builder button helps you in this process with its array of advanced search filters.

Here you can set filters across job profiles, company name, to better tune your search results as required. After you click on the search button, you’ll come to know in what way it differs from your ordinary LinkedIn search.

You can see the entire information about your prospects in one space and an ‘Add as Lead’ button to act on that later. This adds the prospect into a leads list you are building for a particular company account.

Not only can you add leads to your list, you can also add the search. Based on saving the search kind, you can receive email alerts which you can tune for the frequency to be daily, weekly or monthly also.

On the left side of the search results, you can see several filters such as:

  • Title
  • Industry
  • Postal Code
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Seniority level
  • Company size
  • Experience

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

The Sales Navigator tool also offers a feature named TeamLink. You can use TeamLink for filtering purposes to see bridged and team connections. This is how it works in assisting you with lead generation. By using personal connections between a prospect and a team member, it enables you to ask mutual connections to introduce you.

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Keeping tabs on Leads:

An important part of the lead generation cycle is to keep updated with your present leads’ and customers’ needs and activities regarding the product. This tool offers you a feed of your leads.

Such an important feature is not available in most of the tools present in the market today. There is one more difference between the Sales Navigator and the LinkedIn feed. That is, you also get updates about people who aren’t in your connections or professional cycle.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

This is an invaluable lead generation strategy if you use it to craft better InMail messages. Additionally, this acts as a mean of personalization as well as helps the people being contacted. You can check the filter options for this feature on the right side of the Sales Navigator tool.

To check the companies that you have saved, access the ‘Accounts’ tab in the drop-down menu. In this option, it is possible to add more people and recommendations for recent updates from companies.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

Using the ‘All Employees’ option will show you an entire list of everyone who works at the company. This is another invaluable feature that only the LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows. Being able to connect with anyone working at the company without having to add them to your social connections first is a great feature.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has some great options, tools, and other features to add and search for prospects and leads. Yes, it is not a dedicated lead generation tool, but it is as good as any with the number of lead generation features added.

Being able to search for prospects and leads without a proper connection and using them to add to your leads list can be as good as a superpower in the hands of a marketing professional.

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