Top 10 Recruiting Tools to Use in 2020

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Planning to recruit the right candidates for your company to grow faster? 

Recruitment is one of the important responsibilities of the HR department in any company to achieve its best organizational performance. Many companies follow a formal process to recruit employees through which they can select the right person for the designated job. To make the recruitment process easier and faster, there are many recruitment tools available on the internet. These recruiting tools will help you become efficient while going through the important phases of employee recruitment. 

However, one may ask, ‘what is the use of a recruitment tool, if I can easily find employees through traditional methods?’ It’s true, but when your company is in a rapid growth phase, you are in need of highly-skilled and talented employee which is very difficult to search through conventional recruitment methods. Technology-driven recruitment process, i.e. recruitment tools help you achieve top-level efficiency in your hiring process by automating the entire recruitment process starting from employee sourcing and engagement till the final phase of onboarding. Hence, these tools are also termed as modern HR toolkit.

What is a Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software technology is invented with an aim to ease the employee hiring process using a set of employee scheduling software that are connected with various data sources so as to reach the best candidates. These tools are built up with functions such as screening of applicants, organizing the follow-ups, and providing data on the overall working of your recruitment model. 

With the growing labour market and complications involved in the hiring process, the demand for recruitment software tools has increased dramatically over the past few years. Since companies look for skilled workers that lead to business innovations, the implementation of recruitment software tools become inevitable. Factually, according to Fortune Business Insights, the recruitment software market is expected to achieve a turnover of $3000 million by 2025. 

What are the Types of Recruiting Tools Users?

There are 3 main types of recruiting software users:

Enterprise Users

Enterprise users are looking for those recruiting tools that can coordinate with HRMS and ERP systems. They also expect some collaborative features in the tool along with the capacity to build attractive and branded career pages, an internal job dashboard, and a job application portal.

Recruiting Organizations/Agencies

They need features similar to enterprise ones. However, since they are larger than enterprise, they need to store and search a large amount of information in less time. Hence, such agencies need advanced features such as filtering options, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features, and email integration. 

Small and Medium Scale Companies

Such users are looking for modern and advanced software solutions to ease their recruitment process. However, the economy is also their concern. Hence small companies initially prefer for trial versions and then decide their purchasing plans. 

recruiting tools

Let’s now see the top 10 recruitment tools in 2020.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho recruit is one of the best free employee recruitment tools in 2020. It also comes with applicant tracking technology that can be easily handled by companies’ HR department and recruitment agencies. With this tool, your HR staff will be able to organize their recruitment process according to their needs thereby improving their efficiency. Zoho Recruit corporate HR staff and recruiting agencies to easily manage and organize applicants’ details, categorize and shortlist candidates based on their performance within minimum time. In addition, you can also post job openings, create appealing career pages, manage various resumes, and much more. Zoho recruit software coordinates with other third-party apps. It is available in iOS and Android versions.  


Recruitee is another powerful recruitment software that makes hiring easy. It’s Europe’s one of the leading talent acquisition platform used by top corporates like HotJar, Vice, Lacoste, Toyota, and Dunkin. With Recruitee, you can get access to top talent candidates as per your job requirements. The tool is known for its automated hiring structure that includes providing data reports, performing repetitive tasks, and predicting functions. This recruitment software comes in several pricing plans where all features are included in all plans but prices are based on how many active job openings are present. Their professional plans come in €79 per month while expert and corporate plans come in €149 and €299 per month respectively. 

Breezy HR

Breezy HR is yet another recruitment tool that modernizes your recruiting process by helping you attract and hire top employees with fewer efforts. It was a Florida-based US company, later taken over by Learning Technologies Group in April 2019. Breezy HR software comes with unique features such as candidate management with automated messaging, interview scheduling, screening, and more. Their pricing ranges from the free plan to $399 per month with varying features. 


The majority of companies search on LinkedIn to hire potential employees since everyone’s professional data is present on this platform. However, the HR team has very little time to manually scroll through all profiles as they are maximum in number. 

Sourcehub is one of the best LinkedIn recruiting tools available on the internet. It comes with a free Boolean search string builder that eases your search process. Sourcehub helps you to search nearly 15 types of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and of course LinkedIn. All you have to do is to enter words or phrases related to your job opening, skills you are looking for, and job location with social networks you want the results from and get your desired results. 


AeroLeads is one of the top-ranked LinkedIn recruiting tools on the internet. It is popular among many marketers for its ability to find genuine emails from LinkedIn. With AeroLeads you can get a list of email addresses of candidates who are looking for jobs and let them know about job openings. AeroLeads helps you to:

• Find business emails and contacts from LinkedIn

• Get 15 data points (full name, job title, location, working company details, business contact numbers, etc.)

• Export data to Hubspot CRM, Zapier, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Salesforce, etc. 

Another best thing about Aeroleads that it curates the email addresses and other contact information in real-time. This avoids the chances of email addresses getting irrelevant. 

Create amazing content, capture leads through this lead generation tool, and preserve them through rebound emails. Their services start from $49 per month. 

Contact Out

Sometimes, you might have struggled to establish communication with the candidate after finding his details. For example, you might have sent a chat message on some social media network but the candidate failed to notice it or reply. 

To help you in such situations, Contact Out easily finds email addresses of those rand related details. Contact Out is one of the best recruitment tools in 2020 and comes with a Chrome extension. 

When you are browsing on LinkedIn, this tool displays a list of contact details of any profile you are looking for. Hence, you can directly send emails instead of a LinkedIn message thereby improving your email response rate. Contact Out is works well on other social networks also. 


Developed by Freshworks, Freshteam is one of the popular recruitment software in 2020. The tool guides you in hiring, managing resumes, onboarding, interview scheduling, and many other recruitment tasks in less time. Freshteam tool is used by many organizations because of its user-friendly interface and flexibility. The features include a centralized dashboard for employee attendance, well-organized hiring architecture, and an organizational chart. The tools have in-built ATS using which you can easily post jobs, set a hiring structure, and gathering the necessary information. The tool also performs automated key actions like document sharing and follow-ups.

Freshteam tool comes in various pricing plans. You can take a trial session for 50 employees post which you need to purchase their plan.


Textio is a unique recruiting tool in 2020 you will ever come across on the internet. It not only guides you in your employee recruitment phase but also lets you know about the tone of words you use while posting job advertisements. Of course, you will not use wrong words purposely, however, usage of certain words and phrases will easily catch the attention of applicants. Textio helps you with this. The tool comes with AI and augmented writing technology through which you can see the type of response your ad is getting by applicants. With this, you can analyze the complex words or phrases in your ad. 

Augmented writing depends on loads of data. Textio software collects information from all the companies across the world and uses them to study language styles that provide expected results. This tool assists you in writing an ideal job advertisement enough to attract potential candidates. 


JobScore is one of the best recruiting software and applicant tracking tool used by more than 1000 active companies in about 100 countries during their recruitment drive. This software has processed more than 20 million job applications. With JobScore, you can extract employees’ contact information, employment, and education details. This recruitment tool assists you in engaging employees and leverages their networks. JobScore tool is available in different purchase plans. You can also take a trial version for 30 days with no credit card required. 


When there are too many job applications, the recruiting task becomes stressful. You need to spend too much time and energy in revising each application and scheduling the interview for the same. HireVue is a wonderful AI tool that makes your task easier. To test the logical ability of a candidate in certain scenarios, instead of performing face to face or one-to-one interview session, HireVue performs an online survey of such questions and note down the candidates’ answers in a form of custom assessment. This simplifies your interview process and you can speed up your final decision process. HireVue also comes with video interviewing software where you can record your candidate’s response and get better outcomes with structured interviews.


Every day, talented, capable, and passionate people are unfairly excluded from the hiring process for reasons other than whether they can actually do the job. Every candidate should have an opportunity to showcase their talent, but doing this in person is impossible.

Vervoe is an AI-powered skills assessment platform that allows you to easily make the right hiring decision based on performance. The platform can grade any test, and ranks candidates according to job-related skills. Choose from an assessment library of skills tests built by industry experts, or customise assessments for your organisation.


So these were the top recruiting tools you should use in 2020. Online recruiting tools are advanced and reduce the hassle related to the conventional recruiting process. They not only save your time and energy but also give you access to top talent candidates without much stress. However, while choosing any recruitment tool, you must be clear of your recruitment goals and features you are looking for in any particular tool. If you aren’t sure, you can have a demo or use the free version for some time and then make your decision. 

Have you used any of these tools? Share your thoughts in the comment box now. 

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