LinkedIn Warning

Few of our users are seeing this message on their LinkedIn profiles.

It seems the last plugin version which we pushed might have caused this. For the time being, you can just disable the warning and keep using LinkedIn with AeroLeads plugin. If you are concerned about your account, you can disable/remove the chrome plugin too (type chrome://extensions in browser your address bar and disable the aeroleads plugin).

**updated 4th February 2020**

How to use AeroLeads Now?

1. You can disable AeroLeads Plugin and install our PRO plugin from
2. To disable the official plugin, type chrome://extensions in your chrome browser address bar and disable or remove aeroleads plugin.
3. Go to and download our new PRO plugin by following the steps. You have to use it in developer mode. If you don’t know how to do it, please check this article. It is advisable to use the new plugin in Incognito mode though not necessary

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