List of Free Customer Profiling Tools

We all know the importance of Customer Profiling Tools, but before that one must know the importance of a customer profile template.
For those who don’t, do read our earlier post, Ideal Customer Profile Template.

What’s the need for Customer Profiling?

Before learning about the various customer profiling tools, one must understand the necessity of a customer profiling tool in a business.

There are different reasons why a company opts for a customer profiling tool. But the main reason is so that you can focus your sales and marketing efforts on generating high-quality sales leads.

Basically, when you start your business or work with a brand, it’s easy to think about what you want your business/brand to represent and how you want it to be perceived.

Hence, it’s easier to forget about what your customer really wants. This further leads to unhappy customers and low sales.
This is why creating customer profiles is so important. Every time you make a business decision, whether it’s to upgrade your existing product or build a new website, you should tie it back to your profiles mentioning “what do your customers really want?” And this is where ideal customer profiling tools come into use.

Aeroleads customer profiling tools

What is a Customer Profiling Tool?

So what exactly is a customer profiling tool?

Customer profiling tool is the means to create a portrait of your customers to help you make design decisions concerning your service.

Your customers are broken down into groups of customers sharing similar goals and characteristics. Each group is given a representative with a photo, a name, and a description. A small group of customer profiles or ‘personas’ are then used to make key design decisions with.

Thus, customer profiling is basically an important method of gathering information to help you better fulfill their needs and serve them. You’ll not only be able to create much more targeted marketing materials, but you will also be able to create better products and services as well as improve the offerings you currently have to meet their specific needs and wants.

List of Free Customer Profiling Tools –Aeroleads customer profiling tools

Now that we know the importance of customer profiling, the next question would be what are the customer profiling tools? Can there be any tools that are free of cost or less expensive?

Well here is the answer.

Following are few tools or resources that you could employ to assist in the creation of detailed profiles of your customers or audiences. And the best part being, they are free of charge as well. (Or at least not that expensive for a mediocre man.)

1) Quick Google Search

Yup, you heard it right. Start with just a simple search on the Google Search dialogue box. This might seem the first step anyone would do but you could have been unlucky. Sometimes luck might just be on your side and  Google can reveal a huge number of articles, blog posts, white papers, research reports, and statistical analyses on just about any demographic, psychographic profile, a consumer group, country, region, or any other group you might have an interest in.

I know this is not a great deal for many. Few might even assume it as a no-brainer, but don’t undervalue intensive digging through search results.
Aeroleads find email address in google-search-box

Yet, if you really have tough luck then go for the profiling tools mentioned further.


2) Alexa

Alexa (click here for further details)

Conducting a simple search of your site can reveal a basic demographic breakdown including age, gender, the education level of site visitors, whether visitors have children, and whether they are browsing your site from home, school or work.

Alexa is an awesome tool which does exactly that. They have many best SEO tools as well for better results. Additionally, they provide information on upstream and downstream site visits, which can reveal related interests and internet usage behavior.

Aeroleads profiling tools - Alexa


3) Batchbook

Geared toward small businesses that want to know their clients and customers more, Batchbook helps keep all the information organized so that you don’t have to rely on memory.

Since it’s cloud-based, your team can work with Batchbook from any location with multiple devices with just an internet connection. Batchbook also works with google, twitter, MailChimp, etc. hence results are really good.

Aeroleads profiling tools - Batchbook

4) SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey (click here for further details)

Using this survey software will be very useful to let you collect material from your current customers that will help you in identifying a lot of valuable information.

Basically, it’s a great tool that can provide good solutions to your clients and create better marketing material for prospects. The basic plan is absolutely free and you can be upgraded later with a certain pay of Rs 699 and above.

Aeroleads profiling tools - Surveymonkey


5) Help Scout

Helpscout (click here for further details)

An easy to use and cloud-based customer support software that helps you get better insights into your customers’ behavior.

Help Scout basically helps you collaborate, build relationships and form opinions about your customers. They provide various plans starting from $8 but all have 15 days free trial as well.

Aeroleads profiling tools - Helpscout

6) Global Web Index

GlobalWebIndex (click here for further details)

This tool basically allows you to build a digital profile of an audience that you want to create.

You can use it to enhance demographic or attitudinal data you might have on your target audience to include online behavior, device ownership, social media usage, motivations and online marketing preferences.With instant access to global consumer insights, they provide you with the tools to create ideas that stick. They have various plans depending on certain parts of interest and every plan has a 14-day free trial as well.

Aeroleads profiling tools - Globalwebindex

7) Tropical

Tropical (click here for further details)

It’s pretty simple, you connect all the apps you use daily for your marketing, sales, and helpdesk and they would generate a unified customer profile.

The profile includes contact information, important insights about the customer, and a timeline of interaction between the lead and your company. They also integrate multiple third-party apps such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Zendesk, Shopify, etc.

Aeroleads profiling tools - Tropical

8) Insightly

Insightly (click here for further details)

This is also a customer relationship management (CRM) cloud-based software that offers a lot of information and helps with building relationships.

Insightly focuses on building relationships so that you can better profile your current customers, as well as gather information that will help you market to potential customers.

Aeroleads profiling tools - Insightly

9) Turn

Turn (click here for further details)

Gain a complete depiction of customers, measure, compare and study a large amount of data including consumer preferences, demographics, behavior and more with Turn.

As you gain valuable insights into your customers you’ll be able to retain more, thus saving on marketing dollars.

Aeroleads profiling tools - Turn

10) Kapturecrm

Kapturecrm (click here for further details)

With Kapturecrm, you can obtain a complete picture of your customers and their interactions with you. Store relevant business information such as contact details, zone, etc. so that your time isn’t wasted in recalling their data.

It segments and classifies your clients in a detailed manner.It also allows you to maintain an excel sheet as well as assign certain pays for individual clients. But it doesn’t support free. It does start from Rs 699 and it is well worth your money.

Aeroleads profiling tools - Kapturecrm


Customer profiling provides a competitive advantage that cannot be gained in any other way and it will and should affect every aspect of your business.

Hence with these profiling tools, you get to know your customers better. You will also be able to serve current customers at a higher level, as well as target new customers in a much more effective way.t

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  1. Great article on customer profile tool. Especially the example of Quick Google search is the good one.

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    A truly free tool that produces a comprehensive 55 page custom report of your customer profile is available at wyzoo. Unlike most others, there is no registration required unless you want to save your result.

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