Top 8 Zoominfo Competitors in 2020

zoominfo alternative thumbnailZoominfo is one of the best B2B sales prospecting tool that offers you a comprehensive database of contacts to boost your sales and BD team performance. With Zoominfo, you gain access to your prospect’s all types of business information (email address, phone numbers, company names, etc.).

What are the Top Zoominfo Competitors?

There are many best Zoominfo competitors known for delivering similar or better results than Zoominfo.

Potential Zoominfo competitors that are chosen based on features, ratings, pricing, and reviews. You can thus select any of these Zoominfo competitors suitable for your business needs. 


AeroLeads is an email marketing software and one of the best Zoominfo competitors you can consider. With AeroLeads, you gain access to your prospect’s business details derived from LinkedIn and Xing. The software comes with a free Chrome extension and supports all SaaS platforms. The pricing starts from $49 per month including a free trial.

Global Database

Global Database is one of the recommended Zoominfo competitors because of its reliable and verified information delivery. Their user-friendly platform offers access to a huge amount of business information including the organization’s financial condition and other digital insights. The software comes with a free demo along and pricing details are provided upon request. 


SaleSpider Media is one of the reliable Zoominfo competitors that accelerates your efforts for customer acquisition and brand awareness. Every month, SaleSpider is known to reach over 212 million buyers and business executives. Their performance is best in several B2B business sectors like HealthCare, Telecom, Retail, IT, and micro-businesses. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

As known to everyone, LinkedIn is the largest professional network with millions of professionals registered. Their Sales Navigator is one of the trusted Zoominfo competitors that assists you in reaching your target prospects in less time. With their user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your contact information and conversations. 


DiscoverOrg offers robust data collection, analytics tools and is one of the recommended Zoominfo competitors in 2020. Similar to Zoominfo, it has an extensive database of contacts updated with the latest business details. Since the data collection process is not automatic but manual, the results are 95% accurate. The software offers no free trial and pricing details are sent upon request.


FunnelFiller is the leading email marketing software and is one of the best Zoominfo competitors in 2020. FunnelFiller genuinely takes interest in your business and marketing goals and performs deep research to provide you the relevant details. The list generated in real-time. The features include lead generation, sales intelligence, with data enrichment and import/export. is a powerful lead generation tool and one of the highly-reviewed competitors in 2020. With the tool, you can find your prospects’ verified email addresses, company, and job information. They have a free Chrome extension for effective management of your prospects. Their pricing starts from $79 per month. 


Leadfeeder is a highly-reviewed sales prospecting tool and one of the powerful competitors. However, unlike Zoominfo, it’s isn’t a contact database itself but you can find relevant prospects. It works in assistance with Google Analytics installed on your website. Their premium plan starts from $53 per month. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the Zoominfo competitors that you can select for your business based on your requirements. Which Zoominfo competitors are you going to choose? Share you thought with us via comments now. 

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