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hunter competitors

When it comes to searching for your prospects’ emails in a matter of seconds, is one of the best choices for your business. is a lead generation software that helps marketers find qualified sales leads from different company names or domains. It is used by more than 3 million professionals worldwide. 

Hunter executes a domain search feature through which you can access the list of your prospects with their names, emails, company, job details, etc.

With 100+ million indexed email addresses, Hunter is the most powerful and popular email-finder tool among several leading companies. 

But, you can rely on one tool alone. There are many other features that you may need for the smooth running of your marketing activities.

If you are searching best alternatives to, you can find a lot of lead-generation tools that come with multiple features.

Some of these alternatives may provide you with similar benefits or features. And, some other tools will help you get extra features for better pricing.

Below we have listed some of the top Hunter alternatives based on their reviews, pricing, functionalities, etc. You can explore the one which suits your business needs.

1. AeroLeads- #1 Hunter Competitor

AeroLeads is the outcome-driven lead generation tool and is one of the best Hunter competitors in 2022.

With AeroLeads you can find business emails as well as contact numbers from various sources such as LinkedIn, Angel List, etc.

AeroLeads email finder makes it easy to search for valid contacts using over 20 filters such as the first name, job title, location, company name, and more.

Nevertheless, AeroLeads chrome extension is an added advantage for your marketing and lead generation activities.

When the chrome plugin is pinned to your browser, you will be able to capture an entire verified lead data of start-ups, business professionals, companies, etc. from different websites or social networking sites like LinkedIn.

On Trustpilot, AeroLeads has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and 4.6 out of 5 in Capterra.


It’s powerful lead generation software that comes with a free trial version.

You’ll get ten credits on the free version and then its pricing starts from $49 per month.

Compared to Hunter, the base plan of AeroLeads comes with 2000 credits, where you can do much more than just find the contact details.

In the starter plan, you will be able to bulk generate as well as bulk verify emails or phone numbers, export and import the whole data to CSV, and finally, it comes with a powerful CRM integration.

2. VoilaNorbert

VoilaNorbert is one of the powerful Hunter competitors that uses robust technology to verify your prospects’ emails.

With Voila Norbert, you can easily find verified corporate emails of decision-makers on a large scale to build strong long-term relations.

The interesting part here is that their service is well-known across the globe as it bears a 98% success rate!

VoilaNorbert has a very satisfactory report from Capterra with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.


It offers the first 50 leads for free and then charges $49/month for 1000 leads. 

3. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is one of the best B2B sales prospecting tools that offer you a comprehensive database of contacts to boost your sales and BD team performance.

With ZoomInfo, you gain access to your prospect’s all types of business information (email address, phone numbers, company names, etc.)

Apart from lead generation, ZoomInfo also lets you track website visitors and launch targeted display and social ad campaigns. For more features, you’ll have to choose advanced plans.

ZoomInfo Sales OS was rated 4.3 out of 5 in Capterra software reviews.


There are three pricing plans for professionals and marketers that can be quoted via email. Sometimes, ZoomInfo can prove to be an unnecessary expenditure for small businesses and start-ups. 

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the most extensive proficient network with millions of professionals registered. It allows you to connect with companies and recruiters.

Their sales navigator is one of the trusted Hunter alternatives that comprehensively assist you in reaching your target prospects in less time.

With their user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your contact information and conversations in an effective and efficient manner. 

5. LeadIQ

LeadIQ is a B2B outbound sales prospecting tool and one of the hunter alternatives. 

It is designed to make prospecting easier and build pipelines faster. With this tool, you can find prospect’s contact, track and monitor all sales triggers, and send personalized outreach emails.

This means it is a go-to solution for your lead generation strategies.

In addition to this, LeadIQ Chrome extension makes your prospecting actions simple, fast, and most importantly, eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone data entry for reps.

LeadIQ has an overall 4.5 rating in Capterra.


It consists of a free plan that offers 15 verified emails per week. The paid subscription plan starts from $75 per month with 250 verified emails and 25 mobile phone numbers per month.

6. Demandbase

Demandbase is one of the highly-reviewed Hunter alternatives used by several top marketers across the globe.

Using InsideView, you can manage data quality, discover new markets, target the right prospects, and engage with your buyers without any hassle.

This means it is overall sales intelligence that completely assists in growing your sales pipeline.


Their pricing starts from $99 per month. 

7. Clearbit

Clearbit is one of the powerful Hunter competitors for elevating your lead generation business.

With Clearbit’s business intelligence APIs, your business can witness data-driven results.

Furthermore, it enables you to create, gather, and convert your ideal customer’s needs by offering you a complete and insightful overview of your prospect and market potential.

It has an overall rating of 4.4 in Capterra.


You can get a quote for the pricing plan via email. For small businesses, Clearbit can be expensive.

8. Lead411

Lead411 is an award-winning sales platform and one of the best Hunter competitors in 2022.

It allows you to find prospects easily, effectively, and efficiently that fill your sales funnel with actionable data.

In simple terms, Lead411 is the most feasible solution to strengthen and grow your lead generation campaign or strategies.

It has an aggregate rating of 4.6 in Capterra.


They offer 7 day free trial post then they charge $50 per month. 

9. Waalaxy

Waalaxy is a lead prospecting tool that lets you find the emails and contact numbers of your target potential prospects on LinkedIn. It helps to set automated personalized messages on LinkedIn, so as to get maximum responses and improve conversions.

Waalaxy has got an aggregate rating of 4.5 on Capterra.


There are four-tier pricing plans on Waalaxy website including the free plan, where you’ll be able to set up 400 invitations. However, the rest of the plans can be expensive starting with €99 per month.

10. ContactOut

Contact Out is an email search engine and B2B lead generation software that allows professionals and marketers to find the most accurate emails and contact numbers.

It also lets you get all other contact details of your potential prospect in bulk using a LinkedIn profile URL.

Its database includes 150 million personal emails, 200 million work emails, 250 million professional profiles, and 30 million company profiles.

ContactOut has an overall 4.4 rating out of 5 in Capterra.


ContactOut lets you use the free version where you’ll be able to generate 40 emails and 3 phone numbers. To capture more leads you have to get a paid plan. The base plan is $29 per month, where you can find 150 emails and 15 phone numbers.

Common Questions (FAQs)- Hunter Competitors and Hunter Alternatives

What is used for? is an email search engine that allows you to find all of the emails attached to a single domain. Simply enter the company domain or company name, and find the emails of all professionals working for that company including the founder and CEO.

You can understand the validity of emails just by looking at the colors next to the emails found using Hunter. The one with a green color indicator implies that it is valid and has a high deliverability rate. If it is yellow, then there can be a chance of bouncing emails. And finally, the red color indicates that your emails won’t be delivered and it has got the highest bouncing rate.

Can we get accurate results using email hunter tools?

As per our findings, we couldn’t find any email hunter tools that can provide 100% accuracy.

An email finder tool captures prospects’ data by parsing the web pages or HTML pages. Sometimes these data are not updated properly. In that case, the accuracy of these tools is questionable. But in most cases, you will be able to get 98% accuracy.

What’s the best free email finder tool?

It depends on various factors considering the number of features provided. As there are many email lookup tools, you can start exploring the one that provides a free trial and understands the benefits. If it suits your need and you want more features, you can go for the premium version.

For example, in AeroLeads you can find innumerable features such as bulk prospecting, bulk exporting, bulk verifying, the bulk sender for Gmails, 98% accuracy, a database of over 650 million prospects, an email finder for LinkedIn, a free Chrome Plugin, etc.

That’s it! By now, you might have gotten a good idea of Hunter Competitors and Hunter Alternatives. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to choose the best tool. You have to choose wisely based on the number of benefits they provide, compare the pricing plans and pick the one that suits your needs.

From the above list, it is evident that AeroLeads stands out the best and has the best rating on all platforms. With this, you can automate bulk prospecting and export the list to robust CRMs like Hubspot, SalesForce, Zoho, Pipedrive, MailChimp, etc.

Start your free trial now and get 24/7 online support.

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