5 Steps to Kick-Start Your Lead Generation in 2022

Do you dream of achieving a high-traffic leading to an influx of sales on your E-commerce website?

Statistics show that only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate.  A good lead generation strategy is what your business needs.  By definition, lead generating refers to a process of identifying and cultivating potential clients for your products or services. It is that killer strategy that you use to generate more leads to your website.

Think of Amazon, eBay, and other successful online retail stores. The secret to their success is an effective lead generation strategies. Would you like to kick-start lead generation for your business?

Let us dive right into the important steps to achieving higher sales numbers in 2022.

Steps to Kick-Start Your Lead Generation in 2022

1. Perform An Audit Of Your Current Website

The business website is by choice, your number one sales-person. How well is the important sales-person equipped? A website audit is an examination that identifies the enhancements that are necessary to improve websites ability to generate more leads.

Start by performing an exhaustive crawl of your E-commerce website and find anything that could be missing. Keep in mind that at some point, it is necessary you involve a technical resource. A website audit will ensure the optimization of the website performance as well as search engine optimization. Moreover, a website audit is done for optimization of the conversion rate.

While performing a website audit check for:

• Any missing WebPages and features like a chatbot

• Missing meta descriptions

• Broken links

• Issues with product descriptions and website content

• Performance issues

• Security of the website

2. The Content Strategy For Lead Generation Phase

The second step revolves around the website content. To attract leads to your website, it is important you deliver engaging content. For this to be achieved, you need to determine who your ideal audience is. What are their particular pain points? (It is critical that you think of the audience as particular people).

Also, can you believe that your company blog can make you over 2 million dollars in sales?

If no, then you are wrong!

Marcus Sheridan, for instance, generated over 2 million dollars in sales using his informative blog. Thanks to his content marketing strategy he took his struggling River Pools and Spas business into a huge success.

river pools


Your content strategy allows you to find out what problems these people are experiencing. Then, ask how you can deliver content that attracts these people to check out your products or services. In other words, the purpose of website content is making it easier for the people you are targeting to learn about your product.

You can focus on delivering the visual content or text content to your target audiences.

However, remember that visual content soothes the viewer quickly. It is a highly effective strategy for delivering content since it is thoughtful, educational, engaging and most importantly specific to the target audience. You can create content in the form of eBooks, blog posts, reports, white papers, or whatever suits your target audience.

3. Nurture The Existing Leads

The lead generation process also needs to feel like the lead management system. You want to continually nurture the existing customers. The objective is to make them feel like they are exclusive members of a private club. Positive customer experience is the best approach is nurturing the existing clients.

By nurturing the existing clients, you are guaranteed that they shall move through the sales funnel and at the right time. This encourages them to keep purchasing from you. Nevertheless, nurturing existing customers increases the chances of attracting referrals. They shall encourage their friends, family, and colleagues to try your service or product.

According to Forrester Research, “companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.”

One of the best ways to nurture your existing leads is certainly through social media marketing.

Consider lead generation as an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with your clients. This involves trust and loyalty with the clients. Thus, you would want to setup Chatbots and auto email responders that send a custom message.  This makes them feel like valued customers commanding more trust in your services and products.

Nurturing existing leads can take months or years. However, the proceeds are worth the toil and wait as it ensures you establish a long-term mutual benefit relationship. Take your time to purposely create approaches for nurturing your existing leads.

4. Setup A Lead Scoring System

Lead scoring refers to a method used in ranking prospects using a scale that represents perceived value a particular prospect represents to the organization. Through lead scoring, we shall have leads that are at the bottom of the sales funnel and those at the top of the sales funnel.

The lead scoring procedure involves:

• Identification of your preferred criteria—Make sure it represents the ideal lead you are targeting.

• Target Audience with common characteristics

• Set up Values—assign point values to the particular item. Make sure you base this on the indicators that matter most

• Set the Threshold

• Determine the Final Scores

Through lead scoring, you are able to determine the leads in your system that is more valuable than the others are. A valuable lead interacts more with your business through different practices. This can be regular downloads or replying to your chats.

Through clear profiling of your business leads, you can build up a clear picture of who your lead is and how qualified that are to purchase from you. The process of moving leads through the lifecycle stages helps a business to visualize the sales funnel while segmenting leads ensuring a better targeting and content delivery.

It is critical that you focus on nurturing the potential leads that seem interested in your products or services. Analyze the rise or fall of the lead

5. Evaluate Your Lead Generation Process Frequently

To achieve successful selling, constant analysis is necessary. When included as a smart business strategy, evaluation of the lead generation process ensures effective practices are emphasized. This makes sure the strategies that have the potential for converting customers and retaining existing customers are applied.

Measure the impact of your lead generation practices and identify where there is a lead score.  Attempt to resolve the issue and learn to recapture the attention from these leads that are lost. If you realize several drops, it shows that the interest in your products did not pass into the desired phase.

The underlying cause of this occurrence needs to be examined and resolved. Through market analysis strategies, you can understand the certain benchmarks that need to be implemented.

For this, you also need to analyze your buyer’s journey carefully and determine which phase your prospects are in.

Here’re the main stages of a buyer’s journey:


So, once you are aware of the stage your lead is in, you can nurture them accordingly.

Generation of new sales leads is an important investment for every business. Social media and search engines have simplified the process of lead generation. There are advanced tools that can be used to achieve a high number of potential leads.

In the past, lead generation was done through cold calling and networking. Today, these strategies are not as effective as they were in those years. That is why it is important a business keeps redefining their lead generation strategies. Most importantly, make sure the strategies match the needs and constructed as per their preferences.

Summing it all up

These steps can help you skyrocket your lead generation tremendously.

That said, sometimes your own strategies are not enough. In that case, there are different lead generation tools available to ramp up your lead generation strategy.

Choosing one that is right for your business depends on your goals and objectives. Through lead generation, your business can achieve high-value traffic. Consequently, you are able to increase sales numbers. High conversion rates definitely mean more profits for your business.

Companies using lead generation are performing better compared to their competitors. The advantage of lead generation is that it is a cost-effective approach. It enables both the marketing and the sales teams to work together achieving more sales numbers and hence higher profits.

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