How To Generate Leads Through a Website


Generate leads through a website

A website is certainly one of the most essential tools when it comes to marketing. It adds value to your brand, product and services. However, it depends on the business how to leverage their website to generate leads. Your website can prove to be your numero-uno when it comes to generating leads and connecting with prospects. At the same time, you needn’t neglect your website protection. If your website is provided by different security technologies, for example, protected by the VPN, it can be your irreplaceable marketing tool.

Here are the 10 effective and simple hacks that you should consider trying and see the excellent results for yourself. They may sound simple, however, if implemented properly can do wonders for you by paving the way to generate more and more leads.

10 Hacks To Generate More Leads Through Your Website

1. Appoint A Conversion Audit Professional 

In simple terms, conversion audit is nothing but website review. It tests the functioning of your website and looks closely at it from the customer’s perspective. Imagine yourself in customer’s shoes- pinpoint factors that you’ll expect from a website, note down the things you might be sceptical about. Don’t hesitate to spend some money and appoint a conversion audit professional who will analyse your website closely for any anomaly, without leaving out any nooks and crannies

Area Of Focus While Performing Conversion Audit:

  • Design and Layout
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • Checkout process
  • Customer Privacy and Security

2. Trail The Visitors’ Activities On Your Website 

Are you simply rolling out a lot of offers on your website development and presuming that you’ll now automatically generate thousands of leads? If that’s the case and this is where you’re going wrong. There might be some pages on your website who are out of prospect’s reach or where the prospect is not clicking at all.

Discerning and analysing where your visitors are scrolling and clicking the most is one effective way of knowing which pages are drawing the maximum traffic.

Furthermore, once you know the places where your website visitors are not clicking at all, you can reposition important facts and offers from such dead-pages and place them on the areas that are attracting maximum clicks and traffic.

3. Use Live Chat And Chat Bots 

Live chat and chatbots can help facilitate assistance to the visitors with little things and clarifications. No one wants to go through all the hassle of first finding the email address or contact info and then sending an email or making an enquiry over a phone call. All this inconvenience might repel your prospects. However, if you’ve installed live chat on your website, it becomes highly convenient to extract some information without much effort. Ask the website design and development company you hired to integrate default questions with your live chat that will produce noticeable results. And it doesn’t hurt that adding this feature is easy on the pocket as well.

Integrating default questions with your live chat will produce noticeable results. And it doesn’t hurt that adding this feature is easy on the pocket as well.

4. Generate Leads By Adding A Blog 

While some may find the task of maintaining a blog very daunting but adding a blog to your website adds value to it. Moreover, SEO friendly content can generate a generous amount of traffic to your blog and the prospects of reading your blog posts will eventually become curious about your product. You’ll earn profit due to this curiosity, as curiosity will lead the prospect to check out your product.

From Adobe to Amazon, there’s hardly any giant companies who are not leveraging the feature of blogging.

So, if you’ve not started yet, get into the rhythm of blogging and feed on the prospect’s curiosity to generate leads.

5. Add Testimonials And Social Proof To Build Trust 

Leverage your past experience to the fullest. Adding testimonials  and giving yourself a social proof is the best way to show your tenacity and effectiveness without being obnoxious about it. Plus, the use of free and paid testimonial software can significantly streamline this process, helping you to show your satisfied customers or clients, who are happy with your services, in a more organized and impactful manner.

Your experience will talk for itself. This type of validation cements your niche and helps to build trust amidst your prospects.

Say, for example, if your target buyer is a director from some MNC, they are more likely to incline towards your product after witnessing your past experience for themselves. Testimonials and Social proofs are references of sorts that you, yourself are displaying to your prospects.

6. Compare Conversion Rate Of Your Landing Pages 

You might want to keep a close check on your conversation rate to determine which pages are most effective in transforming the visitors into the leads.

For example, say page X of your website is generating 5,00 visits but only 5 of them are actually going out of their way to fill the form or purchase your product. This amounts to 1% conversation rate. Now, take another page B which is generating a conversion rate of 10%. Now that you have analysed the difference, you can spend your time and energy into reviving Page A and make it as effective as page B.

Once you what the problem is, finding an effective solution is not as difficult.

7. Offer Incentives

Offer attractive incentives to your visitors which will transform them into leads and into permanent customers eventually. Leverage coupons and discount offer and attract your leads. Capture your visitors’ interest by a deal they can’t say no to.

Moreover, the visitor will not make efforts to find the offers, you have to let your offers find the visitor.

How to make your offers noticeable? 

  • Introduce popup lightbox as soon as the visitor enters your website, displaying discounts and coupons.
  • Display the offers in a popup box when the visitor is about to exit your website.
  • Offer incentives that are relevant to the prospects of your niche.

8. Insert An Explainer Video To Attract The Leads 

Aeroleads video

The Internet is so prevailing these days that the visitors have now seen everything and become immune to most of them. To grab their attention you have to do something to stand out from the regular crowd. Don’t let your visitors grapple to gather information about your product. Try to serve your visitor every information on a silver platter. The best way is to make an informative, however, not too-lengthy, self-explanatory video articulating every important feature of your product or services. Don’t forget to put special focus should be put on the quality.

9. Offer Free Sample 

Your visitors are bound to turn into leads and eventually into customers if you give them first-hand experience of your product. Give them a reason why out of thousands of other businesses out there they should particularly opt for your services. By offering a free sample of your product or service, you’ll be able to practically prove your worth. The visitor will come to know what your product is exactly all about and how it will help them.

10. Your Website Must Be Mobile Friendly

With the advent of user-friendly and cheap smartphones, there’s hardly any individual, who has access to the internet, who are not using smartphones. Moreover, to overcome the portability issues people are more inclined towards smartphones than any other device. So the chances of the visitors accessing your website through smartphones are extremely high. To cater to such visitors, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. This way you are sure to capture the leads from lucrative internet market.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, try these simple yet effective and time-tested hacks to generate more leads through your website.

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