How to Perform Free Reverse Phone Number Lokkup

Did you ever received a call from an unknown number and curiously wanted to know the person behind the number? Reverse phone lookup is the best option.

We all receive calls on our phones daily, some are spam and some are important ones. People often have a second thought while receiving a call from a stranger or even receiving a call from an unknown number.

It was just a few years back when people searched through the whole phone directory to find someone’s name and area code. But now you just need software or an App to find the name and country of the person behind the phone number.

Digital resources have made it easy for us to find a person behind a number so you don’t miss out on opportunities or important calls.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse lookup phone number search allows you to find out the name and location of an unknown phone number. It helps you figure out who’s calling you within a few seconds and can also help you answer questions like:

Am I being Targeted by a tele-caller, telemarketer, or scammer?

Am I or my family members getting a fraud call?

Can I trust the unknown number?

A reverse lookup phone number service would help you answer all your suspicious questions so you identify all the spammers and scammers within a few seconds of your search.

Effective ways to Perform Free Reverse Phone Lookup.

Most individuals head to google to find out the name and location of the person calling them but search engines don’t work that well when it comes to performing reverse phone lookup.

Some several sites and tools help you perform free reverse phone lookup within a few seconds of your search.

Here are some of the best sites that work effectively to help you find out the person behind the phone number.

Social Media Sites

lookup on social media

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter work well when you try to find someone. But is also one of the best ways to perform reverse phone number lookup as social media platforms have users from across the globe and everyone today has some of the other social media accounts.

While signing up for any social media platform, they ask for your details, including your phone number, email address, full name, and profile picture. Working professionals tend to add their business phone number too that offers you access to their personal details.

To perform reverse phone number lookup on social media platforms, you just need to enter the number in the search bar of the social media platform you wish to use. And there you go, you’d have all the details about the person including their profile picture.
Although, you don’t every time succeed while performing your search on social media as not everyone has a public profile. You may have to send them a connection request to know more about them.

People Search Engines

people search engine to find phone in reverse

There are several people search engine sites that allow us to look for a person’s information like phone number, full name, email address, relatives, location, etc with the help of the information that we already have.

While these sites help you find your long, lost friend, family member or even your loved one but you can also use people search engines to reverse phone number lookup. You can enter the person’s phone number, email address, home address to find out more about the unknown number.

These sites gather all the information from public records and they also use social media account and reverse tactics. The sites that can help you perform your reverse phone number lookup are BeenVerified, Pipl, Whitepages and there are so many more.

True Caller


This app has to be on your phone if you’re suspicious of any unknown call or you don’t receive every call. True caller is one of the most popular apps that instantly displays the name and location of the person calling you without you having their number in your contact list.

The app displays the name within a second with the help of wifi or mobile data but if your wifi is off then you can always search the number in the search bar of the true caller app. True caller is the most effective app to find the full name and location of an unknown number.

You’d need to sign-up with your email first to begin your search and to get the expected results. The app also allows blocking a number of a spammer or a telemarketer. The app will help you perform reverse phone number lookup easily as all their features are accessible to everyone.

Truth Finder

truthfinder reverse phone lookup

Truth Finder is one of the most trusted free phone number lookup services as they offer a detailed result of the information that is searched for. The website allows you to perform your search for free but you can also opt for their paid services that costs $4.99 a month.

The site then gives you the report of your reverse phone lookup and the details that the report consists of are- Personal details, Social media profile, educational background, job profile, and company name.

If you’re still not satisfied with the truth finder report, you may upgrade yourself to their paid membership that offers additional features to find all the required details of the person. The truth finder helps you find out the accurate result with an amazing user experience.


cocofinder reverse lookup phone number

Cocofinder offers one of the best user-friendly experiences and allows you to perform a free reverse phone lookup with accurate results. This search engine has been featured by several media houses as it offers amazing features and a great user experience.
Cocofinder is one of those phone lookup services that manages to dig all the relevant and accurate data of the phone number as they gather all the data from databases across the internet which includes public records as well as private records.

While this service shows up-to-date and relevant data to its users, it also assures the privacy of its customers as the site doesn’t track your personal data. However, this site does not offer an app like True caller but they have a reasonably advanced subscription for a detailed background check of the unknown number.


lookup up anyone call details intelius

Intelius is one of the most trusted and oldest phone lookup services that perform the most accurate background search of people. The site offers reliable information about a phone number although you may need to opt for the advanced subscription if you’re looking for detailed information.

They have been offering their services since 2003 and have continued to offer reliable phone lookup searches. It helps you in your search for people, telephone, residential address, and accurate background check.

The phone lookup service offers their premium subscription for $19.95 which is quite reasonable for all types of businesses or individuals.

SpyDialer- Reverse Phone Lookup

reverse lookup phone spy dialer

SpyDialer is among the most reputed phone lookup service and has featured on various popular media channels including Fox News and Men’s journal. The free reverse phone lookup service was founded by a popular writer and an investigator, Griffin W.
SpyDialer allows their users 10 reverse phone lookup searches in a day for free and if you wish to perform more search then you could opt for the paid service. In the free search, they offer information such as the full name of the person and pictures of the person if available.

Their paid service gathers in-depth reports of the number and delivers accurate data reports of the person for $20/month.

White Pages

White pages is a people search engine and a phone lookup service that has been around since 1997. This service offers services to billions of people around the world and ensures reliable and solid data with every search.

They offer several features and services to create an awesome user experience and they also allow you to perform in-depth background checks including the history of bankruptcy, past criminal data, and other mobile numbers.

Most of their services are offered for free and if you wish to widen your search, you may opt for their paid subscription for $29 a month.


Performing a free reverse phone lookup search becomes easy when you have an awesome site that offers awesome services to make your search easy and user-friendly. Performing your search for free while getting an accurate result with each search is not easy, that’s the exact reason why we have listed all the best websites that offer in-depth results for free.

All the services and ways mentioned in this blog are reliable to get you the desired result from your phone lookup search. Most of these websites offer free to search but finding a completely free service with accurate data is difficult.

Retrieving data that is reliable enough for you to perform your reverse phone lookup search can help you identify the person behind the unknown number so you don’t miss out on any important calls.

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