Top 5 Free LinkedIn X-Ray Search Tools for Recruitment Process

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X-Ray search is targeting a site like LinkedIn with a search engine like Google, Bing or yahoo. This is one of the most effective ways to view public profiles for free and that too more than 100 profiles at one go.
Studies show that around 85% of the LinkedIn profiles are public so anyone could find them and contact them accordingly. There’s no restriction on viewing the LinkedIn profiles of a candidate through google but an X-Ray search tool would help you find better profiles with fewer efforts.

What Makes the LinkedIn X-Ray Search Effective?

LinkedIn is a platform for networking and sharing values with your connections. On LinkedIn, you know that you’re targeting the right candidate or a job seeker as their profile says it all.

A public profile of an individual would have all that you require to know about his/her professional life. Their full name, email address, work experience, social activities and much more.

LinkedIn is the best site you could choose in your search for your next candidate to perform a successful recruitment drive.

Key Benefits of LinkedIn X-Ray Search Tools

  • Bunch of Professionals with Upscaling Skills
  • Excludes annoying keywords from your search results
  • Includes essential keywords in your search results
  • Specific and relevant Search results
  • Saves a lot of time by only giving accurate search result
  • In and Out Search results
  • Boolean search capacity
  • Helps in controlling candidate variables

Let’s lookout for some Free LinkedIn X-Ray Search Tool for your recruitment process so you have a candidate that helps you drive more revenue.

Recruitment Geek

One of the most popular and effective LinkedIn X-Ray search tools you could ever perform your search is This X-Ray tool helps you search for a profile of a candidate based on skills and location.

You are required to type in the skills you’re looking for and the location in the search bar and just hit the search button. This tool is trusted by thousands of recruitment agencies and businesses including Amazon, Google and Kelly.

Logging off from your LinkedIn profile before performing a search would help you get a better result as you’d explore more than your LinkedIn network. This a free LinkedIn X-Ray search tool that helps your search be more specific and effective.

TGC LinkedIn X-Ray Search

This LinkedIn X-Ray tool helps you make your search specific and accurate by giving you the results that only show candidates that are relevant to the skills that you’re looking for.

You are just required to enter the skill and location that you’re looking for in the search bar. This tool helps you search for the candidate based on their skills and the location they reside in for better search experience.

A free tool that is used by many recruitment agencies and businesses all over the world to recruit the best candidate for their organisation.

Recruit’em X-Ray Search

A LinkedIn X-Ray search tool that allows you to search for a LinkedIn profile based on country, job title, Location, keywords of the role, education and current employer. A tool that does everything to make your search specific to search for the right people on LinkedIn.

A tool that offers a feature where you can enter a keyword that you wish to exclude from your search while offering you several features while showing more than 100 results.

It also allows you to perform your search on other sites like Dribble, GitHub, Xing, and twitter. You’re not required to register to perform your search neither you’d be asked to pay anything.

Lisearcher LinkedIn X-Ray search

Lisearcher is a free LinkedIn X-Ray search tool that helps you find public LinkedIn profiles of the candidates or even B2B prospects based on the job title, keyword and location.

This website also offers you a feature where you can exclude a keyword that you don’t wish to see in your search result while offering a feature to include a keyword to get a more effective result.

This website is trusted by several businesses and recruitment professionals to make their search easy and specific while offering all these features at no cost.

Madsourcer LinkedIn X-Ray Search

Madsourcer is a platform for all the recruitment professionals, agencies and hiring managers to search for the best candidate for their organisation. This website helps you in your search by showing you all the relevant LinkedIn profiles of the right candidates.

This tool helps you exclude all the annoying keywords and looks for the profiles based on their skills and location while it also offers other features when you opt for their premium version.

The best thing about this tool is its custom-built X-Ray search tool solely designed to search profiles from LinkedIn. This LinkedIn X-Ray search tool allows you to X-Ray the entire LinkedIn site to show you relevant results.

Wrapping Up!

LinkedIn X-ray search tools is a great way to perform your search but to make your search better, you should log out from your LinkedIn account to get a 3rd-degree contact profile. If you stay logged in, LinkedIn will only show the results with reference to your network.
Try performing your search with other search engines, like yahoo or Bing to get more search results. You’ll be surprised by the results you get by not limiting your search to one search engine like Google.
If you’re not happy with the search results from the LinkedIn X-Ray search, try performing your search on popular job sites. Google X-Ray search is also a great option to expand your search and to X-Ray all the websites so you have the best candidate on board.


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