LinkedIn Lead Generation Software

Linkedin is strictly business-oriented social network and it has a great value, if you are looking for potential prospects and leads. One way of doing that is through the features of Linkedin itself. We have covered some of those before.

You have such as:
  • Linkedin Groups - Join relevant groups, where you can share and also find useful information on topics you are interested in. There you can easily connect with potential prospects, establish work relationships and exchange contacts as phones, e-mails, etc.
  • Advanced Search - It is a powerful tool itself, even without having an upgraded Linkedin account. You can search by industry, location, language and even the company they are now working for. After finding them it is either you connect with them directly or you can always see for shared connections to introduce you.
  • Linkedin Ads - Like Facebook, this social network also has a paid advertising options. It is a little intimadating considering the prices and functionality. It is worth a try at least, so you can fine tune it by your business model.

For you, we have listed more of them, combined with a telltale of our personal experience on what works and what not so much. You can check the blog post here.

Along with those though, there are other easy-to-use ways of finding prospects and leads and they are through using software and web-tools, like applications and plugins.

One of the better possibilities is to use not one, but two - in combination. For example Rapportive is very friendly to business in collaboration with AeroLeads’ Chrome plugin.

It is the perfect symbiotic of search and add-to-your-list technique. Rapportive is doing the first job - looking up on Linkedin if there is a match between an account and an e-mail address. After you find the profile/e-mail you are looking for, with a simple click of the Transfer button of the AeroLeads plugin, you are adding the person to your list of prospects.

There are of course other options like AutoPilot software, which is targeted at you doing the Advanced Search and everything else is programmed to be automated. In short, it visits the profiles of potential prospects you have selected and then you hope for the best - for them to connect with you.

Crucial thing in developing as businessman and entrepreneur though is being initiative and to put hard work in what you do, so the effort is never unnecessary.

Find your future leads through the many ways of seeking and engage with them. Build your list as recommended and organize your project with such tools as HubSpot, MailChimp or everything else that you are using.
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