How to Find Emails of Company Employees and Connect with Them Directly

find emails of company employees

Have you ever tried to contact someone in a company via email but unable to get his official email id?
Yes, it is difficult to find emails of company employees with a random Google search because company email-ids are private ones and not usually shared on public platforms as they don’t want to invite spams.
You may think this as unfair because for responsible marketers like you, knowing company employee email-ids is a genuine opportunity to showcase your product/services or talent which will benefit their business.
If you are working in the market research sector, you definitely need to find emails of company employees (CEOs, CFOs, etc.) to present your market report sample and convince them to purchase those reports for their business growth.
The good news is that, even though you cannot find business emails easily with a simple Google search, there are many tools to find companies emails within no time.
Today we are going to learn some tools and ways to find emails of company employees to connect with them directly.
Let’s dive in

Tools To Find Emails of Companies

When it comes to finding emails of company employees, the importance of using email finder tools remain undisputed. With email finder tools, you can find companies information and their employees’ email ids in less time with minimum efforts. Just enter any company domain and you’ll receive a list of employee email ids associated with it. Email finder tools come with chrome extensions and are used by thousands of marketing professionals. The following are some of the highly reviewed email finder tools.

1. AeroLeads

Aeroleads is one of the best and popular tools to find emails of company employees within no time. It is used by more than 60,000 active users adding 2 million prospects till today. They not only generate email addresses but also provides you with business details including name, contact, company, profession, etc. With Aeroleads, you can:
Find business emails and contacts from LinkedIn
Get 15 data points (full name, job title, location, working company details, business contact numbers, etc.)
Export data to Hubspot CRM, Zapier, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Salesforce, etc.
Another best thing about Aeroleads that it curates the email addresses and other contact information in real-time. This avoids the chances of email addresses getting irrelevant.
Create amazing content, capture leads through this lead generation tool, and preserve them through rebound emails. Their services start from $49 per month.


Hunter is yet another powerful tool to find emails of company employees. The tool comes with a chrome extension to find business emails and related information about the companies you are looking for. Just enter the company name and get all the email ids related to it.
Regarding the accuracy of data found, hunter states that the results provided include a secret score in percentage that scrutinizes the accuracy. The tool integrates with many other applications and provides 50 free searches per month. The purchase plan starts from $49 per month to $399 per month.

3. RocketReach

RocketReach is one of the popular tools to find emails of company employees with minimum efforts. With RocketReach you can find companies emails, individuals’ names, their respective LinkedIn profile URLs, and associated information. The tool provides real-time verified data of more than 300 million employees across 20 million companies in the world. RocketReach is used by more than 4 million users for sales, marketing, and recruiting purposes. The pricing plan starts from $59 per month to $299 per month.

4. Prospect Linked

Prospect Linked is one of the top reviewed email finder tools to find emails of company employees. Used by top marketing professionals, Prospect Linked provides you a list of email addresses for your desired domain (or company). Their website backend consists of a huge database of email addresses crawled by the web. After receiving your request, the web searches database for an exact match and presents it to you once found. Prospect Linked is able to provide 100+ million emails across 4 million domains on the internet.
These were some of the useful email finder tools to find companies information and business emails. Let’s further see some other ways to find emails of company employees.

Professional Platforms

In today’s social media era, everyone is present on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Professionals too are registered on social platforms like LinkedIn and Xing. Hence, you can browse through LinkedIn and Xing to find emails of company employees.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the world with more than 600 million employees and professionals registered on it. If you are looking to connect with the mid-level management staff of companies, such as managers, team leaders, or senior employees, etc. you can easily find business emails and other professional details on LinkedIn. If you are looking for an employee from a particular niche, say, medicine, you can easily find them in LinkedIn groups. Join medicine-related LinkedIn groups and connect individually to your target audience.
You can also take the help of LinkedIn email finder tools such as AeroLeads, FindThatLead, SalesQL, etc. to find emails of company employees.

6. Xing

Xing is another biggest professional platform after LinkedIn that focuses on the German-speaking market. If you are looking to contact employees from companies located in DACH countries, browse through the Xing platform.
However, note that top-level professionals never share their official email-ids on public platforms. Hence, with normal techniques, you can get little success. You need to take help from email finder and email lookup tools to find emails of company employees. To efficiently find business emails, you need to establish a personal connection with your audience on professional platforms either through chat or providing samples of your product/services and asking them to share their business email-ids.

Final Thoughts

If you want to find emails from company employees, you can use the above tools and techniques as per your requirement. Once you receive your desired email-ids, make sure that you share genuine and beneficial information. Don’t over-promote your stuff otherwise, the company may ban you from further conversations. Which tool are you using to find emails of company employees? Share your thoughts with us now.

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