New Ways to Use Chatbots and Marketing Automation

New Ways to Use Chatbots and Marketing Automation


Marketers have walked a long road from the traditional methods to the latest automation tools. For example, chatbots have changed outreach, support delivery, personalized branding messages, and communication with prospects and customers. As a result, automated marketing has helped improve productivity, increase efficiency, and save a lot of cost and time.  

Lead generation targeted email campaigns, content creation, and data collection are marketing automation activities that can involve many repetitive tasks. While the automation tools have tremendously changed how marketing teams operate, human-like chatbots are more fluid, reliable and open up various possibilities for marketers. 

As per a study by, more than 57.8 million Americans bought voice search enabled chatbots.

Chatbots in Marketing Automation

1. Lead Generation

Lead generation previously was through tracking the visitors of the landing page. While it was a clever method of generating leads soon, marketing teams found that they were weak and not often converted into customers. 

Whilst big data helped them to collect and filter details, finding tangible leads had its effect. While the modern technique still uses data collection software to identify the target audience. A chatbot is helpful to generate healthy leads to gain traction in the lead generation campaigns instead of a landing page.

2.Data Collection

Once chatbots are implemented on your website and social media handles, you receive tons of information on your target audience. All this data could go stale if not put to use. The market offers various tools that can help you analyze the bot functions. 

It allows you to provide a better customer experience and make data-driven decisions efficiently. Combining human interface, bots, and other automated tools helps to incorporate the correct keywords/ phrases in the marketing campaigns and online content to improve SEO and connect with the customer base better.

3.Constant Customer Support

Customer support plays a vital role in every business, and keeping customers happy is crucial. But offering 24/7 support can be tricky. Leveraging the available workforce coupled with the bots helps to create an excellent customer service experience. A software system works like a data library that enables the chatbot to function seamlessly.

Furthermore, chatbots also offer an automated social media extension where for example, a Twitter chatbot can respond to consumer complaints on Twitter 24/7, which improves the brand image tremendously.

4.Successful Sales

Chatbots record tons of messages/ conversations with potential leads that engage with the bot, ask for information and leave without making any purchases. You can now interact with that lead by offering them a special discount/ offer so that they can come back and make a purchase the next time they browse your site. 

While it pleases the customer to get that extra attention, it also means improved sales numbers for you.

5.Segment Prospective Customers

Segment Prospective Customers

Segmentation of prospective customers helps to target them at various levels. It may also require you to set up a transparent process for the customers to make purchases. While one segment of the prospective customers can be early adopters, the content on the social media channels should be as per their preference. 

However, that may not be the same for a thirty-year-old prospective lead busy with their schedules at work and needs to be targeted differently. Creating a three-minute personality quiz and getting the future leads to answer them and generate a customized e-book accordingly makes it a targeted effort of a customer segment and also feels like a personalized service to the prospective lead. 

Survey reveals that Facebook has more than three hundred thousand active chatbots.

6.Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty has been one of the critical areas that register an improvement when you merge the chatbots with the automated marketing system. The 24/7 support and immediate responses to queries at various social media channels help customers consider your product/ service as a safe and reliable option and enable them also to build a powerful bond between the provider and the consumer.

7.Launching a Product

As an entrepreneur, when you launch a new product, finding feedback on the products is difficult. However, establishing it through a chatbot helps to generate incoming traffic *through ads” and interactive videos. 

After going through all the information, the prospect will further initiate the conversation and, if interested, purchase the inbuilt payment system in the chatbot. However, when they don’t make a purchase, the bot also captures data like email addresses and many other valuable data, which will be available for later use.


As per a study by chatbots are going to be the future of marketing. Soon, chatbots and their unique ways of using integrations to make automated marketing even more incredible are going to be the way forward. 

From lead generation to data collection and customer support to segmentation, there are tons of areas that a chatbot can help to improve efficiency. 

While businesses can improve their efficiency with chatbots, it also helps achieve a lot more when coupled with human interface and other marketing automation tools. 

As per a study, 80% of businesses will integrate with a chatbot system by the end of 2021.

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